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“Don’t give me that look guys.. There’s a first time for everything”Ema defended and ran upstairs towards her room…


“This is surprising”Livia whispered and I nod..


“Maybe, because she’s the only responsible we’ve gat so far”i said and my wife laughed at my comment..


“Zak!! All our kids are responsible in their own way”


“If they were, they would be sitting beside me, giving me a brilliant idea on how to eliminate Eliska without a trace”I raised my voice but Livia covered my mouth with her hand…


“Keep your voice down”she whispered and I pulled her hands off my mouth.. “No child of mine will have the guts to sell me out.. I will go to any length, using any possible measure to eliminate Eliska…”I shouted as I shove the table away from me standing to my feet, I spun around but halted as I saw Racquelita… How the hell did Racquelita get here???




When I arrived at my brother-inlaw’s mansion..


I heard his voice, he sounded angrily..



So plugged my earphone and placed it on my ear as I walked inside, opening the door quietly with my spare key, with my driver walking silently behind me.. I halted as I listened to his conversation..


“Zak!! All our kids are responsible in their own way”Livia spoke up and I scoffed




Responsible my ass..


“If they were, they would be sitting beside me, giving me a brilliant idea on how to eliminate Eliska without a trace” Zak raised his voice but Livia covered his mouth with her hand…


She’s always a cunning bitch..


“Keep your voice down”she whispered but zak pulled her hands him angrily.. “No child of mine will have the guts to sell me out.. I will go to any length, using any possible measure to eliminate Eliska…”he shouted as he shove the table away from him standing up to his feet, he spuned around but halted as he saw me…. Good thing Mark is on the call..


I fixed my gaze straight staring at him.. Nodding my head slowly..


He looked at me in awe and I smiled within me..


“Thank you Ted.. I’ll get back to you later”I spoke up after a long minutes of exchanging gaze..


Zak and Livia sighed in relieved..


They’re unaware that I heard them..


“What brings you here???”Livia finally spoke up..


I was about to answer her when Mark handed my other phone to me…


I gave him a questioning look and he replied..


“Miss Benedict”


I grabbed the phone from his hand after removing my earphone..


“Mrs Racquelita El Toro speaking”I spoke up..


“I couldn’t reach your daughter or her friend, I wanted to handover our schedule to her”Benedict answered


“She’s probably in a meeting.. I’ll send my driver to pick it up tomorrow morning”I replied her and hunged up not waiting for her reply..


“Mrs shela!!!”I called out for my daughter’s nanny ignoring their questioning look..


“M’am Rocky” shela answered me rushing downstairs happily..


I embraced her even though she tensed beneath me..


“What brings you here m’am”shela asked


“I came to drop my spare keys and also to say hello to you” I said and shove a paper to her discreetly..



“I can’t stay for long because I’m heading back to the hospital..” “I’m grateful m’am..”Shela replied as she rushed back to her room.. “That was disrespectful Rocky”Livia tries to lecture me..


“You don’t barge into my house uninvited and talk to my employee”Zak spoke up…


“The last time I remembered, my husband built this house for his father, my father In-law.. I have all the legal rights to claim this house because unfortunately, your brother bought this land in my name.. Racquelita El Toro and Mrs Sheila isn’t your employee, she’s mine..


I don’t take her for granted, I value her alot.. So mind what you say to me Zak..”I


spoke up grinding my teeth in anger..


I’m tired of him oppressing me..


He mistook my silence for foolishness..


Taking my love and affection for granted..


I halted at the entrance and said slowly turning around..


“You have over stayed your welcome Zak El Toro..”


“Are you thinking of sending me out of my father’s house??”he questioned raising his eyebrow


“The house my husband built.. The house which I invested all my capital to, why not!!!”I replied him


“You can’t.. Not when I’m alive”Zak barked “There’s power in the tongue”


“You think because your daughter is the new boss in town, you can do as it pleases you” Livia asked me..


