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The following morning I wake up at exactly 4am and ask Nancy to start packing, I had already put boxes in the kitchen so that it would be easy to put all the dishes in there. We use the others to put pillows and whatever we can fit in there in the living room. By the time Marsha is waking up at 6 we are done with the living room, dining room and kitchen and the moving company is ready to take the things to our new house.


‘Good morning baby.’ I say when she looks around

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‘What’s going on here?’ She asks without responding


I sigh, maybe this is one of the hardest part of this whole thing-involving the kids.


‘We are moving.’ I say


She eyes me


‘Dad isn’t coming is he?’




She looks at me again


‘No baby daddy isn’t coming.’


‘I will start packing my things.’ She says and walks away


I look at Nancy who has been looking at me all this while.


‘You will need to tell her the truth some day.’


‘I know.’ I respond


By the time we are done packing it’s already after lunch, I have sent Laura and Shawn to their grandparents place until I am finally settled. I look at the house that my husband and I built with our every sweat one more time, all the memories I created with my babies going down the drain because of a man that couldn’t stay true to his vows.


The drive from Salama Park to PHI is the longest, God knows I didn’t imagine this day to come. Five years ago when my former boss Mr. Musondah Snr had advised me to start building on my own I thought he was absurd, I had shared this information with Vashawn and he shunned me saying even if I listened to the advise I wouldn’t finish the house.


Those words had hurt me, so I bought the plot and started building on my own without his knowledge. Two years later it was done and I had put in a tenant and I have been saving the money separately without him knowing.


Like luck was on my side, the tenant that was occupying the main house called me days back about her moving but she did pay for the month which I appreciated because of the inconvenience that had been caused.


‘We are here.’ I say tapping Marsha lightly


She was sleeping


‘Where are we?’ She asks


‘Our new home baby.’ I respond as I get out of the car



This is not as big as the house we were living in, it’s not even anything close to it but I did put in my very best to make it as comfortable as possible.


The cars have left and now it’s just Nancy, Marsha and I.


My body is tired and I could use some rest but I know if I do that we won’t get any work done.


We start with the girls’ bedroom, now they have to share with Nancy because the house only has three bedrooms. When done we go to Shawn’s room which doesn’t take much time then start with the kitchen. I tell them not to worry with my bedroom because I will fix it myself.


It’s already 6PM and the kitchen is not even done, Marsha has gone to lay down in their room and I am exhausted I can’t take it anymore.


‘Nancy tomorrow is another day.’ I say holding my back as I settle on the closest chair


‘Let me prepare us something to eat.’


‘Don’t bother, I will order food.’ I respond


I unlock my phone and instead of going to the AfriDelivery app, I log into Facebook and the images I am flooded with almost make me puke. Cassie had her baby shower and it was thrown by Vashawn’s parents.


‘Wow.’ I manage to say putting the phone down and immediately it rings


‘Where are you?’ The person on the other end says


I look at the number, it’s a new number but I know the voice.


‘Home.’ I respond


‘I am by your house and the guard tells me you have moved.’


I take a deep breath


‘Yes I have.’


‘And you didn’t see the need to tell me?’


‘Roy I don’t want to do this with you right now.’ I say removing the phone from my ears


‘I told you he wasn’t good for you, I was going to take care of you. I was going to love you like you deserve but what did you do Michel?’ He angrily asks on the other end


‘Whatever we shared wasn’t good for any of us.’


‘Stop speaking on my behalf!’ He yells and I sigh deeply


‘Send me your location I am coming.’


He says that and drops the line, Roy is Mr. Musondah Snr. At a time when Vashawn was mistreating me we got pretty close, I opened up about my life and like the saying familiarity breeds contempt we started to talk for longer hours.


We went on dates until finally he confessed liking me, I knew I had brought this upon myself. At first it was to hurt Vashawn, or maybe to feel good about myself again. Roy made me feel things I had not felt in a long time, it felt good to have someone notice me, to give me attention, to call me beautiful and drop his busy schedule just to be with me. He complimented my looks and made me feel like a woman again. He was consistent, he communicated and never at his convenience.


What started out as stolen kisses got into deep steamy passionate romance. We spent so much time together, whenever I was out of town he would come to where I was, we spent a night together at some point but never had s£x, for some reason I couldn’t just give it up and he was always saying he would wait. I fell in love with him or the idea of being with him and that is when I knew that it was time to cut things off because two wrongs would never make a right.



I was ready to leave my job, leave it all behind just so I could concentrate on my marriage and kids. A business trip came unexpectedly for him and he traveled to South Africa, when he came back his assistant told him I had left and my resignation letter was waiting. He couldn’t take it, that’s how he decided to leave the company in the hands of his son Coldy whilst he concentrated on other things. That was a year ago and I haven’t heard from him since.


‘Michel are you there?’ He asks bringing me out of my reverie


‘Yes.’ I respond


‘The address?’


‘I will send you a live location just now.’ I say and drop the line




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