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“why are you freaking out it was just a kiss” I said to James.


“just a kiss?” he arched his brows at me. And I nod… And that could have been my first Kiss if he didn’t back away. But I did felt his lips on mine it was so soft. I smiled remembering that feeling,


“why are you smiling, you think what you did was funny!?” Kaden barked and I turned to him, I almost forgot this douchebag is still here.. I stood up and walked up to him. “what I did didn’t seem funny cause it came from my heart, and I don’t know what your problem is cause James’s not your boyfriend or anything, and I don’t know why you’re being jealous now we’re together, cause you should look at your face now it holds the features of jealousy, so step aside you gay, If you have feelings for James crush it cause I have a feeling you do, which is disgusting, and James is mine and trust me I get what I want” I whispered the last path to him



about to walk away when he pulled me back with anger and slammed my back to the wall which hurt.


“Kaden!” James called standing up.


“stay out of this Kaden, it’s me and Sam on this one” he said coming closer to me. “what the hell, are you crazy, you want to take it down with a girl” james said and walked in front of me.


“I said step aside” Kaden warned angrily.


“I’m not moving an inch,” James said and folded his arm, oh he’s my knight in shining armor or a red jersey or any way he’s cute he’s fighting for me. I couldn’t be less proud, I moved closer to him and stood behind him.


“then I’ll just take it out on you both!” Kaden said and James scoffed. “you’re


crazier than I thought Kaden! Are you mad she called you gay, are you gay?”


James asked and Kaden’s eyed widen.


“what th–


“you’re not so stop acting like one” James interrupted him.


“or perhaps, do you have feelings for me?” James asked like he’s going to throw up.


“I don’t!” Kaden said and looked down with a sigh.. “then don’t act like a crazy person in front of us” James said and Kaden looked up immediately “I’m just looking out for you” he said.


“looking out for me? Kaden, I’m supposed to be looking out for you, the oldest


watches the youngest. If James is older than Kaden, then Kaden got matured pretty


fast and maybe James is a late bloomer.




“but what?” James barked. And Kaden glared at me before turning his eyes back to James.


“really? You’re willing to choose that path?” Kaden asked.


“It’s never a crime to like someone” James smirked.


“okay, then just do whatever you want, I won’t stop you” Kaden said and walked out of the gym.


James released his folded arms and sighed sadly, he just quarreled with Kaden, his best friend which is sad for him, but a good thing for me. “James are you okay?” I asked lowly.


“yeah I’m fine” he smiled. . Tiana suddenly walked up to us and sat down on the floor and I refrained myself from asking James what I wanted to ask.


coach Rick, stop made the student play that stupid game even after a thousands of us had loose. our team was remaining only victoria and Molly, and Tracey was



sitting beside me. James remained quiet until the bell was rung for break and coach Rick had to stop everyone from playing the game and we all went back to the changing room to change.


Molly, Victoria, Tracey and I went to the cafeteria, ordered for our food and went to sit on our special table. Tracey, molly and Victoria were having a conversation which I wasn’t interested in cause I was busy staring at James who was having a conversation with Lucas and Jerold. Kaden hasn’t been found ever since the ‘thing’ in the gym class


But suddenly Kaden walked up to them and sat down opposite James and he started to talk to them and I suddenly wish I could hear what’s he’s saying or use a binocular to read his lips.


“earth to Samantha!!” Tracey said and I turned to her. “what?” I asked.


“your food’s getting cold, you’ve not even picked up your spoon” she said and I sighed “I’m not hungry”.


“why wouldn’t you be, and why do you keep saying on them!” Tracey asked renewing to James and company.


“cause I need to know what they’re talking about” I said truthfully.


“really? Why?” Victoria chipped in. And I glance left and right before turning back to her and in a low tone I said.. “I think Kaden has feelings for James”. “okay, that is possible” Victoria said not showing any sign of surprised of shock. “eww that is gross, how would a boy have feelings for another boy?” I asked squeezing my face.


“it could happen” Molly said,


“that’s gross, aren’t you guys hearing yourselves??” I asked irritated. But Tracey just sighed.


“and what made you think Kaden likes James?” Tracey asked.


“cause he’s acting strange whenever James and I are together, and he almost killed me when I kissed James today. Well almost kissed James” I said and the three of them gasped.


“you kissed James?” molly and Victoria asked at the same time.


“almost” I replied with a grin.


“and what did Kaden do about that?” Tracey asked with no emotion in her voice. “he slammed me to the wall and if it wasn’t for James I would have been crushed and then James defended me and asked him if he actually has feeling for him but he said no that he doesn’t and asked James if he’s really choosing this path and James said its not a crime to like someone and hell, I don’t know what they meant about that” I said breathlessly


“well Kaden’s pretty o–


“I have to go to the restroom” Tracey said, got up and walked away.


“poor Tracey, she’s hurt” Victoria mumbled.


“what’s wrong?” I asked looking at molly and Victoria.


“her term of restroom is to go in there and flush away her sadness. Cause you know she likes Kaden” molly said.


“what? She’s just going in there to like cry or something and none of you guys are


going to do anything about it?” I asked.


“what can we do?” Victoria asked.


“console her! And why would she trap her feelings like that when she has the liberty to tell Kaden or anyone how she feels” I said boldly and stood up. “where are You going?” Tori asked.


“to meet Tracey” I replied before walking away, I glanced at James before walking out of the cafeteria who also threw a flirting glance at me.


I got to the girls bathroom and walked in, and I saw Tracey looking at the huge bathroom wall mirror and I walked behind her. “really?” I said and folded my arms.


