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I get to the airport and luckily the body is already in the country and is being held by the police, immediately I introduce myself they lead me to a secluded office where the inspector general of police is.


‘Mr. Acker.’ He says standing up


‘Inspector.’ I respond shaking his extended hand


He takes his seat and I follow suite


‘I really don’t have to explain why we called you because I am sure you already know.’


‘I do, but my concern is how my number was the last dialed in his call log when I haven’t heard from him in a while.’


‘I wish I knew answers to that question but unfortunately the only person who could help us is gone.’



I sigh deeply


‘So why am I here exactly? To identify his body?’ The inspector looks at me


‘What I have here are charges against you for money laundering.’ He says handing me some papers


I don’t even take time to go through them, though I was hoping this day didn’t come any time sooner.


‘We looked through Katuta and everything we found implicated you and two other people.’


‘Which other people?’


‘A Miss Cassie and Miss Catra.’


I sigh, funny how life is finally dealing with us.


‘How long will I be in?’ I ask


He looks at me


‘I didn’t expect that.’


‘What? Me asking how many years I will be behind bars?’


‘People usually get scared of that place, they feel like it is the end for them. Like they have failed themselves.’


I laugh


‘That might be true but I think I have accepted my fate.’


‘I see.’




‘The people you stole from are demanding that you work for the money.’


‘I don’t get you.’


‘You are good at your job, and the last thing that they want is to keep a smart mind behind bars. It would be a worst so they asked or rather he asked that you continue running the company and recover everything you have stolen from him. He will be watching you closely to make sure there is no more misappropriation of funds.’


I look at him unbelievably, I was expecting to kiss my freedom good bye but here I am being given another chance at being good.


‘He will meet you first thing Monday morning.’ He says dismissively


‘Thank you.’ I respond


The weekend moves really slow, I have never been excited about work like I am. Monday morning I am out of bed by 5 in the morning, I utilize the home gym by working out until 6. Afterwards I take a shower then prepare myself for work. I am determined to show my new boss that he didn’t make a mistake keeping me out of jail, I will do everything possible to make sure that I impress him.


By 7 I am out of the house, and since traffic hasn’t built up I am at the office by 7:30. I make myself a cup of coffee then start going through files to see if I have any work pending. I haven’t spent a lot of time here in a while and I know I must have a pile of work waiting for me.


I am just settling in when my secretary walks in.


‘Mr. Acker.’ She says with fright


‘Good morning.’


‘My condolences.’ She says


I look at her with a blank stare


‘Your wife, we didn’t think you would report for work today.’


I just smile and wait for her to leave. I lock myself in the office and that is when I go through my phone, I have quite a number of missed call notifications from different numbers but I call Valerie first.


‘Vashawn I was dead worried about you.’




‘I am sorry about Cassie, it’s sad how she died.’


I keep quiet.


‘Don’t tell me you don’t know.’


‘Vashawn really?’ she yells


I don’t know what to say or feel. I drop the phone then lock myself up in the office, just so I don’t have to face anyone.




‘Good morning.’ I greet the secretary assigned to me immediately I walk into my office.


She looks like she was putting things together


I look around, the interior designer really did a good job on this one and I must thank my father for giving me this company as my fortieth birthday present. Funny how at forty he still wants to treat me like a child. He bought the company from the Ackers and since he is getting old he has given it to me.


My phone rings and I cant help but smile.


‘Hey beautiful.’ I say


I hear her yawn on the other side


‘Good morning Mr. Chanda.’ She greets and I can only guess her eyes are closed as she says that


‘I need a job, being home is becoming boring.’ She says yawning some more


‘Something will definitely come up.’ I respond


I really hate that she doesn’t want any help from me when it comes to job hunting and even though I can help her in secrecy I feel it is only right that I let her do it on her own.


‘Happy birthday.’ She says


‘Thank you so much.’


‘What do you want to have for lunch?’




‘I mean it’s your birthday, don’t get used to it though.’


I chuckle


‘Surprise me.’


‘Cereal it is.’


laugh Silence




‘Yes Jayden.’


‘You know I am not doing this to hurt Vashawn right?’


‘I know, besides he made his bed.’ She responds


‘Take care of yourself hey, and get some more beauty sleep I don’t want my phone looking tired.’


‘And have a beautiful morning.’ She says before the line drops


I straight away get to work, there is just so much to be done. A lot of things are not in place, a lot of files are not where they are supposed to be and the numbers are giving me a headache.


