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I’m thinking about tomorrow’s match. I didn’t participate in the inter college match last year but I pray we win this year.



All academic works has been suspended till Thursday so as to allow all players ample opportunity to practice.



The sport complex has been decorated.


I heard a lot of important public figures are gonna be present. Various security personnel has been dispatched to all nooks and crannies of the campus.


An article was written about the upcoming match in the local newspaper today.



Tomorrow’s match is just the preliminary. If we win against the visiting school tomorrow then we’d be qualified to play with two other schools before we get to the quarter finals.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from



” Baby, you’ve grown so lean” a voice said startling me.


The familiar voice was coming from my back but I don’t know if I’m hallucinating because the owner of the voice left the country months ago.


I turned back and I almost collapse in shock.


I must be seeing things this afternoon because this cannot be true.



I moved closer to her and touched her hands gently. It feels real enough.



” is this a dream?” I asked.


I don’t want to wake up anytime soon if it’s a dream.


” No baby, I’m as real as I can ever be” my girlfriend said.



I know you all must have been wondering about my girlfriend.



Laura Jackson has been my girlfriend since high school. She was my first kiss, first s£x, first everything.



I love her more than anything in my life. I was very sad when she had to leave but I’m so thankful that she’s back looking even more and more beautiful.



I am just so overjoyed to see my sweetheart.



I embraced her tightly and I wish I could hold her like this forever.



It was when she disengaged from the hug that I noticed she has some fierce looking bodyguards hovering around her like a mother hen watching over its chicks. The bodyguards were checking me out for size and they were seizing me up with their cold eyes.



Babe, let’s talk privately. Can you ask your bodyguards to excuse us” I said to Laura.



Sure baby” she said.


She spoke with her bodyguards and they left us alone.



How have you been?” I asked her.



I’ve been horrible as hell. I missed you so much but the good news is that I’m not going anywhere anymore” my babe said.



I missed you insanely too. I thought I was hallucinating when I saw you standing there” I told her.



You didn’t even ask me how I know where to find you” she said.



It’s true but I can’t be blamed because I was too happy to see her to even care about how she knows my exact location.



“Maybe you used a mind compass” I said .



You aren’t serious. It was Xavier who directed me here though” Laura said.



How is the senator?” I asked.



Her dad is a prominent businessman. He is also a congressman. Rumour has it that Mr Jackson would be contesting for presidency in the next election.


That’s why his family’s lives are in danger due to his political enemies.



He’s fine. He spoke with your dad on Sunday when I told him about my plans of coming back here” she said.



Dad didn’t mention anything to me” I said.




” Yeah. I asked him not to. I didn’t want to spoil the surprise” she said.



Written by Authoress Adesewa



Just then Zakiyah and Scarlett walked by.



“Hi Jace ” the girls both greeted.



Hi girls. Meet my girlfriend, Laura Jackson” I said introducing my babe to Zakiyah who was just meeting Laura for the first time.


I didn’t need to introduce her to Scarlett cos we’ve been classmates since high school even though we don’t talk back then.



“Hi Laura” Kiyah said to Laura.



Hi, what’s your name?” Laura asked.



I’m Zakiyah Adams but you can call me Kiyah” she said.



Okay, nice to meet you” Laura said.



Same here” Kiyah replied.



Kiyah and Scarlett walked away leaving me and my girlfriend to continue our discussion.



Who was that black girl? I haven’t seen her before” Laura said.



She’s a new student in our department” I replied.



Really? Why is she friends with that odd girl?” She asked.



Scarlett is not odd. She is just socially awkward” I said defending her.



It’s even weird I never knew her name. Are you guys friends? ” she asked.



Yeah, we’re friends. I never knew her name also until Kiyah joined us” I explained.



That aside. I’m very hungry. I haven’t eaten anything since morning” she said.



What would you like to eat?” I asked.



” Pepperoni ” she said.



” Okay, let’s go then” I said to her.






There is no lecture for today so I went to the library with Scarlett.



The library is very cool and I can see why Scarlett loves coming here.



I chose a book from a shelf containing novels. It’s a book by Brad Thor titled ‘the first commandment’.



The title sounds biblical but when I read the excerpts at the back of the novel, I know it was gonna be really interesting.



I sat down in a cubicle and start reading the book.



I managed to read half of the novel before Scarlett said we should leave the library because she’s hungry. I reluctantly drop the book back into the shelf where I took it from.




We were at the back of the Cafeteria’s building when I saw Jace sitting with a very beautiful lady under a tree.



” Hi Jace ” I and Scarlett said in unison.



The lady is even more pretty in close range. She looks like all these models you’d see on the front cover of the Vogue magazine. She is very slim with a nice figure.


She has a small pointed nose and her skin is flawless.



” Hi girls. Meet my girlfriend, Laura Jackson ” Jace said to us.



I’m even surprised Jace has a girlfriend. I’ve never seen him in the company of other people except his best friends.



“Hi Laura ” I said to his girlfriend.



Hi, what’s your name? ” Laura asked. Her voice is soft like melted butter.



I’m Zakiyah Adams but you can call me Kiyah ” I said to her. I noticed Scarlett didn’t greet the girl.


Okay, nice to meet you ” she said.



Same here” I replied.



As soon as we were in the cafeteria, I asked Scarlett why she didn’t greet the girl.



Scarlett, I noticed you didn’t greet Jace’s girlfriend” I said. “Yeah. We don’t talk” she said.


You mean, you’ve met her before today? ” I asked confusedly.



Yes. We were in the same class in high school but she was a cheerleader while I’m plain jane” Scarlett said sadly.



Don’t talk like that. Who ever told you that you’re plain?” I asked her.



Everyone. My sister is like Cinderella while I’m the ugly one. Nobody wants to be my friend or talk to me so I bury myself in books” she said already getting teary eyed.



Stop crying, okay?


I believe everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. You might not be classically beautiful but do you know a lot of people would give anything just to be like you” I said to her.



Most of these people you think are more pretty than you can’t survive without surgery, face lift but you don’t need it. Why? Because you’re perfect just the way you are” I said to Scarlett.



Thanks so much. It was only my dad who ever made me feel like I was beautiful” she said.



What happened to your dad?” I asked cos I noticed she used the past tense while referring to her dad.



He died in a plane crash when I was 10″ she said sadly.


” I’m sorry about your loss” I said sincerely.



I can’t imagine loosing any of my parents anytime soon. I wonder how her mom cope in raising she and her sister singlehandedly.



I heard the clicking of cameras so I looked up to see the students taking photos of Jace and his girlfriend.



Jace said something to his girlfriend and she left him while he went to order their foods.


She came to our table.



mind if Jace and I join you over here?” She asked Scarlett and I.



No problem ” I said to her.



She sat down on a chair and minutes later Jace came with their foods. He sat down beside Laura.



We all ate our food in silence while the jobless students continued taking pictures.



I guess they are surprised to see the school idols sitting at our table.



“Nice to meet you girls once again. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know your name until today, Scarlett” Laura said breaking the silence.



Wow, she’s cool.

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“Nice to meet you also” Scarlett said shyly.




” Are you girls coming to watch the match tomorrow” Jace said.



” Yeah” Scarlett and I said.



Scarlett asked me to come watch the match cos she wants to watch Brayden play. I can’t say I’m a football fan but I have a fair knowledge about the sport so I guess it would be fun watching the game.



“See you tomorrow” Jace said.



Goodbye girls” Laura added. “Goodbye ” we both said. TBC.







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