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semi final 2


#Arielle’s POV


It’s finally the day I’ll be going to college.


Damn today is a bittersweet day for me, I’m happy that I’m going to college but also sad to leave Chris behind.


It hurts!


Even though he keep assuring me that everything will be fine I couldn’t help but get worried.


The slightest idea of Chris leaving me for another woman hurts me.


He is not even here to help me pack my things.


I guess I won’t be seeing him again before I leave.



I slowly got up from my queen size bed and walk inside the bathroom.


I brushed my teeth and strip out of my cloth before going under the shower to take my bath.


Is he at work already?


Or still sleeping?


After so much battle with myself I tied a towel around my chest and walk out of the bathroom.


I was engulfed by that scent I love so much.


He is here, for me.




“Good morning princess,” he greeted and stood up from the bed smiling at me.


“When did you get here? I mean how did you get here?” I asked surprised to see him.


Who let him up?


“You’re asking too much questions sweetheart, but your mother let me up.” He said and captured my lips on his.


My hand sneaked around his neck and pulls him closer to myself.


He pulled back and placed his forehead on mine.


“I’ll miss you,” I managed to say and sniffed in.


“You don’t have to miss me baby girl, I’ll always be there for you.” He whispered.


I wanted to believe that he will always be there for me.


I really want to. But I don’t know how.



I pulled back and sat down in front of my makeup table.


“Why are you here anyway?” I asked, picking out my skin lotion.


“To take you to school, you don’t think that I’ll leave you alone by yourself do you?” He asked, his gaze fixed on my back.


I was quiet, not knowing what to say.


I didn’t expect that from him but who was I kidding?


I was excited about it.


I turned to face him and my breath caught up in my throat.


I didn’t know what to say to this man.


“Chris I….I…don’t know.” I stuttered. I mentally cursed myself for stuttering but


he was unfazed.


“I’m taking you to school Arielle and I’m going to make sure everybody knows that you’re mine.” He said taking dangerous steps towards me.


My cheek heat up at his words.


He want to lay claims on me, to show the world that I’m his.


I like that!


He picked me up from the chair and carried me to the bed.


He throw me on the bed and I gasped.


He removed his shirt and slowly walk up to me on the bed.


I held my towel tightly as his eyes raked over my body lustfully.


“You are mine Arielle, mine/” he growled lowly. His lip capturing mine in a fierce and passionate kiss.


I lose my grip on my towel and sneaked my hands around his neck.


His free hand explored my body underneath him.


He groaned as I tugged on his hair.


He broke the kiss and yanked the towel away from my body.


I shuddered as cold hit my body.


“Chris,” I whispered.


He stare at my naked body underneath him and his lip twitched into a smile.


“I’m going to make love to you baby girl, I’m going to take you everywhere because they all belongs to me now,” he said and smirk.


“Yes…yes I belongs to you.” I confirmed what he said and his grin widened.


His mouth captured my hard nipple as he bite on it, s**king it as if the milk will pop out.


“Chris,” I moaned softly as his right hand lowered to my p**sy.


He used his fingers to spread my p**sy lip and I shivered.


Damn this man is actually corrupting me.


“You will cum on my fingers, then cum on my d**k,” he whispered into my ear before shoving two fingers inside my p**sy hole.


“Sh*t Chris,” I moaned loudly, he hummed softly and continue pumping his fingers inside me.


He was kissing my neck, occasionally biting them.


I’m sure he left several hickeys on my neck now.


I grab hold of his hand as the pleasure became too much.


He keep pumping his fingers inside me which rubbing my Clit with his index finger.



“F**k daddy, I’m close,” I moaned loudly, holding tighter to his shoulder.


“Cum for me baby girl,” he whispered and continue his sweet torture on my p**sy.


He keep hitting my gspot continuously.


My breathing became heavy.


Damn him for knowing my body too well.


I deep my nails on his back as my orgasm hit me hard.


“F**k Chris,” I moaned loudly.


“Now your parents will know that I’m claiming you,” he said as he removed his fingers from my hole and suck on it.


“Now it’s time for you to cum on my d**k,” he whispered after I have calmed down.


Oh man, today will be a long day.


He really meant it when he said “I’m going to make sure everybody knows that you’re mine”


Even my body agreed that I’m his.



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