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Monday, 8:35am.






“Young lady, why are you just coming to my class? ” the lecturer I met in the class asked.


I noticed everyone was staring at me so I felt embarrassed and I wish the ground could just swallow me up.


“I’m a new student sir, so I went to the administrative block for my clearance”. I explained in a small voice.


“A new student in 200 level? ” he asked incredulously.


“Yes sir”. I replied still using my small voice.


“Okay, go and have your seat and don’t ever come late to my class again” he said.


“Thank you sir”. I said and made my way to the back of the class to find an empty seat.


I tried as much as possible to concentrate on the lecture but it was impossible because I found myself remembering the idiot I encountered a while ago.


I was so glad when the lecturer left the class and I wss free to listen to some Nasheeds (songs of praise). I listen to Nasheeds to clear my head because it brings me closer to God and I usually forget about my problems when I’m listening to it.



I was listening to “your beauty” by Hamza Robertson when I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned to see a familiar face smiling at me.


It was the brunette who directed me to the administrative building.


Written by Adesewa.


“Hi, it’s nice to see you again” the brunette said.


“Same here, don’t tell me you’re also in this department”. I said to her.


“Sure, by the way I’m Scarlett Anderson” she said offering me her hand for a handshake.


“Nice name, I’m Zakiyah Adams but call me Kiyah”. I said.


“I love your name, hope you don’t mind me becoming your friend” Scarlett said. “I don’t mind, the pleasure is mine”. I replied. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


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We were still chatting when another lecturer entered. The lecturer came to teach us about the morphology of some plants and the class was quite interesting.



After class.


I don’t have any lecture again so I’m planning to just go straight to my hostel. It’s already 1pm so I have to observe Solatul Zuhr (the second prayer out of the five daily prayers observed by muslims).


“Bye, Scarlett. See you tomorrow”. I said as I was about to leave.


“So soon?are you not going to grab some lunch before going home” she asked.


“Nope, I have to go to my hostel now cos I have to pray”. I said to her but she just stared at me blankly.


“I don’t get, isn’t it only on Fridays that Muslims pray?” Scarlett asked.


“No, we pray five times daily but the Friday prayer is a special one”. I explained.


“Okay, don’t let me delay you. We’d see each other tomorrow” she said.



“Yes, bye”. I said and walked out of the class.




Immediately mr Raymond left the class I called Claire and asked her to come to my class. She came ten minutes later.


“Hi sweetheart” she said while showing off her pearly white teeth.


“Hey, what did you mean by the stunt you pulled online”. I asked her.


“I don’t understand you Xav” she said pouting.


“Stop pretending, I’m giving you just five minutes to delete the post”. I said.


“Why should I delete it? ” she asked stupidly.


“Do I have to spell it out for you? I am not your boyfriend and I will never be. I had a one night stand with you doesn’t make you my girlfriend”. I said to her.


“Xav, I know you love me but you don’t want to show it” she said defiantly.


“Keep deluding yourself. You were a one night stand and that’s what you’d remain”. I said to her.


She started shedding crocodile tears which wasn’t getting to me at all.


“By the way, don’t forget to inform all the people you already bragged to that I’m not your boyfriend”. I said.


I left her standing in front of my class and I entered my class just in time to see Ms Rose leaving.


I felt a bit bad that I missed the lesson cos I know the lecture must have been interesting but on the other hand I’m happy I already put Claire in her place.











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