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Episode 19/semi final


#Arielle’s POV


It has been two weeks after my date with Chris and we’ve both been surprisingly more open to each other.


He opened up more about his kinks side, his love for some kinks.


Not that much but he enjoy little love for dominance.


I think it’s cute.


“What are you thinking about baby girl?” Chris asked, stroking my arm tenderly.


“Nothing, I was just thinking about you,” I said and he smirk.


Oh really now he’s tryna get cocky with me.


“So what were you thinking about?” He asked, I straightened myself to view his face clearly.


“Everything,” I whispered and smiled.


I’ve fell so deeply in love with Chris that it sometimes hurt when he doesn’t have time for me.


Maybe he’s in the hospital or out of town.


“Tell me what it is,” he pestered me.


I exhaled deeply and smiled.



“I’ll be going to college next tomorrow, I just feel sad it’s a long journey,” I said and smiled sadly.


I applied for university of California before I knew that something this deep can happen between Chris and I.


I didn’t even know that …that.


“I remembered telling you not to worry about it, I’ll visit you during weekend and maybe pass the night and we will facetime each other everyday.” He replied and kissed my hair.


“I’ve got you baby girl,” he whispered to my ear.


I lay my head back on his shoulder and sigh.


Right now we are in his house. I just can’t bear to lose him.


I felt like if I leave for college he will forget about me or cal out of love with me.


It’s terrifying and hurts a lot.


“What do you want to eat for dinner? Or do you want to go out and eat something?” He asked.


“Anyone of your choice, but I’ll prefer staying here with you all night.” I mumbled.


He chuckled softly and placed a kiss on my hair.


“I’ll miss you,” he said, sadness laced with his voice.


I hummed softly and sighed.


“I have a friend teaching there,” he muttered.




“Yea, he is teaching Physics.” He said.


“Maybe I’ll be meeting this friend of yours soon,” I said and giggled.



“And he is dying to see you too,” he replied.


“Enough of the chit chat, let’s go and cook,” he said, trying to stand up.


But I tightened my grip on him.


“What are you doing?”


I straddled him and smirk, a victorious smile playing on my lip.


I started moving my hips on him, watching as his eyes darkened. Lust and desire visible in his eyes.


He sneaked his hand around my waist and smirk.


“You sure knows how to turn me on baby girl,” he said and I smiled triumphantly.


He held the hem of his baggy shirt that I was wearing and slowly pull it off my body.


Now I was naked on top of him.


He eyed my br**st and licked his lip.


I Traced my hand on his shirtless body and shuddered.


He keep doing unimaginable things to me that I never expected can be done just thought body contacts.


His hand touched my clit and I shuddered.


He started rubbing my clit slowly.


I tried to suppress my moan by biting my bottom lip but it only worked for a while because I let out a loud moan when his two fingers sink inside me.


“Oh f**k Chris,” I moaned, holding tightly to his body.


He turned us around now he was on top of me.


He captured my mouth into a hot kiss as he pump his finger inside me.



His lip sending tingle sensations inside me.


He bit on my bottom lip and I shivered.


He stopped kissing my lip and kissed the skin behind my ear.


“Sh*t daddy, I’m close,” I screamed.


“Cum for me baby girl,” he whispered in my ear.


I let out a loud scream as my orgasm hit me.


I was breathing heavily as he keep rubbing my swollen p**sy lip.


Oh gosh!


I can’t bear to lose this man, what a deep sh*t I’ve gotten myself into.


“Come back to me baby,” he whispered, stroking my hair.


I opened my eyes and smiled softly at him.


He removed his finger from inside me and licked my cum off his finger.


Well that was hot!


I pulled him into a kiss, my hand exploring his jet black hair.


He pulled back and placed his forehead on mine.


We were both breathing heavily due to the kiss.


“You’re not going to lose me baby girl, I’m all yours,” he whispered and I nodded.


Well that really boast up my faith in him.


“I’m also yours daddy, always yours.” I whispered back.


“Now go and clean up, I’ll be in the kitchen.” He said and stood up from the bed.


He walk out of the room and I glanced at my body.



Chris changed me, in a good way and also in a naughty way.


I can’t get enough of him and he can’t get enough of me too.


I guess that’s what makes us perfect for each other.








(Worlds apart)







(Being the best girlfriend)



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