Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

“Why are you running away?”, He asked, I still didn’t say anything.


“Come let’s go to your ward”, he said taking my hand


“No, I don’t like staying at the hospital”, I said removing my hands from his.


“Nobody likes to stay in hospital but you have to because of your health please”, he said


“Am scared”, I said crying


“Don’t be scared, am here with you ok?”, He asked he takes my hand again.


“What if they inject me when you’re not around?”, I asked, he chuckled and touch my cheeks


“You’re funny, nobody is gonna do that ok?”, Be said and I nod.


We went back to my ward after much pleading with me.


???? ???? ???? DAYS LATER ???? ???? ????


His kid sister the waitress whose name I now know as Katie came to visit me twice at the hospital before I was discharged.


Larry took me to his house, he treats me like a queen. He’s just a perfect guy, lively, caring, sweet and fun to be with.


I spent one week in his house before I decided to go back to my house to continue with my bad luck life.


“Larry”, I called while we were eating


He was the one that prepared the food, he’s such a good cook.


“Yes dear”, he answered and look at me


“I’d be going back to my house tomorrow”, I said




“Because I’ve stayed him for too long”,


“But am not complaining”,


“You don’t have to complain, I’m already doing it for you”, I said and he smiled


“If it’s about your job, I can be dropping you off at your workplace and come back to pick you in the evening”, he said


This is what am saying, he’s too caring I don’t think I deserve a man like him though he hasn’t say anything like relationship to me.


“Larry, if I tell you that I don’t have a job will you believe?”, I asked, he dropped his fork on the table


“Was it one of the reasons you were crying the day I saw you at the restaurant?”, He asked and I nod trying to hold back my tears


“I was sacked and throw out of the company by my boss that very day”, I said allowing the tears to poured out freely, he quickly came beside me.


“Please stop crying you know I don’t like seeing you like this”, he said cleaning my tears with his thumb


“What was your crime?”, He asked when he noticed I was calm.


“I mistakenly poured coffee on him, that was my crime”, I said


“Please what’s the name of this company?”, He asked


“Lasco manufacturing Company”, i Said, he suddenly moved away from me, I was surprised.


“What’s it?”, I asked


He didn’t answered, he rushed upstairs and came back within a blink of an eye. He brought his laptop close to me and opened it.


“Is it this company?”, He asked showing me a picture of the company


“Yes, any problem?”, I asked


“Not really but am the CEO of the company Derrick sacked you because you mistakenly poured him coffee, hmm no problem”, he said nodding his head.


I stand up and went close to him so close that we were feeling each others breath.


“Are you truly the CEO of Lasco manufacturing Company?”, I whispered, he held my face and stared directly into my eyes


“Yes I’m”, he replied letting go of me.


“I thought Derrick is the CEO because of the way he behaves”, I said


“He’s not, the last time I visited that company was four Months ago, I’ve being busy with my other company so I barely have time for myself”, he said.


He even has another company, no wonder his house is this big and look expensive too.


“Hmm what’s the name of your other company?”, I asked


“Larry’s cosmetic company, do you still want to work?”, He asked and I nod.


We talked about other things like his parents and how he started his life with his only sister. He told me everything, their parents are dead and they are all alone in this world but not as lonely as I’m for 28 years of my life.


If I had been alone in my house, depression would has killed me by now. I honestly feel better staying with him.


The next day, I went back to my house, he made me promised him that I won’t cry, think or say negative words to myself like I always do.


He call me almost every minute to make sure am ok and I’d keep telling him not to worry about me that am fine.

I like him so much and am always happy hearing from him.


???? ???? ???? A DAY LATER ???? ???? ????


I received a letter from him, I opened it and read.


It was an employment letter as a managing director in Lasco manufacturing Company, he sacked Derrick and put me in his position.


He also gifted me a brand new car, am so happy.


All those employees that were looking down on me will start looking up to me as their new boss.


They thought all conditions are permanent, God has answered my prayer and I bless the day I met Larry for he is a God sent to me.


On Monday morning at work was a boom, none of the employees believe their eyes that I’m their boss and they will do what I say.


After work that day I went home with my new car, I parked at the corner of my house then step down, I carried my handbag and went to my door.


I opened my door and was about to enter when he called me




“Lydia”, I look back instantly as he removed his glasses and cap.


I was shocked that I lose my balance.

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