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I had wanted the easy way out, the coward’s way. But the cops were quick, they enter the house just before I can even drink the contents of the bottle. From the way they are dressed I can tell they are C5, I had been hoping to get Zambia police because those can easily be bribed but now, I am so sure the fight is over.



I am not even given a chance to say anything as I am dragged outside, honestly, I don’t think even if I was, I would say anything because right now I am just scared of what lays ahead.


They lead me to a car outside, they are a lot of people watching and some are already taking videos and I am so sure I will make headlines on social media and everyone will be digging whatever dirt they can get on me.


‘And the worst always come looking innocent.’ The Officer we find in the car begins


I don’t say anything, it’s enough humiliation I am not going to put myself through more.


One officer sits on my right and another on the left, the drive is quiet only the sirens from the other cars are audible.


But what surprises me is that we drive away from the CDB into kamanga compound, the other cars have stopped following us and now it’s just us.


‘Where are we going?’ I manage to ask feeling a little uncomfortable


The officer in front looks at me and smiles


‘I asked a question and I demand some answers.’ I say trying to stay composed when my insides are just screaming to breakdown


‘You are in no position to ask for anything.’ The one on my left says


I try to say another word but duct tape is put across my mouth and this is when I realize there is foe play involved. Just as we get into the heart of Kamanga, a black bag made out of cotton is used to cover my head. It only has one hole for breathing and now I can’t see where we are going or even scream for help.


The car comes to a stop after being driven for another five minutes, I hear car doors opening before I am roughly dragged out. The first thing that hits me is the stench of the environment. I smell garbage and other rotten things but I know I



can’t puke even if I want to, worse off I might just choke on my vomit and that would be a very awful way to die.


After walking for a minute or so, the bag and the duct tape are removed. I look around the place and it is just an empty big room with only a wall clock and blood stains on the wall. I am tossed to the floor and left there.


I have done some really bad things to people but I can’t think of the person who would try to hurt me like this, all the enemies I have made along the way I made sure to pick the weak ones.


I am not done putting my thoughts together when a man walks in, I don’t even have to be a rocket scientist to know that he has come to hurt me. He comes to where I am and ties my hands behind my back, he is holding me too tight that it hurts.


‘You are hurting me.’ I beg but he slaps me hard across the face making blood spill out of my mouth


He kicks me in the stomach really hard causing me to scream, he kicks me some more. And again, again and again until I can’t scream anymore. The pain is so unbearable I want to touch my stomach but I can’t because my hands are tied. Then he steps on my legs with his heavy boots times without number until I have bruises. Then he walks away leaving me there.


For a minute it’s like time has stopped, the pain is beyond me and I can’t do anything about it. I stay laying in that position for what seems like forever, the clock keeps ticking and time is not moving. When I finally manage to close my eyes and try to get some sleep, I hear the door open and close. I wait to see the person that has walked in and it is a different person from the man that was here earlier. His face looks familiar but I can’t remember where I have seen him.


‘Jesus!’ I scream when the liquid is poured on me


‘Now you remember Jesus huh?’ he asks


He pours more urine on me before I see him opening a bag full of stool.



‘Oh Lord no.’


‘Lord yes.’ He says


He wears some gloves then begins to smear it on me, this time I allow the tears to fall. This is bigger than me, who would make me go through this kind of humiliation.


‘Who sent you?’ I ask as he plasters it on my face


He laughs


‘As if that will make things any better.’


I feel the puke coming to my mouth.


‘Let it out hunny.’ The man says before laughing


I can’t hold it any longer so I just relieve myself of it.


‘Great, now this is even more interesting.’ He says dragging me to sleep on it


‘Please let me go.’ I beg as more tears fall


He shakes his head


‘You haven’t seen anything yet, this is just the first day. You have three more days before you are released to the cops.’




‘You are not walking out of this free, until we are done with you then you can be handed over to the police. For now, enjoy your stay here.’ He says


I look at him with pleading eyes


He laughs


‘You know, I don’t feel pity for you. We have been watching you Cassie, we know what you have been doing and we are glad that you are paying back the way you should be.’ He says then walks away


When I hear the door close, I let out an agonizing cry, how can someone be this evil? I know I have done some really bad things but not to this extent, how can someone want to humiliate another in such a manner? How can someone want to hurt me this much?




I take a deep breath and drink from my glass of orange juice.


‘How is she doing?’ I ask one of my men


‘She is a tough lad.’


‘Always been.’ I say with a smile


‘How long do you plan on keeping her here?’


‘Long enough to break her spirit.’


He looks at me wearily


‘When did you become this person?’


‘She created this monster.’


‘You know you can just call the police and allow them to do their thing right?’ he asks


‘Our system is corrupt, full of rats that are always looking for their next meal and will do anything to get it.’


He looks at me


‘No offence.’ I add considering he is the chief general of police ‘None taken.’


‘And she didn’t recognize you?’


‘Looks like she doesn’t take time to see who can help her.’ ‘Always been selfish.’ I respond taking another sip ‘What next?’


‘Bring in the doctor tomorrow, I want her womb removed.’ He looks at me with pleading eyes


‘She will never hold any of her children, women like her don’t deserve to be mothers.’


‘Whatever makes your bum hum.’ He responds I smile


He comes to where I am and kisses my forehead ‘I always have your back.’


‘I know you do.’ I respond thoughtfully







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