“See you in court”I replied her and walked away…


“Definitely bitch!!”I heard her yell from behind me as I slammed the door… “Take me to the hospital”I ordered Mark and he nodded opening the door for me before entering into the driver’s seat…


I put a call across to Eliska hoping she won’t be asleep by this time…


“Hey Mom!!!”her voice called out huskily probably because she was sleeping… “Your uncle is scheming to lay claim on your inheritance and probably to kill you.. Though I’ve threatened to send them out of your grandpa’s mansion..” “Ooh Rocky, can we talk about this tomorrow..”she asked sleepily…


“If it wasn’t important I won’t be calling.. I’m worried about your safety.. That’s my top priority”I tried to explain as panic slowly craves it way into my mind…


“Rocky!!! I know you are worried about me but Zak won’t be able to hurt me or claim my land…


I’m a lawyer, Rocky..


Relax and let me handle things from here.. okay”she sounded confident and fully awake judging by the tune of her voice..


“Okay!!! Sleep well child… I’m heading to the hospital”


“Don’t stay too long outside.. You need rest Rocky… Good night Mom”she said before yawning..


“Love you alot!!!”I replied her and hung up..


Even after the reassurance she gave me.. I still feel restless and unsettled…


Zak is a cunning crook and Livia will always be a devious bitch…


My precious daughter is not save in this city..


She’s prone to danger from all the hungry lions and greedy elephant in Los Angeles…




I became restless after talking to my mother on the phone..


I know she has every right to be worried but I know perfectly how to handle my uncle…


I furiously got up from the bed and went into my library..


I drafted out my case and made it presentable to the court..


If Zak want a case against me, then I’ll gladly give him one..


He must learn not to bite more than he can chew..


After drafting out my case I felt suddenly hungry…


Though I’ve already had several couple of drinks to keep me wide awake and less thirsty..


My stomach grumbled from hungry..


I entered into my elevator heading to the first floor..


I grumbled within myself as I matched towards the kitchen..


With my eyes slightly closed I bumped into something trying to use my six sense to walk in darkness rather than to switch on the lights… Nah!!! Not something but someone with a broad strong chest..


“I’m sorry”I muttered and he groaned in response..


I stumbled away from him and switched on the lights..


Before I could turn around, I was pressed from behind to the wall..


I gasped out loud from the sudden contact..


His ragged breathing fanning and twinkling my ear…


I know exactly whose behind me..


I slowly relaxed to his hard chest..


Fuck food right now…


I don’t mind eating Stanley tonight…


He peppered my exposed shoulder with feather light kisses..


“Does all the Koppels wake up with a hard on??? Or is it just you and Ted???”I spoke up teasingly..


And he chuckled….


“Not too sure about that.. But this Koppel standing behind you is always horny especially after bumping into a s£xy girl like you”he said before kissing my cheek and I blushed..


He loosened his hold on me and I used the opportunity to spun around and he took advantage and slammed his lips with mine hungrily.. His kisses was demanding and possessive..


His angled my head and deepened the kiss and I wrapped my hands tightly around his neck savouring this moment like my life depended on it.. We only broke free as we gasped for more breath..


“Wow!!!!”I breathed out..


“The things you do to me scares me alot lisy.. I need you so badly but I can’t have you… It’s painful”he confessed staring deeply into my eyes.. His words piercing through to my tender heart..


I want to live in this moment..


I want to believe his needs are genuine but Stanley has a legacy of being a player.. The best player so far, I can’t risk my heart to a man like him but my body fails to understand my mind..


And it makes me look fragile..


My body responds solemnly well to him..


It yearns for him..


But my mind wanders around with uncertainty..


“You and me”I paused searching for the right words to use


“We are like a forbidden garden with great consequences and implications if been trespassed”I finally spoke up after several minutes of silence.. The hunger in his eyes slowly fades into confusion and sad..


He rests his head on my shoulder breathing on my neck


“I know!!!”he whispered..


