Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

I slowly opened my eyes, I look up at the ceiling then look at my left hand side, Larry was there dozing off. I tried to move my body but I couldn’t, I felt pain in my back.


“Larry”, I called with a low tone almost like a whisper, he opens his eyes and smiled at me.


“Oh Lydia, how are you feeling?”, He asked with so much care in his eyes.


“Feeling some pains”, I said calmly


“I know, you should’ve listen to me yesterday”, he said


“Am sorry for….”,


“Ssshhh! You don’t have to apologize infact you own me no apologies ok?”, He said and I nod.


He’s such a caring man, I wish I can stay with him forever but I can’t. Just look at what happened yesterday, he should be at work now not at the hospital.


The doctor came later to check me he said I’m fine but I’ve to spend some days at the hospital for better treatment since am awake.




I refused but Larry insist I stay, he went out with the doctor and came back minutes later, am sure he went to pay money for my treatment.


He told me he was going home to change but he’d be back. I can’t stay in this hospital, I hate it so much.


I unfix the drip in my hand though blood was coming out but I don’t care, I climbed down from the bed and sneak to the door, I peep to know if there’s anyone or nurses.


I tiptoe to the end of the corridor then follow the other corridor by my left. I succeeded in sneaking out of the hospital.


Just when I wanted to go out from gate, looking back to know if anyone was watching me, I end up hitting someone mistakenly I turned to know who the person was and behold it was Larry. My mouth went wild opened, my jaws drops.


{I thought he said he’s going home to change? How the hell did he comes back so quick? Not up to ten minutes he left} I thought staring at him.


“Where are you sneaking to?”, He asked and I look down , I couldn’t utter a word

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