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I look at the email that I have just received from the police officer I paid to keep tabs on Vashawn, I had expected Katuta to charge him for something stronger but it looks like I was so good at involving myself with the dumbest of men.



I light my cigarette, blow on it then puff some smoke in the air. Who would have thought that I, the almighty Cassie would be hiding in kuku compound but what choice did I have. In that moment I really needed to make a decision that wasn’t just going to be good for me but for my child as well, I had burnt Katuta Jnr and he wouldn’t have survived those burns even if he had made it to the hospital. I had to do what was good not just for me but for him as well.


I pick up my phone and call the only person I can think of.


‘What do you want?’ he says on the other end of the line


I laugh


‘Cassie if you don’t say why you called I am cutting this call.’


‘I dare you Brian.’ I say smoking some more


There is silence and I know I have his attention


‘What do you want?’ he asks in a more sober voice


‘I want Michel fired.’


‘Excuse me?’


‘You heard me.’


‘Why would I do that?’


‘It’s your company and you will obviously have a good reason to do it.’


He chuckles


‘Cassie that is not how it works, they are rules and regulations that have to be followed. I just can’t fire her for no concrete reason.’


‘I knew you would refuse.’ I say



‘So then why did you call me?’


‘Make Jayden leave her.’




‘If I am walking out unhappy she has too as well.’


‘For petes sakes there is nothing that she has done to you!’


‘Will you do it or not?’




‘You are old Brian, I don’t think you want your wife finding out about your escapades, imagine how your son Coldy will view you after all this.’


‘Cassie you have lost this one, just leave Michel out of this.’ He begs


I laugh


‘Unfortunately for you I can’t, she is the pawn in all this and if I have to get everything I want I need to make sure she is never happy.’


‘Promise me this will be the last time, promise me you will let her go after this.’


‘You don’t make promises with the devil Brian, you just don’t.’ I say


‘Okay I will make the call.’ He says


‘Good.’ I respond then cut the line


Vashawn was never my target, I had wanted to have a thing with Brian for a very long time because I knew the kind of money I could get from him. But along the way I learnt of his interest in Michel and that is how my plan was birthed, you see the devil is never in a hurry to destroy anyone. He always takes his time, making



sure to have all the cards in place before he can finally strike. I took my sweet time, learning that he had a relationship with her and gathering as much information as I could on them. It was only a matter of time that I would use it against her, times and again I have called him to ask for favors with the blackmail that I would tell his wife if he refused. And when Jayden, who happens to be Coldy’s best friend, came in the picture, I knew I had hit the nail on the head.


Now I wait for everything to fall into place, Michel can’t get the life that I couldn’t have. I got her husband and turned him against his children, she can’t still have her job, her kids and now a man who I know is genuinely going to love her. I will have to die first before she can be happy.




I take longer than expected in the bathroom, not that I was scrubbing off dirt but because I am trying to get a hold of myself and all the emotions that are building up.


When done, I wrap the towel around my body again and unlock the door. When I step into the bedroom Jayden is laying on the bed his eyes fixed on the ceiling board.


‘I am done.’ I say not knowing if I want to apply lotion in his presence


‘See who is chickening out now.’ He teases without looking at me


I smile shyly holding on to the towel


‘Come here.’




‘Am not gonna hurt you.’ He says


I move to where he is and stand there


He smiles mischievously looking at me





‘Nothing.’ He responds shaking his head


‘You are just going to make me stand here not so?’


‘Unless you want to sit.’


I sigh


‘Jayden go and take your bath.’


He holds my hand and makes me stand so close to him


I know what I am feeling, not wearing underwear is even making everything worse and I know he feels the same way too.


When he doesn’t say anything a crazy thought hits me, but I brush it off as quickly as it comes.


He stands up, grabs the other towel and hits the bathroom. Now I am left here wondering whether I should wear my clothes or not.


After much debating I get the only short loose dress I carried and wear it on top of underwear but without a bra inside. I would love to explore the hotel but I am feeling a little tired all of a sudden and I am guessing it’s because of the trip plus the bath has made me relaxed.


I lie down and decide to close my eyes, I will just have to cancel any plans of stepping out with Jayden and he can explore the place on his own if he wants to.


‘Look at you looking cozy.’ He says once he steps out of the shower


I smile with my eyes still closed


‘I just want to rest.’ I respond without even looking at him



After a few minutes he joins me on the bed and wraps his hands around my waist


‘You sure you not hungry?’


‘Right now I just want to sleep.’ I tell him honestly


He kisses my hair and allows me to sleep.


I don’t know at what point I fall asleep but the sound of my ringing phone wakes me up.


I look at the caller idea and I am surprised to see that is it Brian calling.


‘Hello.’ I respond sitting up


Jayden is awake too


‘You need to stop whatever you have with Jayden.’ He threatens


I look at the screen just to make sure I am talking to the right person.


‘You heard me, Jayden is a good man and doesn’t deserve a woman like you.’


‘What is that supposed to mean?’


‘Michel you are nothing but a common whore, you were cheating on your husband and now you are trying to play victim. How about I tell the world that you threw yourself at me? Remember I won’t be the one to be allowed bad when this goes public.’




‘I won’t repeat myself.’ He says cutting the line


‘Is everything okay?’ Jayden asks


Just before I can respond his phone rings


‘Uncle Brian.’

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‘Okay.’ He says dropping the line


‘That’s Uncle Brian, Coldy’s father. He says he wants to see me tomorrow and it is urgent.’


I don’t respond, I really don’t know what to make out of this. Brian wouldn’t do anything to hurt me no matter what and if he wants to harm me it’s because someone is behind this. But who could have known about us?








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