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I ran my hand through my hair frustrated


How the hell did i allow this happen


Everything is just so messed up



I took my phone and starred at kira’s phone number i couldnt dial it


What will i say?that i want her back


I starred at my phone screen and finally found the courage to dail the number “Hi”i heard her tiny voice


“Hiii its Austin ” i said


“Yeah,i know “she replied with a chuckle “How is training going “i asked “Fine ,almost done”she replied


“Woah really”i half yelled but kept cool immediately “Ohh i see”i added


“how’s the kids and sylvia” she asked


“Fine Fine” i replied


“Cool ..i gat to go…bye”she said and ended the call before i could say another word


I walked to my kids room and they were still sleeping


My eyes roam arround the room and i remembered when kira came new She was really a pain in the neck



Mitchell birthday is this weekend ,,since am not use to throwing a party for her i will just take her shopping


But the greatest news right now is that sylvia is out of my life for good .







I’m now an chef


I could open any resturant if i want


Even if my dream was complete there was still something missing


I did skype with mitchell and she told me sylvia left


I wont lie i’m really happy


I came back into the city last night because mitchell birthday is today and i have a surprise for her


I entered the shopping mall and got a whole lot of stuffs I carried them to my car and drove to austin’s apartment


I stayed out till i saw austin drove out with the kids am sure his taking her shopping or something


I know how to open the gate and also have spare key to the apartment


I packed all the things i bought for her into the apartment and began setting it up


I build the princess castle i bought for her and also the tiara and her wand


She always wanted to be a princess and thats what am going to give to her



I dropped the massive cake and started working on the ballons and gifts It wasnt that easy at all i spent two houra working on it


I entered the kitchen and began baking cookies I no time i was done


the door bell rang and i went to open it


“Thanks for coming”i said to the kids i invited with their parents


Well lets just say ,,since i sometimes take the kids to school i got to meet some of her friends


So i was able to invite them


I mean we cant eat all the cake alone


Everthing was all set and i kinda praised my self for the decoration I heard austins car drove in


“They are here” i said and everyone hide behind the couch while i put off all the lights


They opened the door and entered it


“Daddy why is everywhere dark”mitchell asked


“Dont worry i will put it on” Austin said and turned on the light “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” we all yelled in union


i could see the shock and exictment written all over their face “Mommy” mitchell yelled and ran to me



I carried her up and hugged her tightly


“Happy birthday angel”i wisphered in her ears


I put her down as she ran to meet her frriends


“Stacy”i called and she kept jumping exictedly on seeing me I kissed her and pinched her cheeks as she giggled


i dropped her in the baby carrier as other kids ran to play with her “Austin” i called who has been starring at me for long


His face held no expression so i couldnt tell what he was thinking Before i knew it he hugged me tightly


“Thank you”he said and i smiled and hugged him back


I wore mitchell the princess gown i bought for her with her tiara She was so excited


We sang happy birthday song,cut the cake And took lots of pictures




“Thanks for coming ones again” I said to the parents as they said goodbye and left “Come let me take you guys to bed”i said and carried the kids to their room They ate too much



“promise you wont ever leave me again “mitchell said and i used the duvet to cover her


“I wont” i replied and she hugged


“I love you mom”she said ,pecked my cheeks and closed her eyes I kissed her forehead ,put off the lights and closed the door


I went downstairs and saw Austin packing up and arranging the place “Oh you are almost done” i said to him and he nodded


I joined him and in no time the whole place was in order We both collapsed on the floor exhausted


“Today was fun thanks to you” austin said and i smiled “your welcome ” replied back


There was an awkward silence between us ,,i turned to see he was starring at me “You look beautiful tonight”he said and i blushed


Since things was getting really awkward i stood up to go to my room when he dragged me back and our lips met


We kissed like our lives depends on it ,,we broke the kiss and starred into each others eyes


Our lips crashed and this time we were undressing each other “Wait stop” i half yelled


“I’m sorry we shouldnt” austin said



“Yeah we shouldnt do it here” i said and we both dragged each other into austins room still kissing


We collapsed on the bed and helped me remove my clothes


We were both unclad and as austin kept massaging my boobs and giving me soft kissed


He played with my V. before thrusting in


I felt a sharp pain cut through me as tears excapsed from the sides of my eyes


“Omg your a virgin”


“Omg i’m so sorry”


” i had no idea ”


I shut him up with a wet kiss and he began thrusting in gently before increasing his pace


We both moaned in pleasure as we both released at the same time ans collapsed on the bed exhausted


It was thw best moment of my life









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