I don’t even realize how much time has gone until my door opens and Shawn walks in holding a cake.


My shoulders drop with defeat and just then Laura and Michel walk in.


‘Happy birthday daddy.’ Laura says coming to seat on my laps


There is just something about how she calls me daddy that melts my insides.


‘Thank you so much baby.’ I say kissing her forehead


‘But I have the cake.’ Shawn says


‘Men don’t fight girls, men prove who men are.’ He adds comforting himself


‘What?’ Michel and I say at the same time before laughing


‘You are watching too much TV.’ Michel adds


‘No I am not.’



‘Nop, you are banned from watching TV for the next three days.’




‘I love you too.’ She says causing a frown on his face


‘You can just pack up and come to my place.’ I say


‘You wouldn’t dare.’ Michel threatens


‘Mummy I love you but I am leaving you.’ Shawn says making us all laugh


Michel asks us all to wash our hands from my bathroom sink, when we are back she has created enough room on the table and is putting plates and cutlery. It’s only now I am noticing that she came with a basket. After dishing out, we say grace then she hands me a plate before Laura comes to sit between us.


‘Wow.’ I say looking at the food


She has prepared nshima, lumanda, katapa and fried fish.


We eat as we chat but I don’t talk much because the food is just so amazing I really don’t want to talk. I have about three lumps and ask for another one before they all laugh at me but I don’t mind.


I wash down the food with a cup of water then some munkoyo.


‘Thank you so much.’ I say unfastening my necktie


Laura and Shawn clear the table nicely putting the plates back in the basket then cake is removed, I really don’t know the last time I had cake and I can’t help but be grateful.


They all sing the birthday song before Laura does the honors of cutting the cake and feeding me, Michel takes some photos then I ask her to join us as we take selfies. I am happy, this feels like a happy place.



After a while Nancy comes and gets the kids and so it is just Michel and I.


‘Thank you for everything.’ I say


She stands up then locks the door.


‘What are you doing?’


I watch as she unties the wrap dress she is wearing dropping it to the floor, I am caught off guard and I must say looking at her skin in that matching underwear is just a huge turn on.


I am still seated on the visitors couch when she comes to where I am, she knees just before me. She removes my tie and uses it to tie my hands




‘Shiii.’ She says not dropping eye contact


She opens my zipper, carefully removing my erect shaft. I smile, I am well-endowed and I know it.


She starts by rubbing it up and down, still not breaking eye contact. A moan escapes my mouth, and and she smiles, she does that for a while. Just when I think she has done the most she opens her mouth and feels me up.


‘Ghard Michel.’ I say


She licks, sucks. Continues to do that and am feeling all sorts of emotions but I can’t do anything because my hands are tied. Just when I am about to climax she pulls away and goes to where her bag is. Removes a condom and a red cloth that she uses to cover my eyes and I can’t see anything. I hear the foil tear, then she places it on me.


‘Let me touch you.’ I beg


‘Shiii.’ She says placing a finger to my mouth


I feel her get on me then position herself so that I fill her up. At first it is a little tight, then she pushes herself down until I am completely in her. A moan escapes her mouth, escapes mine too. Slowly she whines her waist, keeps the rhythm like that then begins to go a little fast. She touches my head and places it on her bosom, I smell the jasmine scent and even though I am dying to touch her I can’t. She continues to torture me, she whines, then goes up and down faster. Her moans become loud and I know she is cuming. She goes faster and faster until I feel the rush hitting me too and we climax at the same time.


She drops her body and rests on my chest, breathlessly we sit there in silence before she unties my hands and removes the blind.


She smiles looking at me.


‘What have you done to me?’ I ask kissing her full on the lips


She smiles shyly


We stay like that for another five minutes before we both go to the bathroom to clean up, I switch on the aircon and spray some air freshener.


‘Happy birthday.’ She says handing me a small gift box


‘You didn’t have to.’ I say with excitement


‘Open it.’


I do and find a beautiful watch.


‘I love it.’ I say pulling her into my arms then kissing her full on the lips


‘Am glad you do.’


‘Let me leave you to work now.’


‘Dinner at my place today? I ask




I smile






‘You won’t be able to sit tomorrow.’ I say with a smirk on my face


‘I dare you.’ She responds with a smile before unlocking the door and walking out






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