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The annoying girl was still standing in front of me and I couldn’t help but look at her again before saying.


“hey, you don’t own this seat, first come first serve, and you standing in front of me is disturbing so please leave!” I said to her and she was about to say something when one of her friends or whatever I would call her stepped in front of her.


“I guess you must be a newbie, since you’re acting so low and stupid” the girl say and my eyes immediately pierced hers.


“what did you call me?” I asked angrily standing up. She seemed mute for a while not wanting to repeat what she called me even though I heard it clearly, some people say I look very intimidating and I love that about me. “she said you look stupid and–



“what’s going on here?” a deep masculine voice stopped the girl from saying another word and we both turned to the door to see a middle aged man walked in. “Mr Thomas”.., the girl who came in front me first. called him and walked in front of him, “this girl… I don’t know who she is, but she just barged in and sat down on my seat and when I asked her to stand up.. politely, she ignored me and then said I should get lost” the girl explained to the man and his eyes dart at me and he suddenly looked at the paper in his hand then at me.. “you must be Samantha kress” he said and I nod and folded my arms.


(Join Group) He sighed and walked up to me.


“I’m Mr Thomas, your homeroom teacher,” he smiled and offered his hand for a shake but I ignored him and he brought it down.


“okay, no shaking of hands then, the principal told me about you and on your first day, you shouldn’t cause troubles, look at whole class staring at you?” he said and I looked back to see the class staring at me but I rolled my eyes at them “I don’t care” I tell him and he shook his head negatively.


“this here is the class president, Tiana, and you’re on her seat and when she asked you stand up from her seat you do, cause it’s hers, please be a little understanding okay?” Mr Thomas said and I scoffed.


“uh.. Nope. I came here first and I’m not standing up, no-one’s making me” I said and sat down back and the girl turned to mr Thomas giving him a sad face.


“as the class president, just let her be and… Show how her independent and smart you can be and take another seat okay?” the man said and she sighed and walked to another seat.


She wishes she’s more smarter or more independent than me.


“and you?” Mr Thomas turned his attention to me and I looked at him.


“for Christ’s sake it’s your first day and I wouldn’t want you to cause any trouble


okay?” Mr Thomas said


“yeah, sure” I mumbled


“I was about to introduce you to the class but seems like you’ve already introduce yourself ,the whole class is talking about you” he said and I looked at the people around me to see them murmuring something among themselves.


I ignored them and turned back to mr Thomas, “I don’t care, let them talk about me” I said, at least that would make me popular.


“okay then, suit yourself” Mr Thomas smiled before walking out.


“bitch” I heard someone mumbled beside me and I turned to see the stupid girl who was helping the class president. “stop saying rubbish and mind your dumb


business, I don’t have to loose another saliva to say something to a dumb headed


low class girl like you” I said and turned back to my book, this people are just


making me loose interest in my book.


What the hell.


The girl who I insulted suddenly burst into tears and I sighed, that’s what she gets for calling me bitch..


“Samantha kress?” someone called my name from the door and I turned to see a girl, short hair, big brown eyes and a school bag on her hand she looks confused looking around the class.. Someone tapped her and pointed to me and her eyes dart to me and I raised my brows at her, she suddenly wore a smile and walked up to me.


“hi..” she waved “I’m Tracey, Tracey Jim.. I was assigned to be your tour guide of the school by the principal and we have like thirty minutes for me to show you around the school” she said glancing at her watch.


“uh.. Thanks I don’t need a tour guide I have a map on my phone” I said showing her my phone.


“your phone can tell you where the school cafeteria, basketball or football court is but won’t tell you when or where we won the school trophies, when the school was founded or all the histories of the school…. And my grade’s going up if I


successfully give you a tour guide so please??…” she said and tilt her head while I stood up, she’s right.. I do need to Know about the school if I want to be the school’s queen bee.


“fine” I said and closed the book I’ve been reading.


“Yay.. Wait.. Isn’t this Tiana, the class president’s seat” Stacey or whatever her name is asked and I rolled my eyes.


“I overtook this seat and don’t ask anymore questions cause you’re wasting both our times” I said and she apologized.


“just let me drop my bag I sit at the back of the class” she said and I nod. She dropped her backpack and before I knew it we were out of the class. Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories




“this is the gym, we come here every Wednesday for exercise sometimes, basketball, cheerleaders practice, or sometimes football when it’s raining outside” Stacey explained and I nod.



