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Beverly Hills, California.


Sunday, 11am.





“Ukthi, please can you help me make some coffee? “.


Jamal asked.


“Sure, just give me a minute”. I said to him. I was arranging my clothes into my suitcase when he came into my room. It has been a week since we arrived here, dad has been helping me process my transfer into a college (university) here in California. I was a sophomore at Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria.


Finally dad was able to secure my admission into the university of California, San Diego.


San Diego is about two hours drive by car from Beverly Hills where we are staying now.


Beverly Hills is a posh area for celebrities here in California. Most Hollywood star have a ranch or house here and my dad was also given a house here by his employer, Mr Austin.


I quickly zip up my suitcase and went to the kitchen to make my brother the coffee he requested. The kitchen here is three times larger than the one we have in our house back in Nigeria.


The apartment and car was a gift from the owner of the company to my dad. The house is a one storey building painted green. It has a swing at the backyard and its garage is large enough to accommodate at least six cars. My room here is even bigger than my former room in Nigeria but I’m not used to this house yet so everything sometimes feel weird.


I quickly made the coffee for my brother and I went back to my room hoping he’d still be there. I didn’t meet Jamal in my room so I went to his room.


“Jamal, here is your coffee”. I said as I moved closer to him. I noticed his drawing pad was opened so I bent to check out what he drew.


“Wow, it really look real”. I said in awe. I don’t know how my brother did it but I was staring at an almost exact model of our new house. He even painted it green . My brother is so talented.


“Thanks sis” he said.



“Am going back to my room bro. In case you need anything just come to my room”. I said to him as I left his room.


Written by Adesewa.


I met my mom sitting on my bed when I get to my room.


“Sit down, Zakiyah”. She said.


This one that my mom calls my name in full today, I hope am safe.


I sat down on a plastic chair in my room.


“My daughter, you’re going back to school today and you won’t be back till Friday. I want you to always remember the home you come from and in all things always put Allah (God) first


You have always been a blessing and I pray you won’t cease to be a blessing. Remember Allah in everything you do and do not follow bad friends. Don’t engage in immoral acts and make sure you face your studies squarely. I pray Almighty Allah will continue to protect you. This is my word for you and a word as our elders say is enough for the wise” my mom said and she left my room.


I’m not surprised mom came to my room to lecture me. She has been doing it even when I gained admission to LASU when I was in Nigeria. It’s a normal thing for African parents to always advise their children so it’s not a new thing to me though I don’t know why they over emphasise things because all those words have been embedded in my brain and I can even recite it in my sleep.


I was still thinking about her words when my brother knocked on my door.


I opened the door for him and he said “Abu is waiting for you downstairs. He said you should bring your bags that he’s ready to take you to your hostel now”. Abu means father in arabic and we call my dad Abu instead of Daddy or father.


“Thanks. I’d be downstairs in a few”. I said and entered my room.


I brought out my suitcase and backpack and carried everything downstairs.


My dad helped me to put my bags into the car’s trunk. I waved at Jamal and mom as dad was about to start the car.


The car ride was boring so I didn’t know when I dozed off.


We must have arrived at the place cos Abu tapped me gently and the car came into a halt in front of a skyscraper.


Abu found a parking space and we stepped out of the car and head to the car’s trunk. Abu helped me carry my bags and we head into the main apartment. “Your room is on the eleventh floor”. Abu said as we stepped into the elevator.



After some seconds, we stepped out of the elevator into the hallway of the 11th floor.


There are three rooms on each floor and my room is the second room or the middle room.




Dad handed me the key and I slot it into the keyhole. I pushed the door open and switch on the light. The room immediately brighten and I saw a medium sized room with a moderate size bed.


A reading table and chair were neatly arranged to one end of the room. I drop my bags close to the chair.


“Here is your credit card, you’re to report to the administrative building before your first lecture tomorrow.


Observe your solats (prayers) at the appropriate time and be a good girl.


Ma salam (goodbye)”. My dad said and left.


I have a lot of things to do so I quickly arrange my clothes into the closet and cleaned my room.


I removed the poster of a half clothed lady that was on the wall. I threw the poster into the waste bin and went into the bathroom to perform my ablution.


I observed my prayers and I decided to rest for a while before cooking my dinner.




San Diego, California.


10:00 pm.


I am in my house at San Diego and my two buddies are also here with me.


We are not really having a party but music is being played on the loudspeaker in my sitting room and the guys are doing their things.


“Dude, you need to see this right away”. Brayden Connor my best friend since elementary school said.


“What do I need to see?”. I ask him


He wave his phone at me and I collect it from him checking what he wants me to see.


What I saw made me so angry. Like, WTF is that bitch thinking of? I wonder.


“Since when did she post it?”. I ask Brayden.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


“About two hours ago”. Jace Lincoln reply me instead.


He is my second best friend and we’ve been friends since high school.


“That girl is so stupid”. I said and I dial her number.


Her phone is just ringing but she isn’t picking up. After redialing her number for the eighth time I decide to stop calling her since I’d probably see her in school tomorrow.


“Guys, have you heard that we are having a new student in the department”. Jace said.


‘How is that even possible. We are not freshmen so how can we have a new student in our second year”. I said.


“I don’t know but believe it or not we’re having a new student cos dad mentioned it this morning and he said the student is a girl and some stuff like that”. Jace said. Jace’s dad is the school vice chancellor and my dad is one of the school’s trustees due to the fact that he do donate generously to the school.


“If the girl is pretty, just know I’d be the first person to screw her”. I said to my friends while they laugh.


I’m sorry I haven’t introduce myself.


I am Xavier Austin, the son of the famous multi billionaire Liam Austin. I am twenty and I don’t mean to brag by saying am red hot in the good looks department .


I’m a player to the core and I don’t do relationships. I can’t count the number of girls have slept with but one thing about me is that I’m exceedingly brilliant. I’m a straight A student.


I have the looks, I have the money and the girls all love me so what more could I ask for?







IN LOVE WITH THE HIJABITE (She is a Muslimah……He is a playboy)

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