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“Sorry!!!”I breathed out even though I’m angry.. I hate to cause her pain.. “Even after everything, I’m not surprised you think so little of me.. You should know me better than anyone Ted.. I hate being insulted and it hurts alot to hear those words from your lips but I’ll try to convince myself that you said that out of anger and you don’t mean any words you said..


It was all in a fit of rage and nothing more”she whispered looking away from me.. “I noticed Freak’s attitude changed after he found out that I owned this mansion.. He’s motive are not pure but I’m willing to play along to get to his father..”she explained and I hummed afraid to alter the wrong thing. After a few minutes of silence..


I finally got the right words to say.. I wanted to say sorry but she spoke up before me


“I’m heading out!!! I won’t be eating dinner at home, eat without me”before grabbing her phone and purse and walked out of the room slamming the door with force..


This is the first time I’ve seen her act like this…


Could this be the end of our friendship…




I couldn’t help but feel insulted and betrayed by my best friend..


I know he always have my best interest in mind but his words today were kinda harsh on me..


He chose the wrong words to express his concern for me..


But still, his anger was unjust and uncalled for…



He could have listened to me quietly and understand my own point of idea.. Fuck you Ted!!!


“With the rate you’re drinking.. I’m surprised you are not puking around already”A familiar voice spoke up pulling a seat next to me..


“What brings you here, Stanley???”I asked with a blank expression..


“Call me Stan..”he requested..


And I hummed in response sipping my drink..


“What brings you here stan..???”I asked him with a mischievous smile


“Probably the same reason you’re out alone drinking all by yourself.. Drowning all your heartache in alcohol”he replied cunningly.. And I burst into laughter..


“That’s a smart reply”I spoke up in between my laughter..


“I’m glad I was able to bring a genuine smile on that beautiful face of yours..” “Ooohhh… Are you back to being a Playboy or are you sincerely being affectionate”I asked with a sly smile..


“You’re hurting my feelings with your sassy and polite questions”he replied smartly once again…


This guy is unpredictable but he’s fun to be with…


“You’ve had enough alcohol in your system babe!!”he murmured..


He moved his chair closer to me, I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.. “Share your burden with me”his breath fan my skin, twinkling me… Sending awkward sensation down my spine..


“Trouble in paradise???”he whispered questioning and I nod my head in confirmation and his grin on his face, suddenly turned into anger…


“Did Ted hurt you?? What did that outcast say to you???”he asked raising his voice..


His anger and hard stare send chilling sensation to my core..


But I pushed those thoughts aside and concentrate on calming him down..


“He didn’t hurt me physically.. He used vulgar words on me but he meant well..”I sound like am blabbering but his expression shows am not actually making sense.. “I told him that freak asked me out and he freaked out..”his facial expression stirred up into something unexplainable..


He sip his drink as if contemplating on what to say..


“You’re angry??”I pointed out but I sounded like I was asking him a question and


he nodded his face..


Before looking at me..


His eyes flashed with worry and concern..



“He’s right to be angry but I’m not justifying his reaction to this news.. Any true friend will always have your best interest in mind..”he spoke up..


I registered his words into my mind and it calmed all the anger I felt a while ago..


Stanley is actually right..


Ted is a true friend..


Ted cares alot about me and must be sulking around Waiting for me.. “Thanks”I sighed


“I’m glad I could help.. Still can’t understand your relationship with my brother.. sometimes I feel is just friendship but you guys are so possessive and protective of each other, it makes be think otherwise”


“Like friends with benefits???”I asked him sounding amused..


“Yeap!!!”he blurted out stressing the ‘p’


And I snorted..


“For the record, there’s no sΒ£xual benefit like you imagined..


We just have a strong bound…


Like soul mate..”I explained searching for words he would understand and he smiled..


“Soul mate!! That’s the best word”Stanley confirmed with a nod..


“I have to rush back home.. Ted must be sulking alone, worrying his ass out” “Beware of Finn..”he suddenly warned me..


And I stare at him Slightly shocked at his concern..


“Finn is up to no good.. Don’t take him lightly please, don’t fall into his trap” His concern looks genuine and sincere..


Freak I know is cunning but Stanley is always unpredictable


“Betraying your friend and reaching out to warn his next victim doesn’t prove you to be trustworthy and loyal.. To me you are more dangerous than freak because freak I know is cunning but you baffle me alot.. Sometimes your actions and attitude doesn’t blend together.. Who are you???”


“I’m Stanley Koppel.. Someone who is worried about you.. someone who can’t sit idle and watch my friend damage your life because you are important.. And if you see me as being disloyal because I care too much about my brother’s best friend then take me as I am..”he blurted out.. Slamming his fist to the table and walked out..


I could feel everyone gaze at me and hear their murmuring but I choose to ignore them and Chase after Stanley like a stalker..


I sighted him across the street and I ran after him hurriedly..



I ran as though my life depended on my speed until I successfully caught up with him..


I tried to pull his hand but he shove it behind him..


“Stay away from me”he warned harshly..