“and this is the cafeteria” she said when we got to the cafeteria and it was wide, very wide that I smiled at it. She showed me so many things, where the drama club is, the ballet class and so much more.


“so Stacey.. It’s a must that we must all get an after school activity what’s yours?” I asked


“uhm.. First, my name’s Tracey, not Stacey..”


“what’s the difference” I scoffed.


“there’s a difference and am at the drama club, half of the school is at the drama club, mostly guys cause music’s not their stuff and so is ballet” she explained and I nod.


“good thing I joined the drama class” I primped..


“yeah, good for you” Tracey smiled.


“looks like I’ve showed you everything you need to know about the school, how about we head back to class” she said and intertwined her hand with mine.


“eww.. Don’t hold me until I tell you to, I don’t like people touching me” I said and slid my hand out of hers.


“sorry, I was just being friendly, hope you don’t have mysophobia” she laughed. “I’m planing on developing one soon, if you act like that often” I said and she frowned.


“have anyone told you how rude you are” she stated.


“heard it a dozen times but still don’t care”


“well it’s not nice for a girl to be rude, it brings an ugly side of her that she doesn’t have” Tracey said and I laughed.


“I don’t have an ugly side and I would never have one, just so you know” I tell her and she shrugged.


“believe whatever you want but don’t say I didn’t warn you”.. She said and I briefly glared at her for that.


“anyway, let’s just get to class” I said and immediately we heard the bell ring. “wow it seemed like you had magic in your tongue” she laughed and we both start to head to class.


We got to the grade eleven hallway almost getting to our class when a boy suddenly ran past and bumped into me and Tracey, falling Tracey to the ground. “you nincompoop!!” I yelled and my voice echoed in the hallway and the boy stopped on his tracks.


I helped Tracey up and she thanked me.


“are you blind?” I tell the boy as he walked up to us. “I’m sorry” the boy said plainly.


“you’re sorry!! Sorry doesn’t fix wha–


“okay look I don’t know what the f**k your problem is cause I pushed Tracey to the floor, and not you so f**k off” he interrupted me and turned to Tracey. “Trace.. I’m sorry, okay? The guys are after me and I have to get to class before them, I’m sorry I pushed you to the floor.”


“it’s okay” Tracey said with a soft voice looking down shyly.. What the..


“okay, thanks for understanding” the boy said to Tracey and glared at me before walking away.


“seriously Tracey, you’re just going to forgive him like that?? Are you kidding me??” I yell at Tracey and she used her palm to cover my mouth.


“please don’t yell, ” she begged and I angrily yanked her hand away from my mouth


“why would you let him go that easily” I said and she sighed.


“that’s Kaden, and I kind of… Have a crush on him, I don’t want him to hate me” she rushed her words and I fold my arms.


“you have a crush on that juvenile delinquent boy, playing like a nine years old in the hallway?” I laughed.


“okay, can you shut the hell up and don’t say one word about Kaden like that” Tracey snapped. And I flinched.


“I say whatever I want to say about anyone” I snapped back.


“well but not Kaden, he’s not like that, the way you see him, he’s really nice caring and charming” Tracey explained daydreaming about him.


“I don’t understand how you girls fall in love with guys so easily, love is just a word that carries a lot of captivating and magical words but doesn’t mean anything, what someone need in life is a good career, marry for companionship and have kids, there’s no love” I tell her and she blinked rapidly. “have you ever fall in love before?” Tracey asked.


“yuck. Why do you ask?” I rolled my eyes


“cause you’ll totally take back what you say when you fall in love” Tracey stated and I smiled “sure”.


“I’m serious” she said and I rolled my eyes.


“aren’t you tired of talking, let’s go back to class,” I said and pulled her hand and we start to walk together.


“so you can touch me, but somehow I can’t touch you” she said sarcastically and we were about to enter the class.


“yep that’s how it goes.” I smiled and she rolled my eyes.



“class will be starting soon, I’ll go to my seat then.” Tracey said as I sat down. “yeah, thanks for the tour guide of the school” I said and she smiled. “it was no biggie.” .. She walked back to her sit and I smiled.. among all the people u have encountered with today she’s the most less annoying..


I glanced at my side to see the Kaden guy, flirting with Tracey at a corner and it almost made me pass out. Teenage love is a waste of time.


Just then four groups of boys walked in the class and I heard voices calling them. “where the hell did you guys went to?” it was Kaden’s voice and he rushed to meet them.


“since you were being all playful. We had to leave you” one of the boys said to Kaden and he turned to one of the boys who stood behind the other three, I couldn’t see his face clearly cause all the guys were standing in Front of him.


