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Episode 16



Arielle POV


I walk around the mall looking for a nice dress to wear.


The clothes I’m seeing are not what I’m looking for.


“Excuse me,” I called a sale girl that was about to pass by.


“What can I do for you miss?”


“I need a dress for my date tonight, but I can’t find what I like.” I said frustratedly and she smiled.


“Let me get you a nice dress ma’am, your boyfriend will drool over you tonight,” she said and I chuckled.


Oh really!


I’m anticipating for that to happen.


She led me to another clothes section and picked out a black long dress for me.


I collected the cloth from her and walked inside the changing room, after wearing it I stared at myself on the mirror.


It was beautiful, a black long dress with a little opening at the back and a big slit from the hem to the knee.


I looked absolutely f**kable in the dress.


I quickly changed back to what I was wearing earlier before walking out of the changing room.


I glanced at the price tag and chuckled.


“Wrap it up for me please,” I hand it over to her and walked to the male clothing section.


I was thinking of buying something for Chris.


I came across the ties rack.


I picked up a red tie and stared at it.


I pictured Chris wearing that tie for me.


I wrapped it up and also bought a cologne for him before leaving the mall.


I guess I’m so happy for this date.


The clock was slow the whole day which make me so frustrated.


By 7:00 I rushed inside my bathroom and took a long soft bath, then walk inside my closet to wear my cloth.


After wearing my cloth, I wore a nude heel and walked out of the closet.


I put the tie and cologne inside my bag and picked up my phone.



The time was already 8:00, looks like I worked with the time.


A message came in and I opened it.



I’m in your house baby girl


I giggled and hurriedly walk out of my room.


Who knows if dad or mom is here.


I climb downstairs and saw him talking to my parents.


“Wow! Arielle you look beautiful,” Mom cooed.


“Thanks Mommy,” I peck her cheek and turned to face Chris.


He was staring at me intently and I couldn’t help but blush.


“Chris here said that he is taking you out on a date,” dad said and I nodded.


“Are you two…..” He was cut off by Chris.


“Yes Mr Montgomery, we’re dating.”


“Okay then…take care of my sweetheart,” Dad said and Chris took my hand in his before leading me out of the house.


“You look so gorgeous tonight,” he whispered into my ear before opening the car door for me.


This is not the car he used to drive, this one looks bigger and more expensive than the roll Royce.


“Thank you,” I mumbled and got inside the car.


The drive was quiet as I keep looking out of the window.


I can feel his eyes on me throughout the ride but I kept quiet trying to fight my reddened cheek.


“Where are we going?” I asked, chewing on the inside of my cheek.


“You will see,” he said and winked at me.


I was never accustomed to surprises.


During my birthdays it has always been me choosing what I like.


No surprise birthday party or gift.


Now I think my life is somehow boring.


He grab my hand and squeezed it gently, as if he could read my thoughts.


“I’ve got you on this one,” he said and smirk.


To be honest that really did something to my core.


I’m dangerously falling in love with this man and the least thing I want now is getting hurt.


I don’t want to get hurt, I don’t ever want him to leave me even though we were just official two days ago.


The car stopped in front of a restaurant and I looked out.


“How….how did you?”


“Your friend told me,” he replied and got down from the car, he walk over to my side and opened the door.


This restaurant has been my favorite since childhood.


I always come here on a special day.


“Reservation? The waiter asked.


“Chris Macbeth,”


“Chris Macbeth, the table at the corner,” Chris led me to the table and get me to sit.


“Thank you,”



“Don’t be a cry baby now, i just want you to feel better tonight.” He said and smiled at me which I gladly returned.


“Your orders Sir,”


Chris and I picked the menu and glanced at it.


“Order for me,” I said, a mischievous smile playing on his Lip.


Oh goodness, what I want to do to that f**king lip.


I stared at his lip then at his perfectly shaped chest that was a little visible through the black suit he was wearing.


“Stop eye f**king me baby girl or I will really f**k you here,” he said and I quickly tore my eyes away.


That was so embarrassing!


“I got you something,” I bring out the things I got him and he looked at me with widened eyes.


“You shouldn’t have,”


“But I want to, I want you to wear this cologne from now on,” i whispered to him and he nodded.


“Playing the girlfriend role already,” he said and I smirked.


We fit perfectly.








(Worlds apart)




(That was hot!)








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