My stomach grumbled loudly at the wrong time putting a halt to this moment of lust..


He pulled away from me and stare at me blankly..


“I came down for food”I defended and he smiled…


I walked past him..


I opened the fridge and carry out my favorite cookies..


Thank goodness it’s not too cold..


I don’t have time to heat it up now..


I shove myself into my seat at the dinning table and hurriedly lavish my snack.. I could feel Stanley’s gaze on me but my concentration is solemnly on my grumbling stomach..


“Ahhhhh!!!!”I breathed out exhaling and inhaling a deep breath..


“That was outrageous”Stanley remarked and I blushed..


Instead of me to feel embarrassed.. I felt at ease and calm..


I tossed my leftovers into the trash can..


And shove myself back into my seat..


“I was starving..”I explained


“It was clearly obvious”he remarked and I chuckled


“I was too angry to remember that I didn’t eat anything”I said and he nodded..


We sat down in silence..


Even though we had alot of things to talk about, we sat in silence.. Perhaps, we don’t have the right words to express our feelings.. “Any consideration on Finn???”he suddenly ask


“I’m gonna give him the chance..”I responded and he hummed


“After all the warnings.. You must want something from him to agree to date


him”he replied smartly..


“Good guess..” I confirmed


“That’s one of the things I’m good at.. I state the obvious and aim at the Target” “I’m not good at guessing.. but I’m pretty skilled aiming…


Have never missed a target, I don’t plan on losing now.. But someday I may make good use of your accurate hunch you’ve gat in your brains” “At your service, lisy”




“If I may ask what’s your reason for going ahead with this God forsaken relationship you wanna build with Finn”he asked sounding serious..


“I can’t give a bone to a dog to guard for me while I run some errands when I know the results of the outcome.. The dog will leave no trace of the bone”I replied him and he burst into laughter..


“You’re smarter than you look.. I like this scary side of you..


It’s awesome”


“Thanks”I smiled at him..


“You don’t trust me???”he asked..


“If I don’t trust my dog to safeguard my bone, that implies that I don’t f**king trust you Stan” I said honestly and his eyes flashed with anger before plastering a devious smirk on his face


“I’ve never given you a reason to doubt me”he tried to defend himself


“You may not have intentionally but I don’t have control over my feelings and insecurities.. I need to guard my feelings and ensure people I cherish don’t betray me”


“I also don’t have control over my feelings lisy, but I can’t betray you”


“If Judas could betray Jesus.. Who are you not to betray me???”I questioned raising my eyebrows at him


“I’ll prove myself when the time comes but I hope you keep my word in mind..


I won’t ever betray you nor shall I lie to you.. Lisy…”he pledged and I find his


words comforting..




Those words coming from Stanley koppel’s lips are just damn good to be true… “Why don’t we just start afresh.. I’ll earn your trust easily that way we’ll also get to know each other better”he demanded and I nodded my head in agreement


“I’m Stanley koppel, pleasure to meet you damsel…”he stretched forth his hand for me..


“Pleasure is all mine.. By the way I’m Eliska El Toro”I lock my hand with his for a warm handshake and he smiled


“The popular El Toro.. it’s a greater pleasure to me to meet you in person”he said and I laughed..


“Since we know about each other’s family, why don’t we prospone that topic for the meantime and hit a sensitive spot in our lives”he requested


“I’m single but tommorow holds another tale of it’s own” I answered first


“I’ve been a player couldn’t get over my first crush for long.. I kinda handle my feelings irresponsibly but I’m not proud of my histories with ladies..


I tend to forget their names the only girl I can remember is Finn’s elder sister Selena… But that’s because Finn is my friend and so is his sister..”he explained “You guys were like friend’s with benefits” I asked


“Yes dear but she did have feelings for me at that time but now she’s happily in love”


“No feelings involved must be really fustrating for the girls.. Sex must be like meal to you..


