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Chapter 15



Author’s POV





No one noticed their presence until Jason shouted in his deepest voice which echoed for few seconds in the room.



“What the heck is going on here?!!”.



When everyone had the s£xily deep masculine voice, they all froze on the spot.



Even the two fighters were not exempted.



“Uh, Jason, don’t interfere. Let them fight so that everyone will know the real boss. As we all saw the scene, I’m sure Candy will win! Haha”, Bon teased.



Everyone went silent immediately.



The students paved way as they walked closer.



Candy pushed Lisa away from her and rolled her eyes.



Jason shifted her gaze from them to Jennie, who squatted beside Lina.



He furrows his forehead and walked to her.



Seeing him close to her, Jennie bent her head to avoid his gaze.



“What happened to her?”, He asked, referring to Lina.



Hesitantly, Jennie replied in a low tone; “She tried to separate the fighters but got pushed away.



Still staring at her, Jason suddenly noticed a tear stained on her cheek.



“You cried?”, He asked her and noticed her changed expression, which was that of fear.



Out of rage, he yelled; “I demand an explanation from anyone! What happened here?!”.



No one dares to say anything as they all kept quiet.



Jason turned to Lisa and Candy who were glaring at each other.



He asked calmly; “Candy, what happened?”.



With a scoff, she replied; “Look at Jennie’s locker! It will give an answer to your question!”.



On the other hand, Lisa started trembling in fear.


If Jason finds out that she was culprit, then she will be in doom!



Frowning, Jason asked no one in particular; “where is her locker?”.



A female student pointed at a locker covered with dye.



Looking confused, he moved to the locker and checked the in and out.



“Is this Kim Jennie’s locker?”, He asked, with anger in his voice.



Looking at the messy locker, he read out; “Watch out bitch?”.



He felt his heart shattered.



Who dared to do this?



His friends also moved closer to take a look, they were all shocked.



“Who the hell did this?”, Bon asked, unbelievably.



“Just like Candy’s locker last session. The culprit must be the same person!”, Bon snorted.



With his fists clenched, Jason turned to Candy; “Who did it?”.



“Who else would have dared? If not Min Lisa!”, She replied and gave Lisa a deadly glare.



“You’re out of your mind Candy! Why would you say such if you’re in your right sense?! Do you even have any evidence?”, Lisa spat.




“Enough!”, Jason voiced out.



Looking at Lisa, he continued; “I promise you, if I find out that you were


responsible for this, I’ll expel you from Emperor Tan High School! I don’t


care if you’ve been in this school since kindergarten! Just mark my words!”.



Lisa gasped in shock and fear; “Jason! You can’t do that! You can’t expel me from this school just because of a mere commoner!”.



Jason glared at her and she went silent, biting her lip.



“Say that again and I swear, you’ll regret it!”, He threatened in rage and she flinched in fear.



“Why should you be bothered? After all, you’re not the culprit!”, Candy said to her, sarcastically and huffed.



“Of course! I’m not the culprit! What if someone wants to set me up so that I’ll look like the real culprit? Shouldn’t I be bothered, sister?”, She snarled back.



Bon’s face darkened immediately but it faded away in a few seconds.



But that ‘sister’ thing got Candy confused again.



Definitely, something is not right with the sister thing!



*Humph! You will never find out that I’m the real culprit! By the way, I only sent someone to do the job. I’m certain he will leave no trace that will link to me!* ___Lisa thought evily.



“Tsk! Just wait and see then! Your true colors will reveal itself someday! Always remember that Lisa! An evil doer will never go unpunished!”, Candy said sternly before walking to Lina.



“Are you okay?”, She asked and Lina nodded.



“What are you all still waiting for? Another round? Humph!”, Bon said loudly.



Murmuring, all the students slowly turns back to their various activities.



Just then, the principal and some teachers came in.



“Choi Candy! Min Lisa! I want to see you both in my office right now! You all know that fighting is prohibited in the school premises!”, The principal, Miss Han Kiran, said in a loud voice.



“Yes ma’am!”, Lisa and Candy chorused.



“But sis!”, ChanSoo mumbled and Miss. Han glared at him.



“But what? You want to break the school rules because of your friend?”, She asked sternly and he sighed.



