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“You guys should prepare for your test. It’s coming up anytime soon” Miss Rose said after rounding up the day’s lecture.


Finally, school is over. I used to be excited about school before but right now am numb, everything is just going wrong for me.


“Hi Scarlett, hi Kiyah” Jace said coming over to our seat. I mumbled a greeting to him and pray he’d go meet his friends.

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Kiyah, you’re looking dull. Hope there is no problem? ” Jace asked. “There’s no problem” I told him faking a smile.


“Alright girls, take care of yourselves” he said and left.


I carried my bag and I was about to stand up when Scarlett talked.


Kiyah, we are friends and we’re not supposed to be hiding things from ourselves” Scarlett said.


“I’m sorry for keeping to myself this days but I hope I can make it up to you” I said trying to convince her.


“What have been bothering you all these while?” she asked.


“Some family issues” I said simply. I hope she doesn’t ask me to explain further.


“Okay, just know that whenever you need to talk you can confide in me” she said.


“Thanks so much dear” I replied her.


“Let’s go grab some lunch, bills on me” she said.


“Maybe some other time, I need to go and pray” I said to her.


“That’s true, I totally forgot” Scarlett said.


“No problem, see you tomorrow” I said.


I left the class and I started trekking to my hostel. I was a few blocks away from the school gate when a black car stopped beside me.


I doubled my steps immediately but the car also followed me.


Written by Authoress Adesewa


“Care for a ride?” the driver of the car asked. The driver turns out to be Xavier.


“No and please stop following me” I said to him.


“I mean no harm, I just want to help” he said.


” Well, obviously I don’t need your help” I said in an annoyed tone.


I released a breathe I didn’t know I was holding and quickened my pace.


I got home, observed my solatul Zuhr (the second prayer of the day) and after that I prayed for some kind of miracle to occur to stop the proposed marriage from happening.


I freshened up and made lunch for myself. I lie down on the bed and drift off to sleep.


I woke up hours later and discovered I had already missed Solatul Asr and Solatul Magrib (the third and fourth prayers respectively). I said my missed prayers also observed the last prayer of the day. I wasn’t really hungry so I decide to skip dinner. I notice my phone was blinking which indicates I have some notifications. I unlock my phone and saw I have seven missed calls. Three from Zainab, two from Teemah and two from my mom.


I called my mom first and she picked up immediately.


Salam alaykum ma ”


Walaykum salam. Where did you put your phone before? ”


I didn’t realise it was ringing because I slept off”


Okay, I just wanted to hear from you”


how is Abu and Jamal?”


Jamal is sleeping already and your dad is praying”



Okay ma, my regards to them”


Ma salam (goodbye)”


I wish Jamal ain’t asleep yet so I could talk to him cos ever since I heard about my arranged marriage on Saturday I’ve not been myself. I didn’t even talk to Jamal before I left home yesterday night. I know he must be wondering what could possibly be wrong with me but I don’t wanna burden him with my problem, besides he’s still too young to understand everything.


I wanted to call my besties since I missed their calls but I decide to do it tomorrow because it’s already late.


I switched off the lights and said my dua (invocation) before I sleep.




I don’t know why I’m hurt that Zakiyah turned down my offer to give her a ride. I shouldn’t have been surprised though, cos she’s not like any normal girl I’ve met before. Any other sane girl would have been excited about the prospect of sitting next to me in a car but obviously Zakiyah is not like the regular girls.


I can’t just stop thinking about her. I need to stop thinking about her though.


I put a call through to one of my bed mates. I think I need to get laid cos that seems to be the only thing that would distract me from thinking about Zakiyah. I told the girl I called to come as fast as possible.


I fixed myself a drink and listen to ‘Level up’ by Cardi B.


I didn’t have to wait for long before the girl arrived.


The girl was wearing a six inches stiletto heels and a bumshort which barely covered her ass.


She was also wearing a pink spaghetti strap blouse which stop above her pierced navel.


“Care for a drink” I asked her.


” Nah” she said moving closer to me.


I dropped my half filled glass of champagne on the sitting room centre table. I sat on my couch and beckoned her to come closer which she did without hesitation.


She sat on my lap giving me lap dance while I fondled her boobs. She begin to moan in ecstasy and within seconds her blouse was off revealing her bare boobs. She stood up from my laps and unzipped my trouser. In no time my cork was buried in her mouth. I was soon in cloud 9 as I was picturing Zakiyah giving me a blow job.


I sat up immediately and the girl was startled.


“I think you should leave now” I said in a shaky voice.


“What? Don’t you like what I was doing? ” she asked.


” Don’t ask me questions, just go” I shouted.


The girl quickly wore her blouse and fled my room.


What the heck just happened to me?


I’ve never think of any girl while banging another.


I think am finally loosing it.








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