But your unforgottable crush I’m curious about”



“If I should spill that secret, it may break my heart to see your reaction” “Okay, what if I made it less uncomfortable by sharing something special with you”


“Go ahead… Lisy..”he requested and I smiled..


“Last night was my very first kiss.. I’ve never had a boyfriend before..”I confessed and he looked shocked but amazed as well…


“I’m a lucky man, Because unfortunately, you are my very first and last crush so far”he replied and my mouth widened in shock.. Like hell…


I love this secret so far.. The guy whom I admired so long has a crush on me..


The best news to start my day…


“I’m glad..”I breathed out happily as I claimed his lips with all pleasure..


He stiffened for a while before he opened to me..


As his tongue lasped with mine.. I roam my hands on his hard chest..


Feeling his arbs, before we broke free for air..


Still staring at each other, I traced my fingers on his parts before lowering my hand beneath his brief short..


My eyes asking for permission and he nodded his head giving me his go ahead..


I gently knelt down before him, my eyes locked on his..


I’ve never tried this before but tonight I crave badly for him to be my first..


If I’m gonna be with Finn from tomorrow..


I deserve to also have a taste of my first crush as well..


“It’s just you and me tonight.. Pleasing each other..”I spoke up not even recognizing my own voice….


“I don’t kiss and tell.. lisy..”he assured me and I unzipped his boxer releasing his


hard member…


“Wow!!!”I exclaimed..


He’s f**king huge


“Bigger than Ted”I added and he smiled


“I would like to know how you knew Ted’s size”he asked sounding amused


“I do bath him, mostly when his sick or wasted..”I answered before swallowing his d**k into my wet mouth..


He vibrated and groaned out loud encouraging me to take him deeper..


But I couldn’t..


I wrapped my hands around his d**k as I sucked him deep like my life depended on it..


“Yes lisy” he moaned


I tasted his pre cum hungrily…


And I continued to sucked on him rubbing him roughly..


“Shit!!!”he caused at he pulled me away and pull me to him claiming my lips..


Tasting himself on me..


“I need to taste you.. Else I’m f**king you right here”..


“Not here.. Let’s get a room..”I spoke up..


How could I forget I’ve gat cameras everywhere..


I’m deleting this record today..




I’m keeping it..


I’ll have my technician to connected inside the mansion’s footage to my library alone..


I couldn’t wait for the elevator to land on my fifth floor as we hungrily began to Savage each other..


When the elevator opened.. I was only in my underwear.. As we staggered into my room..


“Magnificent”he praised as his eyes roamed around my room before his gaze held mine..


I’ve already undressed myself..


I climbed on my bed with his watchful gaze on me as I spread my legs apart..


Rubbing my clit’s surface not adding much pressure..


He removed his boxers and climbed unto the bed like a hungry lion cagging his prey captive..


“I won’t f**k you tonight, I just wanna taste you”he assured me..


“I’ve admired you for so long Stan, I know from the very beginning that our relationship is forbidden”


“That little fact hurts me too but I’m not giving up even if you’re with Finn.. Tonight I’ll mark you as mine.. Your body will respond to me in a way it’ll never do with another man”he said and bent his head and claimed my pu**y..


I jerked off the bed.. But his hands pinned me down forcefully as his tongue worked magically on my pu**y as I moaned his name countless times..


I felt myself dripping, soaking f**king wet for him as he sucked on me with every passion buried in his heart..


My body tensed as my inner part tightened and jaw clenched..


This feeling is new and strange..


I’m f**king begging for him to go deeper and suck me roughly “Cum for me babe”he ordered and my body obeyed him..



He didn’t stop, he continued to suck me and lick me clean before releasing his hold on me..


“Your pu**y is mine now babe.. No man can ever pleasure you the way I do.. No man has that right to it but me”he whispered and claimed my lips as I tasted myself on him..


A loud banging interrupted us as an unexpected voice called out for me saying..


“Lily!!! Open up!!!” And I frozed…


© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved


Who do you think was banging the door???


And a word of advice for Eliska!!!






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