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I was about to sleep when a phone starts ringing.


The ringing tone is not familiar but the sound was coming from the direction of the trouser I wore from school today.


I picked the trouser up and I saw that the ringing phone belongs to Kiyah.


I totally forgot about the doctor giving me her phone since I was the one who took her to the medical centre.


I held an internal debate with myself whether I should pick the call or ignore it. The caller’s number is saved as Khaleed. I don’t know how the person is related to her but I might as well pick the call to find out.


I swiped the phone to accept the call.



“Salam alaykum sis” a guy’s voice said.


I think it’s her older brother since he said sis.



Good evening. I’m sorry your sister is not feeling well” I said to him.



Please who are you and you with my sister’s phone” he asked.



Kiyah was involved in a….. eh, accident and she’s currently at the school


medical centre” I said.


I couldn’t tell him it was a fight so I had to call it an accident.



How come? Hope the accident isn’t fatal?” he asked.



Not really, the doctor said she’d be awake soon ” I told him.



What? are you telling me she’s unconscious right now? ” the guy asked.



Yes but hopefully she’d be fine very soon” I said reassuringly.



Thanks, I think I have to come over to L.A tomorrow” he said. This means the guy is not at California presently.



No problem. You can call when you get here so we’d talk better” I said to him.


Alright, what’s the name? ” he asked.



Xavier Austin” I said.



Wow, we definitely have to talk in person” he said but I don’t understand what he meant by the last statement.




I just intended to hear from Kiyah since I haven’t called her for some days.


I was surprised when a guy picked the call.



All sorts of evil thought came to my mind but I shook it off and said Auzubillah Minah Shaytani Rajeem (I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the accursed).


I listened patiently as the guy talked and when he mentioned his name I felt shocked.


Something must be wrong somewhere.


The Xavier Austin, Kiyah told me about is the guy who fought with her on her very first day in college so how can this same Xavier be in possession of her phone.


I just hope Kiyah is safe wherever she is.


I have to travel as early as possible tomorrow.


I booked a flight online and I informed my mom that I’d be travelling early in the morning.


“Ummu, I have to travel tomorrow” I told her.


Hope there’s no problem? ” She asked.


No ma” I said hoping it’s true.


I pray mom won’t ask me where I’m travelling to because I usually don’t lie to her and I don’t intend to start now.


I informed my workers on the group chat that I won’t be around for some days.


I pack a couple of clothes and some toiletries into a small duffel bag.


I’m going to lodge at a hotel because I don’t want Kiyah’s parent to know about her current condition until I find out how critical it is.


Written by Authoress Adesewa




Thursday, 6:30am.



I jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. I did my rituals and I dressed up cos I don’t want to be late to the medical centre.


It was when I walked past the kitchen that I remember that I’ve not eaten anything since yesterday morning.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


I didn’t have time to make any special breakfast so I settled for cereals and milk.


I couldn’t enjoy the food cos of how worried I am.


I am not a prayerful person but yesterday night, I prayed that if ever there is a God out there ( I don’t believe there is any god or gods), he should please make Kiyah conscious and healthy.


I left my used cup inside the kitchen sink. I’d wash it when I’m back from school.


I took my bag and car keys where I left them last night. I switched off the light, locked my apartment and went to school.


I met Scarlett outside the medical centre. She is looking better than how I left her yesterday.


She is dressed in a blue baggy sweatshirt and black trouser. Her hair is always packed in a ponytail and today is no exception.


Good morning ” she said breaking the staring competition.


Morning. How was your night? ” I asked trying to make small talks.


It wasn’t my best night, yours?” Scarlett asked.


Same here ” I said .


We both sat down in the waiting room looking for a nurse or doctor to come out so we could go check up on Kiyah.


Five minutes later, Jace, Laura and her bodyguards also arrived. We were all still greeting each other when Brayden arrived also.



Finally, we saw a nurse and I talked to her. She permitted us to go in for twenty minutes.


We all trooped into her room.


The monitor is still attached to her bed. I stared at her sleeping form.


I wish she can just wake up instantly.


When it was time to leave, I was reluctant to go out.


I’d surely come back after class.


I zoned out throughout today’s class.


I noticed Kiyah’s phone had been ringing in my pocket.


I called the number back and it was the same guy I talked with yesterday night.


He said he’s on campus and I should meet him at the university main auditorium.


I told others where I was going to and they all decided to follow me.




I left Idaho around 6:00am. We were delayed at the airport because of the weather condition.


I got to San Diego by 10:00am.


I’ve been calling Kiyah’s number hoping that the guy with her phone would pick up but the guy isn’t picking up my calls.


I used a google map and searched for a Masjid (Mosque) in the surrounding. I found one and I quickly observed two Rakats and said a prayer for the quick recovery of Zakiyah.


I called mom to inform her that I’ve gotten to my destination and we both talked for 30 minutes before she cut the call.


I tried Kiyah’s number again and still the guy wasn’t picking up.


I went to the school so I can see what’s going on by myself.



I was in front of the university main auditorium when a call came in. It was Xavier Austin. He said he’s coming to meet me here.


I wait for about 10 minutes before two sleek cars stopped in front of the building.


A very tall guy came out from one of the sport cars. He looked around until he saw me.


Written by Authoress Adesewa


Good afternoon. You’re Khaleed, right? ” he asked.


Good afternoon. Yeah, I’m Khaleed” I said.


I’m Xavier Austin” he said.


Ohhh” was all I could manage to say.


He is quite handsome and I bet he’s a heart breaker.


He led me to his car and a girl and another guy were sitting at the back seat.


Hello” they both greeted me.


Hi” I replied.


Xavier introduced them as Brayden Connor and Scarlett Anderson.


It was when I heard the name that I turned to see the girl properly.


“You?” We both said simultaneously.


What a small world we live in. I can’t believe Kiyah and Scarlett are acquainted.


You guys know each other” the guy called Brayden asked.


Yeah. We used to be neighbours” I said to him.



I never thought I’d see you again, Wizard” she said using the annoying nickname she gave me back then.


Same here Scarecrow” I replied deliberately using the name I know she hate most.


Really, Scarecrow?” Brayden said laughing widely while Scarlett glared at me.


How is your mom and sis?” I asked her.


They are fine. How is your mom also?” Scarlett asked.


She is fine as well” I replied.


Xavier was quiet all through the ride. Few minutes later, he stopped in front of a building.


We all got down from the car and the other car that has been following us all along also stopped and the passengers of the car came out.


A beautiful, slim girl and a cute guy came out. The girl was clinging to the guy as if her life depends on it.


Two fierce looking men were silently trailing the couple.


The bodyguards must belong to one of them and the person would be quite rich and famous to be able to afford this trained men. They look like ex NAVY SEAL officers or maybe undercover CIA agents.


Hi, I’m Laura Jackson” the lady introduced herself. “I’m Jace Lincoln” the guy said.


I’m Khaleed ” I said simply.


We all went inside the building and we sat down in the waiting room till they’d allow us to see Kiyah.












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