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Kiyah Contd



I wake up early like I usually do and I got out of bed quietly so as not to disturb Scarlett. I made my way to the bathroom. I took my bath and I wore a blue Khimar while I perform my ablution. I finished praying and when I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.



Wow, something smells yummy” Scarlett said yawning as she came into the kitchen.


Her hair was damp from shower and she was still in my bathrobe.



There’s a dryer in the room, it’s beside the reading table” I said to her.



I’d dry it later, I’m SO hungry” she said laying emphasis on the so.



Her stomach grumbled as if to agree with her.



I can see you’re ready hungry, sit down let me serve you” I said. I served her the casserole and a cup of tea.


We have our breakfast in silence and after that Scarlett offered to wash the dishes. I tried to argue but she was persistent so I had to let her have her way.



We both got dressed and Scarlett drove us to school.



We entered the class and I saw Xavier and his friends discussing.


I went over to their side while Scarlett followed behind.



Hi guys ” I greeted.



Hi Kiyah ” Jace and Brayden replied together.



I found an empty chair to sit on and Scarlett sat beside me as well.



I brought out my assignment book and revised what I wrote last night.



After reading for some minutes, a lecturer entered the class and I groaned when I saw who it was.



It’s Mr Jacob, the mathematics lecturer who called me out to solve a question in front of the whole class.



I pray he doesn’t call me today because I hate attention. I don’t like the way everyone was staring at me the other day.



“Today, we’re moving into the concluding part of trigonometry” he said.






“We’re going to be looking at the Sine rule, Cosine rule and area of a triangle” he continued.


He talked at length explaining each rule and writing their formula. He also solved some examples under each rules.



I’d be picking out some students to solve the problems on the board” he said after explaining.



This is the part I’ve been dreading since he entered the class. I hope he’s not going to pick me again today.



He looked round the class and select three students. Alhamdulilah, I’m not among the unlucky students.



The students all took turns to solve the questions but none of them got the answers right. That was when it dawned on me.



I think he intentionally pick students who are below average, since he knows they’d be unable to solve his problems thereby giving him an opportunity to mock them.



He picked me last week because I’m a new student and he doesn’t know my potential. He didn’t bother to pick me today since he knows I’d probably solve the questions correctly.

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With this new revelation, I just hate the man with passion even though I know it’s wrong to hate any creature but I can’t help it. How can someone derive joy in mocking others?



” See you all next week” he said and left the class.



I didn’t even know he’s through with his lecture. Well, good riddance.



Written by Authoress Adesewa








Today is the day where all the members of my group will share their researches. We’d all brainstorm together so as to get good marks for the presentation.



I was discussing the presentation topic and research with Jace and Brayden when Kiyah and Scarlett came over to our side.



They both greeted my friends and they left to find a seat.



The math lecturer came and did his usual practise. After his class, I was about to post on the group chat created for the assignment when a call came through.


The caller is Claire, one of my past fvck mates.



hi” I said


Hi dear, how is your health now?” she asked.


I rolled my eyes.


Nothing is wrong with me” I said to her.


But, I heard your leg was hurting you before” she said.



That’s already history, now if you’d excuse me, I have pressing issues to attend to” I said and disconnect the call.



I demanded for a meeting with my group members after the class.



After class



As agreed, we all stay behind after the lectures.


We formed a circle and the meeting begin immediately.



“Good afternoon everyone. I’d not beat around the bush so let’s get started” I said.



We’d all start by summarising all we’ve learned about the topic given to us. I’d go first, then we all take turns”



I begin my presentation by first saying the definition of both genetics and cancer. How to prevent cancer and types of cancer.


I finished my summary and the guy sitting next to me start his own presentation.



Every members of the group participated and it was really fun. I’m impressed with the performance and I hope Mr George would be pleased as well when we do the actual presentation.



As soon as the last person finished hus presentation, I started clapping and others joined as well.



“Good job guys, I’m glad we all took this assignment seriously. Let’s not relent because the man would choose randomly so we all have to prepare properly as the representatives performance would determine our score as a group” I said.



When should we do the typing, printing and binding?” Brayden asked.



Leave that to me, I’d bring it to school tomorrow. What you guys just have to do is to keep reading what you researched” I concluded.



The meeting ended and everyone took their leave.



Jace was waiting for me in front of my car.



“Hey bro, how did your meeting go?” he asked.



“It was better than I imagined, what about yours?” I asked.



It was good” he said.



Alright, I’m on my way home now. If you’re wanting for Brayden, I left him in the class talking to Scarlett” I told him.



Okay, that means I’d see him tomorrow then” Jace said.



I entered my car and drove out of school. I saw Kiyah on the road but I didn’t want to offer her a ride because of the way she turned me down the other day.



I drove into my penthouse apartment and parked my car in the garage. I noticed a strange car in my garage and I’m confused because no one knows the combination of my lock and I rarely have guests here, except when my friends visit me but one thing I know for certain is that the car doesn’t belong to my friends.



I cautiously entered my sitting room and I met another shocker.



Sitting on my favourite two seater is no other person than my dad sipping


wine as if he owns this place.


What insolence!!!



“Surprise!!!” My dad said with a smirk plastered on his face.


I notice he isn’t alone, two armed guards are flanking his sides.



What the heck are you doing here?” I shouted at him after getting over the shock of seeing him here.



“Welcome to you too. Do you care for some wine?”


This man must be a joker. Imagine coming to my house and trying to offer me drinks.



What are you doing in my house?” I asked him.



Can’t a father come and visit his own son in peace?” he asked me.



You call this peace and yet you are still with bodyguards. By the way, I didn’t invite you so you are trespassing” I told him frankly.



Young man, sit down right now” he ordered.



Or else what?” I asked.



Don’t dare me Xavier” he said brimming with anger.



You can’t do nothing” I said calmly.



What happened next was something I didn’t see coming.



I didn’t know if he collected the gun from one of his bodyguards or if he had the gun on him all these while we were arguing but all I know is that I was still trying to prove stubborn when two quick shots were fired into the air. I didn’t know when I sat down on a couch.



That’s a good boy” he said grinning evilly.



Can you now tell me why you’re here and not with your darling wife and her son” I said sarcastically.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from



He was about to reply me but his phone starts ringing. He checked the caller and moved to my balcony to receive his call. His bodyguards followed him as well.



How can a perfect day turn awful within minutes. I wonder what brought him here though.



I sat down calmly and wait for his return.


He came back minutes later looking very furious.



I have a business to take care of, see you around son” he said as he took his leave with his guards.



Thank God for small mercies. I have to double my security here cos I don’t know how he got here in the first place.





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