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She smiled at her friend who had come to visit her two days later. Kendra didn’t know why she felt so glad having her friend with her than actually having her husband with her. And Aliyah looked better in just four days. Marriage was really doing her well. She smiled up at her whenever she said something about her husband and how wonderful a man he is. Again she reminded herself no to wish at all. The same way she had said his wonderful her husband was then too. Not that



she wished her friend any I’ll luck in marriage. In fact she would never wish her enemy any ill luck like hers.


“So, I was thinking about the mall. Are you going with me?” “What do you want to do at the mall?”


Kendra asked


Aliyah shrugged. “Just to buy a little thing. I need new clothes. U know those s£xy clothes that can confuse your husband. I need you to come with me since you’ve been there, so you’ll know the ones that can pull his brains out.”


Kendra was laughing out loud. “Come on, Aliyah. Its not that hard to pick.” “I know but I want you to be my eyes there. You can always tell the s£xy ones from the nunish ones.”


“Okay I’ll come with you, but you know I have to leave early.”


“Yeah, I know. But this time I’m sure Connor will understand if you come home late. He loves you.”


Kendra looked up at her as if she didn’t understand the word love. In fact she didn’t understand that word. As of three Years ago, she had thought she knew word only to be thought that she didn’t know the meaning at all. If what her friend had was love, then what did she have…or thought she had with Connor. She smiled ruefully at her friend.


They left for the mall at exactly 5pm and being the kind of person, Aliyah was she always wasted time because she wanted the best thing to buy. They were at the cloth section, when Aliyah tried on a lingerie making s£xy sounds as she showed Kendra the look on her.Kendra laughed out loud and Aliyah finally picked the ones she wanted but as she was the shopping princess, had decided to buy more clothes for herself.


“Come on,Aliyah. You have thousands of clothes.” “I need new ones. Come on. I won’t take long.” Aliyah said and Kendra looked at her wrist watch.


“That’s what you said like two hours ago. Its seven already.” “Come on.”


Aliyah didn’t even wait for her reply and she rushed to a rack where she saw one she liked and went in to try it on. Kendra was busying herself with feeling her eyes with the gowns she saw when she heard someone say behind her.


“Hello, lady.”


She looked up with a start and nearly stepped into him while trying to turn around. His hands rested on her waist, trying to balance her and stop her from falling. She blinked from the shock and saw Alex. He smiled at her with his hands still on her



waist. The image would have passed for kissing lovers and she gulped. She looked at him




She said and turned around to study the clothes. Not that she was really studying them. Her attention was fully on the man still standing close behind her.

“That dress won’t look good on you.”.


He said. She stopped at first then moved forward and picked another one. ” That one won’t look good either.”


She turned at him sharply and glared angrily at him.


“What do you want?”


She said.


He smiled.


“Easy. I didn’t come to look for you, princess.” “Then, go.”


She was looking around in case her alien of a husband materialised from somewhere. What kind of a palava is this fine? She thought.


“I’m here with my sister. She came to shop too. So I was wondering. I didn’t get


your name earlier.”


“You don’t need it.”


He smirked. “Why? Are you a ghost?”


She looked at him, then smiled.




Today he was probably going to see an angel in his dream tonight, Alex thought. She smiled. Why was it that ladies who rarely smiled had a wonderful smile? He hadn’t expected the statement to cause her to smile but she did. The rude lady smiled.


He relaxed and smiled as well.


“So you do smile?”


He said. Oops. Wrong choice of words. the smile left as easily as it came. She turned around and picked another dress, trying out its texture. He wanted to understand this lady. Was she really this rude or what?


She kept with what she was doing as if he wasn’t there and then he felt the urge to hold her waist and kiss that smooth skin behind her exposed neck. Something with the way she spoke to him pulled him to her. She always acted tough around him like she had the power to slap him and he would do nothing about it. But then whenever she looked at him he saw something else in her eyes. Something akin to



sadness…bitterness. But why would a woman this comfortable be sad? And her strange bravado intrigued him. She picked up a light pink dress.


“That looks perfect.”


She turned sharply at him as if she was just finding out that he was still there. “Jesus. What is your problem? What do you want?” He shrugged. “Just your name.”


“That’s very absurd for you to still be following me like this.” He grinned. “What do you think I want? To get into your pants?”

She gasped and pulled her fingers together into a tight fist, glaring angrily at him.


He chuckled.


“Get. Out.Of here.”


“I just told you I came with my sister.”


He looked around him.


“She’s around here somewhere. I don’t know.” “Get away from me. Now.”


She said and he stepped forwards and she moved backwards. She felt the clothe


rack against her back and knew that if she stepped back again she could probably


embarrass herself by falling on her butt.




Kendra could feel him moving closer to her and she moved back. What the hell was this guy looking for? Was he an agent from hell to ruin her night.


“Stop.”. She said.


” You know as much as I would love to kiss you right now, I still want your name.”


“Kendra.” She didn’t even know when the words came out of her mouth and he smiled.




He said as if in a whisper.




Someone shouted from behind her and she turned around and blanched.


“Connor.”. She said.




Alex looked from her to the guy he had seen at the wedding that day. Connor. She looked like she had seen the devil and he was confused. If this man was her husband then why was she looking at him like she would pee in her pants any minute? The man in question looked from him to Kendra like he would kill her



right there and no one would do anything about it. He walked up to them and smiled. Alex looked at him.


Oh really. He thought. That smile was fake and even a fool could see it. He saw his hands move to his wife’s waist pulling her to him. She moved like a dummy. And if he could guess right, he knew her heart was beating. Odd.


” Hello.”


The man said to Alex,smiling.. Kendra seemed to have practiced her composure because she forced a smile at Alex too. That’s your mask right?


He thought.


“Honey, you remember the guy from the wedding, right?”


Connor smiled at her too. The both of them didn’t know how silly they looked with this act.


“Alex. Meet my husband, Connor.”. Alex extended his hand for a shake and Connor grabbed it like a robot.


Aliyah found that chance to come into the picture.


” Oh, hello,Connor.”


She said.


“I didn’t know you were here too.”


She looked at Alex and smiled.


“Alex? Did you know Connor?”


Alex smiled.


“No, I just met him now.”


“I was having a business meeting with someone at the restaurant close by when I saw my wife. I thought I should come in and pick her up.”


Connor said. Aliyah smiled


“Oh. that’s sweet of you. Kendra and I were just shopping. But its okay if you want to leave with her.”


No….No…Kendra could shout it out loud but her mouth remained sealed. She smiled up at Aliyah.


“Oh bit Aliyah wanted me to help.her pick some.clothes,right?” She said to her friend who laughed.


“Oh no. Since your husband is here I don’t mind anymore.”


Aliyah said. Alex saw Kendra give her friend a facial message but Aliyah was.looking confused at her.


Connor spoke first.


“Alex.Its good to meet you.” He looked at his wife and smiled.


“Sweetheart, can we leave now..”


He said and Kendra just looked at him like someone who had selective amnesia. As if she couldn’t even recall who he was any more. Connor didn’t wait for her to reply and he guarded her to the exit. Alex watched them. For someone who made everyone feel like she was the brave hearted and strong willed, to her husband she acted like a puppet. she was scared of him but yet she lived to show brave.


He felt sorry for her and yet he still felt that he liked her the more….


To Be Continued….









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