“But it has been resolved, Big sis!”, Jason also said.



“Even you Jason, you can’t break the rules! I’m sorry to say!”.



Actually, the principal, Miss. Han Kiran is Han ChanSoo’s elder sister.



“In my office, right now!”, She said and walked away with the teachers.


Angrily, Lisa slammed her locker closed and stormed away.



ChanSoo rushed to Candy, looking worried, he said; “Candy, are you okay? Does the bruises hurt so much?”.



Candy looked up at him and her eyes met his sympathetic face. Out of anger, she yelled at him; “What? Do I look okay to you? Hun?”.



She turned and opened her locker and kept her backpack inside.



She was not okay at all!


She is hurting inside, not because of the pains on her body, but because she was not satisfied with her revenge on Lisa.



Even after her yell, ChanSoo was not bothered since he was used to getting snubbed by her.



He was just worried about her bruises.


She must be in great pain.



They all stood at the same spot, staring at Candy as she was angrily arranging her locker, slamming everything.



She was really in a bad mood.



After she finished, she shut her locker and stormed away with a small bag.



“Oops! Sorry buddy! You got dumped again!”, Bon whispered to ChanSoo, chuckling and patting his shoulder.



“Aishh! Bonny, you always find everything funny. Don’t you see that everyone is in a bad mood. You’re sometimes annoying!”, Lina said and he pouted seductively.



“Really?”, He rubbed her cheek and she giggled.



“Ugh! You better be careful around him, or else he is gonna get you pregnant!”, J.G said to her.



“Really? Can that little thing of yours get a girl pregnant?”, Lina whispered to him and he smirked.



“Wanna give it a try?”, He asked and winked.



“You blockhead! How shameless? I’m your sister, okay?!”, Lina yelled, smacking his shoulder.



“Okay! Okay! Ouch! It’s hurts! I agree with you, sister!”, He groaned in pain and she scoffed.



Jennie was watching them with astonishment.



*Like seriously?* ___she thought.



“Don’t mind them. They’re always like that! Are you okay?”, She heard Jason said behind her and she turned to him.



“Hm, I’m fine. But I am worried about Candy, will she be okay? She got into the fight because of me”, Jennie said bitterly.



“Don’t worry buddy! She will be fine. You should be more careful now, so that no one will hurt you again. And I promise, I’ll always protect you!”, He assured her which made her look up at him.







Jennie’s POV





I look up at him and he gave me an assuring look.



He will always protect me?



Why would he?



Why does it feels special because it came out of his mouth?



‘Jennie, you’re over thinking it!


It’s because he treats you as his buddy, he won’t let anyone hurt you.’


___her inner mind spoke.



But is this how he assures to protect his other friends too?



Affectionately and specially?



“I’ll order one of my guards to clean up your locker and replace everything you’ve lost, okay?”, He said and I nodded with a smile.








“There you go again! Always thanking me. Anything for you buddy!”, He said, smiling at me.



ChanSoo cleared his throat and said; “Hm hm! Enough of the sweet-talks! Let’s go and help Candy out!”.



“Yes, let’s go!”, Lina shouted.



And just then, the school bell rang for the first period, which was a general class; sport class.



“I’ll go with you!”, I voiced out and they all looked at me.






“Nothing. Let’s go!”, Lina replied and I smiled.



“Ulm, guys! I can’t go with you, I need to settle something!”, Bon said and ran away.



“Where are you going?”, Lina yelled at him but he was already out of sight.



“The first period already started. Let’s get going!”.



We nodded and walked away.







Bon’s POV








That crazy bitch!



What game is she trying to play with me?



I swear, I’ll crush her into pieces if I lay my hands on her!



I went to the female restroom to look for her.



That was the direction she went earlier.



Since it was the female restroom, I couldn’t go inside, so I just stayed at the corridor.



A female student walked out of the restroom and was shocked to meet me.



“Hey miss! Is Min Lisa in there?”, I asked her, pointing to the restroom.



“Hun? Yes, she is dressing her bruises!”, The girl replied shyly and I smiled.






Blushing, she nodded and walked away.





Lisa, it’s better you don’t dress your bruises yet, because I’ll add to them.



I’ll keep waiting here until she comes out of that restroom!












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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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