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“There is no accusation in silence.”


The worst part about knowing that Cassie is behind bars is me not being able to do anything about it, because I know the minute I show myself at the police station a case might be built against me.


I sip from my glass of whiskey and stare out of the window from my apartment, I really don’t know what to feel. We had it all figured out. We would finish Vashawn off then move on with our lives together with out son. Our son, I wipe the stray tear that falls.



Cassie was only a first year student at the university of Zambia when I first met her, she was innocent. I fell in love not at first sight but after many encounters with her, she was a hard nut to crack at first but after a while she finally gave in. Her background was very poor but she didn’t care much about money. I introduced her to the money, to the life of the party, to everything that she is now. We got married immediately she graduated but my job wasn’t bringing us enough money, I was scared of her cheating on me so I brought up the idea of Brian. He was a huge target but he was already into Michel so that was hard to accomplish and that is when she met Vashawn. I really wasn’t for the idea, well because he was good looking and came from old money and I feared that she might fall in love with him. But I trusted her enough not to go against our plans.


Eventually fate brought us together and I started working for him, that was even better because the money came in from both angles.


Afterwards I noticed she started giving him attention and I didn’t like it, according to her she was just doing what we had planned from the very beginning and that is how I made sure he met Catra and knowing the kind of man he is; he fell for her. That worked in my advantage and it gave Cassie better motive.


Do I blame myself for all this? Maybe a part of me does but I wouldn’t exactly say I brought this upon us because all three parties contributed and we are all getting a fair share.


I pick up my phone and call my friend from the police station where both Catra and Cassie are being held.


‘Guess who is alive.’ She says chewing on her gum


I hate that I made the mistake of once sleeping with her because now she feels like I owe her.


‘Good morning to you too.’ I say instead


I hear her click her tongue


‘I see your woman finally got what she deserves.’ She teases



I sigh deeply trying so hard not to cuss because I know if I am not nice to her she might not give me any information.


‘Yes she did.’ I say


She laughs


‘And to think her little sister is trying to kill her.’


She laughs some more after saying that


‘How is she doing?’


‘She will survive, but I am certain Catra is not done with her.’


I keep quiet.


‘You know this is an issue that could have been sorted out as a family, the fact that they are both here just draws the line on how they really feel about each other.’


‘I don’t get you.’ I say honestly


‘Katuta jail is not a place I would wish upon anyone, this place brings out your inner gangster. They are diseases in this place, people are killing each other, there is hate and violence. If those two come out of here alive they will never be the same again.’


‘I know.’


‘But why are you not doing anything about it?’ She asks


For the first time since I met her she sounds like she has a heart.


‘It’s complicated.’





‘You wouldn’t understand.’


‘Because once you try to bail out one of them you will be implicating yourself?’ She asks


I keep quiet


‘Katuta listen, none of us really knows why Catra is here or how she even got here. But one thing I know is that she wants Cassie dead. And not dead in body but spirit as well.’


‘It can’t be that bad.’


‘I will send you an image on WhatsApp.’ She says cutting the line


Immediately the line cuts I hear a message tone sound, when I open the message I really can’t believe what I am looking at. Cassie is in hospital and battling for her life, the cut is too deep and from what I see if it isn’t taken care of well it might catch an infection.


‘Katuta this is your chance to prove how much you love her, or better still a chance to start a new life away from her drama.’ I tell myself


I decide on the latter, we have both lost. And it is not my fault that she ended up the way she did. I pack a few of my clothes and carry my cards, and traveling documents. I will catch the first flight out of the country and go to wherever the wind takes me, anywhere but here where I have to think of all this.


I grab my car keys, lock up then leave. As I drive out I feel my heart ache, I wanted to build a life with my family. I always imagined myself living a perfect life with Cassie and our child, the child that she carelessly burnt and left to die. When did she become such a person? How did she get to the point where she is now? I could never be that evil no matter the circumstances.


Once I get to the airport I check for which plane is flying out first and lucky for me there is one going to Botswana in exactly an hour and that is the one I book for but



as the minutes continue passing by I feel like something will totally go wrong so I don’t sit still.


I pace about and do just about anything to keep my mind busy until it is boarding time and I am finally glad to be out of the country once we are in the air.


‘Hai.’ I say to the person I am seated next to


‘Hey.’ He says with a smile


I push my chair a little to the back for comfort but my neighbor doesn’t stop smiling at me.


‘Are you okay?’ I ask


‘More than happy to be killing you in a different country.’ He responds


‘Excuse me?’


‘Catra passes her greetings.’ He says then pushes back his chair then closes his eyes




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