“even you James!!” Kaden said to the boy who’s being covered by everyone and they laughed and started to walk to their seat which was at the back, as expected. And then I saw “his” face.. The one called James, he would be a lot taller than me if we stood together but amongst his friends, he’s the shortest.


He was skinny and not muscly like his friends, and he had a golden brown hair that moved back on his head. His uniform was a bit loose, but it suit him and worst of all he doesn’t look masculine at all, he was stunning like I haven’t seen any boy as beautiful as him and I found myself looking at me as we walked to his seat.. His lashed were dangling and they’re way longer than mine, his lips were full and pink,.. Too pink.. And his eyes were big bright and what made it more beautiful was the way his eyes looked misty and how his long lashes looks wet on top of it. I watched him as he sat on his seat beside Kaden and they both start to talk about something, Kaden looked up and saw me staring at them and he glared at me and I gave him a bigger horrible glare. James looked at Kaden and then his eyes dart to me and I quickly turned away.


But stopped myself. Why the hell did I turn my face away, I don’t get shy or blown away by people, they get shy or blown away by me. I turned back to look at James but he was already in a deep conversation with Kaden and it seems like they were talking about me. Cause Kaden kept glancing at me.


I know he’s going to say a lot of things that aren’t true about me.


I stood up from my seat, adjusted my skirt and walked up to the both of them ‘James’ and Kaden. And immediately they saw me coming to them they kept quiet. “hi.” I smiled at James.



“I’m Samantha kress, it’s my first day here and I hope we can be friends” I said and brought my hand out for a shake, he didn’t want to shake me but Kaden nudged him and he shook my hand.


“sure, I hope we can be friends” James said, and surprisingly his voice wasn’t thick and husky like the rest of his friends but clear, and Loud.


“you’re lucky, I want to be your friend, I don’t make friend that easily, I choose my friends who are up to my standard” I said to James and he nods and turned to Kaden, who murmured “I told you” to him,.. “you told him what?” I asked demanding


“I told him that whatever I say to anyone is none of your business” Kaden said standing up and his height overshadowed mine.


“you’re just angry cause I don’t want to be your friend, don’t sweat it cause even in the next life we would never know each other” I said and walked away angrily, making Kaden and Jame’s friend rush to them to ask them what just happened. *


We had our first subject that day and I answered all the questions, it’s not my fault for being so smart. I answerd All questions that day and Tiana managed to answer just one which made me glared at her then, but aside from that I answered all, and I could tell all the teachers liked me.


They rang the bell for break and everyone starts to head out in troops to the cafeteria, I stood up from my seat with my phone in my hand and walked to the back seat, to meet “james” ..i got there and met his whole friends surrounding him and seeing me they all turned to me.


“if it isn’t Samantha kress, the smartest girl in Class” one of the guys with black hair said smiling at me.. I am indeed the smartest.


“what are you doing here?” Kaden snarled and I glared at him.


“I’m not here for you, you delinquent. I’m here for James.” I snapped and turned to james.


“you’re eating lunch with me or not?” I reprimanded and James looked at me surprisingly


“are you asking me out for lunch?” he asked with his non masculine voice.


“what do you think? Don’t you feel lucky?” I smiled.


“well, where I come from, that’s not how someone asked ‘someone’ out for lunch, you have to be polite” James said and I gasped.


“I am polite, and you should be happy someone like me asked you out for lunch!” I yelled and his friends all laughed expect him.



“really? You calling yourself polite means you’re rotten to the core” Kaden said and I was about to give him a word of bitterness when Tracey suddenly held my hand.


“she is actually polite Kaden, it’s just because you haven’t seen that side of her” Tracey smiled and Kaden rolled his eyes.


“and James, what she meant was that if you’re free to have lunch with her this afternoon” Tracey said to james and he smiled at her, and then turned to me. “maybe another day I’m less free today” he said and Tracey nodded, instead of me. He just rejected my offer,!!.


Tracey pulled me away from the boys and let go of my hand when we walked out of the class


“what do you think you’re doing” she said..


“what do you mean?” I returned the question.


“you’re not being nice to anyone and that’s not how you ask someone to eat lunch with you” Tracey stated.


“like you know any better”.. I rolled my eyes “I like James and I just want him to eat lunch with me I don’t see anything wrong with that, what’s your problem” I stated and Tracey sighed and pulled my hand, so I could walk with her. .







(Being Perfect




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