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Episode 15


*Arielle’s POV*


Please tell me I am seeing something else.


“How did you get inside my car?” I asked him with wide eyes.


“You don’t have to know Arielle, just drive the f**king car I’m hungry,” Ares snapped.


Yes, that’s one hell of a crazy brother.



I turned on the ignition and started driving out of the parking lot.


“Where were you all day?” He asked, focusing his gaze on me.


“With Tanya,” I replied, my eyes glued on the road.


“No you weren’t, during my lunch break I called her and you weren’t there. So where were you.” He asked, pointing an accusation finger on me.


“Yea whatever, I was with Chris,” I replied.


“Chris? Ari are you dating that guy?” He asked, concern laced on his voice.


“Yes we’re dating, he love me.” I snapped.


He was silent for a while then opened his mouth to speak again but closed it back.


“Okay then,” he mumbled and focused on his phone.


“Where is your car anyway?” I asked.


“Couldn’t drive this morning, I drove to work with Axel but he left after lunch break,” he said and I nodded.


My mind wandered off to Chris again, I wonder if he is through with the surgery yet.


Should I text him?


I don’t really know maybe that will be a distraction to him?


Even if he’s still in the operation theater he won’t be with his phone.


Not long later I drove inside the mansion and Ares quickly got out while I went and park my car at the parking lot.



After parking the car and I walked inside the house feeling so light headed like never before.


I smiled to myself for no reason.


The maids were secretly staring at me while I limped happily to the kitchen.


“Hey chef Rosy, what we have for lunch?” I asked smiling at her.


She looked at me and looked around nervously.


“Hmm I…I made chicken Alfredo and cheeseburger with steaks and fried rice. I’m sorry if you don’t like it young Miss, I’ll quickly make you your favorite,” she said.


Is this how scared they are?


Was i that mean to them?


I chuckled softly and shook my head.


“I love what you made, please serve it on the dinning table while I go wash up,” I said and turned around.


I heard her heaved a sigh of relieve.


I’m so damned.


After taking my bath I walk back downstairs wearing a red short floral dress.


“Please go and call Ares for me,” I said to one of the maid.


She nodded calmly.


I exhaled deeply and chuckled.


“You’re doing a great job Arielle Montgomery,” I muttered to myself.


I started biting on my steak while typing with Tanya on my phone.


I laughed at her crazy comment when I told her that I and Chris are now a thing.


*Good thing, you’ll be getting that hot doctor’s d”*k more often now*


Seriously I haven’t thought about s£x with Chris, I guess he wanna take things slow with me.


“Why are you smiling like a mad woman?” A voice asked, snapping me out of my lovey dovey fantasy.


Yea, it’s not a fantasy.


“Not your dumbass concern,” I snapped.


“Dad said that the two of us will be managing the affairs of the company for a week while he and Axel travel for a meeting in Mauritius,” i told Ares and he nodded while biting on the chicken Alfredo.


“He said you gon’ teach me some things,” I added and his eyes immediately darted up to mine.


“The f**k! I can’t stand your crazy ass,” he said .


“Well get ready to stand this crazy ass girl.” I said and winked at him while he faked a disgusted face.


After eating the food , Rosy came I cleared off the table.


School won’t be starting until two months, normally I used to travel across the country to spend my summer holiday but this year.


I guess I have a good reason not to go, someone whom in a short period of time already have so much impact in my life.


A good and naughty one at the same time.



My daddy Chris, the man whom I’ve come to love with everything I have.


He sure have changed me a lot.


“The f**k are you thinking about,smiling like a Lil kid?” Ares asked, his eyes glued to mine.


“None of your business,” I said with a smile.


Yea, my lips will surely stretch due to my new found smiles.


It’s weird to see me smiling at any little thing but what can I say?


I love it.


It’s now 7:45 and I’m on my bed awaiting his call.


Why haven’t he call me yet?


I closed my eyes and contemplate on either calling him or texting him.


I decided to call him.


I click on my contacts then searched his number ready to dial when Rihanna’s ‘Work’ started playing on my phone.


Chris was calling me, butterflies erupted from my stomach as I stared at my phone nervously.


I slide it to the green side and placed it on my ear.



Waiting for me to call? You didn’t waist time in picking at all,” he said and I gulped.


He sounded so….so enticing, f**king delicious.



No I wasn’t, just…. Whatever,” I said and heard him chuckled softly.


Our love was growing gradually.



How was the surgery?” I asked.


I know that it is fine, he is one of the best surgeon to ever walk on earth.








(Worlds apart)










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