“what are you doing here?” she trembled


“you heard about Kaden one sided crush for James and you’re here sobbing it out on the mirror” I stated and she rolled her eyes “I’m not crying”. “but it looks like you’re about to” I said and moved closer to her.


“look into the mirror Tracey” I tell her and she raised her head up.


“what do you see?” I asked.. “us” she replied and I nod.


“yeah, you see two beautiful girls named Tracey and Samantha. And that Tracey Is so beautiful that no matter who she tells she likes will also like her back” I said and she laughed. But paused


“wait, you want me to confess to Kaden” she asked turning to me.


“that’s right..”


“are you crazy?? I can’t!!” she barked.


“first of all, don’t call me crazy and second of all you can and you’re both humans and I don’t see anything wrong with you telling him how you feel” I half yelled. “didn’t you see how I did with James” I added.


“I’m not you, and you’re not me. I don’t have that thing you have that made you say


out your feelings like that” Tracey said


“you mean courage??” I stated boastfully.



“yeah, that I don’t have the courage like you, now just let me be and let my feeling’s stay frozen and hidden” she said and I sighed. “no, not on my watch!” I said.


“you love that boy, you tell that boy” I said and glared at her.


“you’re pretty stubborn for a friend” Tracey said dryly.


“and you’re to boring for a friend” I said and she rolled her eyes.


“look there’s nothing to be afraid of. You’re Tracey anyone would love you, and you’re the one who explained love to me, so don’t give up on it” I explained and she quickly land on my body giving me a hug


“thank you sam” she sniffed. And I rubbed her back. “it’s nothing” I smiled.


We both walked out of the bathroom and head back to the cafeteria. “I didn’t know you’d be so consoling” Tracey sighed as we got close to the cafeteria.


“I’m full of wonders” I winked at her and she rolled her eyes.


We walked in the cafeteria and I couldn’t find Kaden and James on their seats only Lucas and Jerold.. Tracey Walked to ‘our’ seat and bexpjnedume to come over but I ignored her and continued to look for my James and stupid Kaden.


Suddenly someone held my arm which made me turn to see Kaden. “what the hell, let go of me or I’m gonna screa–


“can I talk to you…. Please” he said calmly. And I looked at him strangely


“where’s James?” I asked.


“I don’t know” he replied.


“really?” I arched my brows.


“yeah, i left the cafeteria before him!” Kaden half yelled and I sighed.


“okay so what do you want to talk about?” I asked slowly slipping my arm from his grip, but he got a hold of it and pulled me to a corner.


“first of all, don’t! You! Ever! Drag! Push! Or pull me” I warmed and he sighed. “yeah sure whatever. I didn’t intend to, I just want to tell you that I’m sorry..sorry for everything, how I’ve been mean to you.. I’m really sorry, I don’t have anything against you okay!” he said and I moved closer to him.


“what made you suddenly apologize, is it because James gave you a taste of your own medicine?” I asked with a tone of humour in my voice and he glared at me a bit but then sighed.


“it’s because I’ve been a total psychopath around you” he replied.. “no kidding” I laughed.


“so I’m sorry!, it’s not too late to be friends right?” he asked. And I gaze at him. “friends?” he asked and moved his hand for me to shake. I glance at his hand then at his face.



“you might have apologized and I might have accepted your apology but I still don’t like you” I narrowed my eyes. “whatever I’ve apologized too, I don’t like you either” he said and I walked away. “I apologized okay!” he yelled behind me.


I went back to our table and just as I was about to touch my food, we heard the bell. If my mom finds out I skipped a meal, I’m dead.


Still I didn’t eat my food and I went back to class with Tracey, molly and Victoria. But molly went to her own class. We had literature, history and biology before school was over. We didn’t have drama class today cause Mr Valentine’s a little sick so he canceled it. As James walked to the gate with Kaden and his friends I hurried to them.


“James!” I called and they all turned. “And I believed I called only James” I tell them and they laughed except Kaden.


“what?” James asked narrowing his eyes cause the sun was unbearable.


“we promised to meet at your house tomorrow and I still haven’t gotten your address” I said bringing out my phone. “meet for what?” Kaden ask.


“our history project” I primed. “oh i forgot about that” Kaden said.


“here type in your address and I’m gonna find it with my map” I said giving James my phone.


“a map? My house’s not that fat from school” James said typing his address in my phone.


“don’t care, just expect me by 1pm.. I’ve finished my book, have you started” I asked taking my phone from him.


“what book?” James asked. And I gasped


“man and space!! The one we’re reading for our history project” I yelled and he laughed.


“I’m sorry I’m just teasing you, I’ve read up to twelve chapters, it’s pretty addictive” he said and I breathed out a sigh of relief.


“any way I’ll be at your place tomorrow, your expectations of me should be high


okay?” I said and he nod.


“can I join?” Kaden asked.


“NO” I said and he rolled his eyes. “you’ve gotten Your Own partner” I added and turned to James.


“see you tomorrow?” I winked at him before walking away..


“somebody’s gotta tell her” I heard Lucas voice said.


“shut up Luke” James said And I suddenly turned.



“tell me what?” I yelled, so they could hear me cause I’m a bit far away from them.


“uh.. That you’re pretty” Lucas grinned


“uh sorry I’m already taken” I smiled.


“by who?” Jerold laughed.


“him” I pointed to James and he smiled. Before I walked out of the gate and got


into the car and Evans drove me home.









(being perfect)


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