Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

(Ready to fight)




“Jug , jug” One of the bodyguards of the handsome man said.

I haven’t even known the handsome man’s name yet , I hope I find out soon.


As soon as I was driven to his house , without letting me enter the room, I was taking to a very large field at the backyard If the house and the two bodyguards stood before me jugging and commanding me to do the same.


I start to jug and really; I was enjoying it just that I can never defear these two men at once. Never!


“Your hands sideways ” The shorter one said and I obliged as I jog


After series of press-ups , I wasn’t tired actually but it seems they thought I was.


“I think you should rest” The taller one said and I nodded and pretend to be tired also.


I sat at the floor levelled with grass and they did the same.


“Boss said your name is Jessica , right? ” The taller one asked and I nodded.




He shot me a pathetic look and looked at his friend. They both shook their head.


I wonder why they are feeling sorry for me.


“Well,I’m Ronald , my friend here is Ryan” The taller one said and I nodded.


‘Nice meeting you” I said feeling a bit free for the first time after five years.


“You see, I feel sorry for you that you will die after eight hours, if we did not defeat you, I did not know what boss may do to us ” Ronald said.


“Let the training continue ,I’ve always believed in myself and my strength. I may be a lady , but I’m capable. I’m strong. I’ve gone through hell in my uncle’s place yet I chose not to give up , I can’t give up here also” I said boldly and they chuckled sarcastically at the same time.


“Funny you , Jessica. Firstly , you did not expect us to teach all you need to know , secondly ,it’s impossible for you to learn and master all fighting skills in just eight hours. Whatever you are visualizing might only happen in dream because we will beat you hands down ” Ronald said.



“Did you even know that the two of us will be fighting with you at the same time, start preparing for your death , Jessica ” Ryan added and I stood suddenly.


“Can I have your phone?” I asked Ryan and he looked at Ronald first before giving me.


I collected it and walked few distance from them , they know fully well that I dare not try to run away lest they pull a bullet to my head because they are always with gun.


They continued chatting while I browsed ‘how to fight well’ on google. I squatted to the floor for three hours learning all the theoretical aspect of ‘how to fight well’ on Google as much as I can.


One special gift I have since I was young is the ability to learn as fast as I can.


I had read as many articles as possible on google.


I then opened the YouTube application and began to download videos that teaches how to fight. I began to practice for another two hours while Ronald and Ryan just kept watching me dramatically.


They do not even bother teaching me anything again , they were just watching my act that they thought was foolish but to me ,it’s wise.


I start to practice as I watch the YouTube videos I will watch the videos for minutes , then practice. I had learnt many fighting tactics but then , I realized that I had not learnt the use of gun.


When the handsome man was talking , he said they live by this and he raised the gun , which implies: he meant, they live by the gun.


I wonder what he really meant by that , he even said they can die anytime.


Oh my days! Handsome men hardly exist this days , how can anyone kill that very handsome man , never!


I began to practice , when it was one hour left to complete eight hours,Ronald and Ryan walked to me


“Let’s do the training , even though whatever training we do now is just formality but let’s do it still anyways. ” Ronald said and I smirked.


I would have said I’m no more interested but I do not want to prove ‘I too know’


“Okay” I said and they began to teach me reluctantly where as , I was watching their fighting skills.


At exactly eight hours, a bell rang and a car drove in. A man stepped down , oh my! It’s that handsome man.


How in the world can someone be this beautiful? How? I ask how?


No one to answer me , though. I’m just being so inquisitive ,he’s just so alluring. If he kiss any lady ,I’m sure that lady will faints as a result of shock and pleasure.


Aw! See his lips! so so s£xy


“The bell has rang ,right hours has clocked” He said and leaned to his very exorbitant car.


“Fight” He said and held his gun by the right hand as if ready to shoot any time.




Ronald and Ryan stood in their fighting position before me while I courageously maintain my fighting position ready to fight them.


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