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I believe this!


The little thing couldn’t even greet me!


I wonder what Kids of these days learn in school. I tried touching her and she ran off to the Nanny. Damnit!


Austin and the Nanny bursted into laughter…


I faked a smile so that Austin wouldn’t know I was angry with his daughter.


“How was school my dear?” I asked the Mitchell from afar.


“It was fine. Who are you and what are you doing in our house?” she asked pouting her mouth…


I can’t believe I’m answering a kid.


“I’m your Dad’s friend — Sylvia” I said.


“I don’t like you! Nanny Kira take us to our room” she said.


“Right away Ma’am” Kira said and giggled.


She took Austin’s kids and took them to their room.


I was still looking at the little things when Austin called my attention.


“Kids… T’ll take time” he said.



“Ofcourse. They’ve got an attitude like their handsome dad” I said and tickled him.


“Funny enough… I’ve got no attitude.” Austin said and giggled.


“Says who Mr. Austin?” I said biting my lips in a S£xy way moving closer to Austin.


“About the Chinese food?” he asked diverting the topic I knew he’d do that.


“Sure. I’m so hungry…” I said


“I’ll go and change to something better.” I said and left.


I’ll surely get him and for the Nanny… I’ll think of a way to deal with her.


Even if it means killing her.





I couldn’t control the laughter anymore.


Mitchell kept on disgracing her and I loved it.


That’s what she deserved.


I took them to their room and undressed them and minutes later, we headed to the dining.


I served the food and made them have their siesta.


I got to work and in few minutes I was done.




Where’s Austin and the new girl?


I searched everywhere but I couldn’t see them.


This girl’s really getting on my nerves.


I gave up on searching for them and decided to rest on the couch.


Few minutes later…


I jolted from the couch due to some noise I heard.


Could it thieves?


I ran to the kitchen and took the frying pan.


I ran and hid where no one could see me.


The noise got closer and it was Austin and Sylvia.


They were both drunk!


I can’t believe this.


I still needed to teach the Sylvia of a girl a lesson.


I ran and hit the frying pan on her closer continuously closing my eyes.


“Kira stop!” Austin yelled at me.


I stopped and opened my eyes slowly.


“I thought it was thieves” I said dropped the frying pan making sure it hit Sylvia on her foot.


She groaned in pains more.


“I.. I’m sorry for that” I said and took the frying pan and walked out.



She can’t just come up and take Austin away.


It’s impossible and I won’t allow that.




to be continue..








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