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“When the elephants fight it’s the grass that suffers.” Nellie


I wasn’t surprised to find Cassie gone when I got to the car park, we had not even talked since the incident last night except for the phone call that she made asking me to meet her at my office because we had to see the Realtor.



I log into my phone and call a cab driver using ulendo, I had plans of going back to the office but after the conversation I had had with Michel, I decide to see my lawyer. I don’t even tell him that I am going there.


‘Mr. Acker.’ His secretary says when I get there


She doesn’t like me anymore, I don’t blame her. I had wanted to have s£x with her then afterwards I just tossed her to the curb like the many girls I have been with. Anyway she should have known better because she literally threw herself at me.


‘Vashawn.’ Richard my lawyer says when I walk into his office without even knocking


He was on the phone but immediately drops it, I guess it is no one important that he was talking to.


‘What do I owe the visit?’ he says standing up to close the door that I left open


‘You are the only one who knows about the documents I have been making my parents sign.’ I begin waiting for him to sit




‘I have a feeling Michel knows too.’


‘Did you tell her?’


I eye him


‘Sorry.’ He responds lifting his hands


I open the only button on my jacket that was tied then settle into a chair, cross my leg and sigh deeply.


‘I want to know what she knows.’


‘She hasn’t signed the divorce papers has she?’


‘No she hasn’t.’


‘Go to where she lives, you can start by being nice to the kids. Who knows she will take you back.’


I shake my head


‘That doesn’t sound like a very good plan




‘I don’t want to be with Michel, for a very long time I have been trying to get rid of her.’


‘What choice do you have?’


I sigh


‘And when she doesn’t give in?’


He laughs


‘Vashawn you are very smart, maybe the smartest cheat I know.’


‘No offence.’ He adds quickly


‘None taken.’


‘You were married to her for twelve years, known her for longer than that period. I am pretty sure you know what tickles her fancy.’ He says


‘You really think it will work?’ I ask touching my beard


‘Are you doubting yourself?’ he questions



I don’t respond, I might not even like him as much but he has been doing my dirty work for years I might just need to continue putting up with him.


I head back to the office to pick up my things then call the driver to pick me up before picking up the kids from school.


I am surprised we are going to a different school.


‘Why are we here?’


‘This is where the kids are enrolled.’ He responds


‘For how long now?’


‘A month sir.’


I fear an anger build up, yes things are not all rosy between Michel and I but she had no reason enrolling the kids into a different school without my knowledge.


I get out of the vehicle when I see them coming.


‘Daddy.’ Laura and Shawn scream running towards me


My heart warms up looking at them smiling like that, I love these children so much and aunts just sad that I have to use them to get to their mother.


Marsha just walks past me and gets into the vehicle. She sits in the front with the driver


‘Marsha how are you?’ I greet when we start off


‘I am well thank you.’ She responds then opens her window and starts looking outside


I don’t say anything, I will sort this out with her later.



We drive towards PHI, I had heard that Michel moved out of our matrimonial home but I had not bothered to find out where she is staying.


‘I will call you to come and pick me up.’ I say to the driver when we get there ‘Daddy how was your work trip?’ Shawn asks ‘Work trip?’ I ask



‘Well you were not around.’ Laura responds


The door opens and Michel comes out, she is wearing a pair of silk short pajamas that I have never seen before.


Her eyes were bright but then turn cold when she sees me.


‘Mummy daddy came to get us.’ Shawn says excitedly


‘Isn’t that nice of him.’ She responds opening her hands wide


Both Laura and Shawn go into her embrace, she kisses them on the forehead respectively


‘Hey baby.’ She says to Marsha


‘Hey mummy.’ She responds with a smile ‘How was school?’


‘School was okay, how was work?’ she asks ‘Work was fine thank you.’ She responds She doesn’t say a word to me



We walk into the house and I notice just how it looks like her. It is not much, not big but it has this touch that spells out love and for a moment I miss her but brush off those emotions as soon as they come.


The kids go to what I am guessing is their room and she remains there looking at me.


‘And you?’ she asks coldly


‘You moved the kids without my permission.’ I accuse


‘Because you were paying for them?’ she asks


I open my mouth to say something but then close it. I really don’t remember if I paid for their school fees this term.


‘Why didn’t you tell me that you were moving them?’


‘Vashawn what exactly do you want?’


‘I want to be part of their life.’


‘I never asked you to distance yourself from them.’


‘I never intended to.’


‘Okay.’ She responds


‘I don’t like the school where they are at now.’ I say


‘There is nothing that you can do about it now Vashawn, I am not about to move the kids to a different school when they are already getting used.’


‘I am their father and I have a say.’


‘I never once told you you don’t, but when you decide to act like the stranger in their life it is my duty to take actions into my own hands.’



‘Still you should have told me.’


‘Next time I will inform you, just make sure you have unblocked my number.’




‘Who is paying for this house?’


‘Your concern exactly?’ she questions


‘These are my children and if another man is paying for the house they are living in I demand to know who he is.’


‘You will know him very soon.’ She responds sarcastically




I don’t know what this is about but I have a very bad feeling, Vashawn loves his children yes but if he is going to use that to try and get back at me I won’t allow it. After the meeting earlier I knew that somehow he would pull such a stunt and seeing him here just makes my blood boil.


Nancy sets the table and we all go to eat, apparently he has stayed for dinner.


Laura says grace and we all dig into our food.


‘Where have you been?’ Marsha asks her father, speaking for the first time since we sat down


‘He was on a business trip.’ Laura responds and I notice how Vashawn shifts uncomfortably in his chair




‘Yes Marsha.’


‘Where have you been?’ she repeats


‘Marsha.’ I respond cutting in but she stands up from the table


‘Marsha.’ Vashawn and I say at the same time standing up


‘Let me talk to her.’


I follow her to the bedroom, she is sitting on the bed when I get there.


‘What was that about young lady?’




‘Marsha Acker I am talking to you!’


‘What is the point exactly?’ she fires back


I have nveer seen such fire in her eyes


‘What are you talking about child?’


‘Mum I am not Laura or Shawn, I am grown up and I know what exactly is happening. If the two of you are getting divorced it is better you sit us down and tell us because am not going to be tossed from one house to the next.’


‘We never said we are getting divorced.’


‘Then how do you explain him moving out? Us coming to stay here and changing schools? And yes I know about aunty Cassie.’ She says not once breaking contact


‘Marsha if there is anything that your father and I have to tell you, we will. I just don’t expect you to start giving any of us attitude, we are your parents.’


‘I am not young and whatever decisions you make directly affect us.’ She responds and I don’t know what to say, I haven’t really taken time to consider how all this will affect them.



‘Did Laura tell you that Cassie was telling her she would become fat like you?’


‘What?’ I ask the words hurting me


‘Ask your husband since the two of you have the perfect marriage.’


‘Marsha I won’t allow you to disrespect me in my house.’


She looks away




She looks at me and that is when I notice the tears falling


‘If you and dad can’t be together any more separate in peace and spare us the heartache, do you know how many sleepless nights I have had thinking of why he wants another family? You think I haven’t seen how you always go out of your way just to see and make us happy? Mummy I am not a child and I am fully aware of my environment.’ She says


‘Baby listen.’


‘I am sorry mum but I want some space.’




‘Please.’ She pleads with more tears falling


I look at her my heart broken, I switch off the light then close the door behind me but stand against it and allow my own tears to fall.


‘How could I not think of what this would do to the kids?’ I think to myself as more tears fall



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