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(Worlds apart)







Episode 18


#Arielle’s POV


He sucked on my clit and i shuddered as he bite it softly.


“Oh my…f**k,” I moaned loudly


By now my mind was already fuggy.


I wasn’t thinking of anything else but the pleasures he was giving me at the moment.


I was already panting my heartbeat bearing erratically.


“I’m going… To….come,” I said between gritted teeth.


My orgasm was fast approaching and my hand tightened on the bed sheet.


“Cum for me baby girl, let it go.” He cooed, kissing my lips softly.


I could taste myself on his lip.


“F**k Chris!” I screamed loudly as my orgasm torn away from me.


My breathing became heavy as I tried to calm it.


“Come back to me baby girl,” Chris cooed, rubbing small circles on my back.


I sigh and pulled him into a deep kiss.


He broke the kiss and smiled at me.


“F**k me Chris,” I begged, he shook his head and smirk.


“I’m not f**king you sweetheart, I’m making love to you,” he said caressing my cheek with his hand.


“Then make love to me Chris,” I replied.


He licked his lip then smiled at me.


He opened the drawer beside his bed and brought out a pack of condom.


He tore it up and wore it on his length.


He rubbed his tip on me and I moaned involuntarily.


F**k I’m so high.


He pushed himself inside me and I opened my mouth in shock.


He is too big.


“You’re so big,” I moaned, trying to adjust to his size.


“Take all of me baby girl, I know that you can,” he groaned.


He started moving and I arched my back from the bed.


I’ve already adjusted to size and I couldn’t get enough.


I want all of him, every pleasure that he can offer me.


“F**k daddy,” I moaned as he go faster on me.


The way I was feeling at that very moment is a pleasure I’ve never felt before.


It felt so right, so beautiful.


I keep regretting why I didn’t meet this man earlier.


He is more than I’ve ever wanted in a man.


I love him so much, I f**king love him.


His grunts brought me back to life.


“Shit, I’m Cumming!” I screamed loudly.


“On your four baby girl,” he commanded.


I quickly turned on my four while he smacked my ass cheek lightly.


He rammed inside me violently causing me to scream.


“F**k, yes daddy. Faster, harder.” I begged.


I was a mess.


The pleasures he was giving me is just too much.


He increased his speed, his hand sneaked to my front and started rubbing my clit vigorously.


I love him so much, so f**king much.


“I’m finna cum,” I moaned loudly.


“Come for me baby girl…shit I’m close,” I screamed as my orgasm torn away from me.


Chris groaned as he released too.


I slumped down on the bed, my breathing calming down slowly.


He kissed my forehead and walk out of the bed.


My eyes were pretty heavy, I was totally exhausted.


He came out with a towel and started wiping my body.


“Cuddle me,” I whispered and he nodded.


He dropped the towel on the table and hugged me tightly.


Slowly my eyes started closing.


Sleep slowly overtook me.


I heard him say.


“Sweet dreams baby girl, I love you.”


I smiled and rest my head on his chest.




I turned on the bed and placed my hand on the side where Chris slept last night but the place was cold.


Which means that he was long gone.


Where is he?


I stood up from the bed in my naked self and pushed the nearby door open.


It was his bathroom, the bathroom was large with a bathtub that can contain three people.


I turned on the faucet and rest my body on the wall waiting for the bathtub to fill up.


I turned it off after filling it up and searched around.


I saw his bathing stuffs and smiled.


They are all men stuff and they smell like Chris.


I pour in the bubbles and lavender oil inside the bathtub with a lot of other stuffs.


I step inside the bathtub and relaxed inside it.


The lukewarm water caressing my body with happiness.



But where could Chris be?


Did he go to the hospital without letting me know?




I suddenly became scared, did…did he left already?


I quickly stood up from the bathtub and tied a towel around my body.


I walk inside the room and saw him sitting down on the bed.


“Good morning baby girl, I came in and heard your steps inside the bathroom so I waited for you,” e said with a smile.


He stood up from the bed and walk closer to me then kissed me slowly.


His hand sneaked around my back and grabbed my a**.


I moaned into his mouth and giggled.


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“Where were you? I thought you left.” I said sitting down in front of his dressing mirror.


“Went to make breakfast for you,” he said and I quickly looked up.


“You made breakfast? What about your maids?” I asked.


“I just want to cook for you this morning, so stop the questions and go find something to wear so that you can eat.” He said and winked at me before walking out of the room.


What a man








(Worlds apart)







(I’ve got you)

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