As his blood splashed on my lips..


I stare at his hand and tried to hold his hand again but he hid it behind his back..


“Let me nurse your wound..”I whispered hoping he would comply with me..


He looked at me for a while before raising his hands to me..


I led him to sit on a rock..


I tore the silk beneath my lacy gown as I wrapped it around his fist hoping to reduce the bleeding..


“How did this happen??”I asked him in a monotune…


“I slammed it to the wall”he surprisingly answered me..




“Because your words hurts..”he answered




“I don’t know..


I couldn’t help it..


I don’t control my feelings”..


I wanted to inquire about his feeling but for today I won’t..


“I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to hurt you..”I apologized staring at his bleeding fist He raised my chin up with his left hand to meet his gaze… “I know..”he whispered staring straight into my eyes..


My eyes landed on his lips and I felt the sudden urge to taste them..


As if reading my thoughts he smiled..


“Your eyes are affecting me.. My lips are arching to taste yours… lisy..


Just follow your heart”he said and I claimed his lips..


It felt soft and sweet with a mixed taste of mint, probably from the drink he had..


My very first kiss…


Though I lack experience but I’m confident in myself..


Submitting to my passion…


I wrapped my hands around his neck as he deepened the kiss..


He parted my lips deeper as our tongue fought for dominance..


We only broke the kiss as we gasped for air..


“Wow!!!”I exclaimed breathing heavily..


I could see the hunger in his eyes..


Almost the same as when he traced circles on my nipple..


“That was amazing”he said after a few moments of silence..


“Thanks”I whispered and he smiled..


And placed a feather light kiss on my lips..


‘Don’t end up grinding your teeth with my brother or I’ll literally never talk to you


again’ I heard Ted’s voice in my head


“Oh my Gosh!!!”I gasped out loud..


“What’s wrong??”


“This never happened.. Ted can’t find out about our kiss”I blurted out..


“My lips are sealed.. But we can’t deny the fact that we had an amazing kiss” “Okay.. But this will be our secret”I warned him and he nodded his head.. “Stay at my place tonight.. we need to get your wound treated..”I requested him “I can tend to it myself.. I don’t wanna face Ted tonight”


“I can handle Ted.. You are coming with me and that’s final..”


“Have any body ever told you that you are bossy???”he asked with a wild grin on his face


“Nope!!! But there’s a first time for everything.. Stanley get your ass off that rock now!!!”I commanded sounding like a real boss..


“Your will is my command, lisy..”he chuckled as he stood up obediently…


Pulling me by my waist and I mold perfectly to his body..


“That’s my car”I pointed to him and he led me towards it..


I suddenly felt lonely and aching for his presence when he release his grib on my waist to open my driver’s door for me..


“Thanks”I whispered and he smiled before turning around and shove himself into the front sit beside me..


I switched on the engine as we drove in complete silence…


With an arching need to have his hands all over my body…


Can I control my need for Stanley Koppel…???


Or will my insecurities have the best of me…???


But even though I choose to lie to myself and my friend..


I can’t deny the fact that i find Finn Thomas exciting…


And Stanley Koppel dangerous…


We met Ted sitting anxiously waiting for me..


His blood shed eyes held mine captive for a while..


His worried Expression slowly turns into confusion..


I ignored him and turned around to Stanley..



“Make yourself comfortable, while I get the first aid kit..”i said to him and he walked over and sat down on the couch.. “Lily”Ted whispered..


The tune of his voice caused me to shiver..


I could hear the pain in his voice..


I stare at him for a while, holding eye lock with him..


I could see through his eyes and feel the sincerity that emanate from his stares..


I walked up to him and lock him in a tight embrace..


He murmurs his sincere appology to me..


“I thought I lost you”he said as we break the embrace..


“I’ve put up with your shit for so long, Your one mistake can’t put all my endurance in vain..”


“Thanks for forgiving me”he smiled warmly


“I’ll forgive you a thousand times because you are very special to me.. Despite our difference, you will always be my best friend Ted.. And being my bestie earns a special place in my heart… I don’t like seeing this grumpy and sad Ted…


Where’s my Teddy Bear???”I asked with a smile and he chuckled..


His face lightens up and lips curve with a genuine smile..


“I’m right over here”he answered..


“Happy reunion.. But I’m bleeding badly”Stanley draws our attention and I rushed to my small clinic in the second floor using the elevator… When I arrived with first Aid kit..


I found both brother sitting opposite each other glaring dangerously at one another..


I sat next to Stanley and unwrap his fist..


“He slammed his hands to a tree angrily because of me.. so I insisted he come home with me so that I’ll tend to his injury properly”I explained as I continue to bandage Stanley’s fist…


“He deserves what he got.. Don’t blame yourself over his recklessness”Ted replied and I smiled within me…


“You didn’t ask what happened.. you are already defending her”Stanley said to Ted…


“That’s because my bestie can never be wrong… You my brother, you’re a disaster..


You invite trouble where ever you go”Ted fired back at Stanley..


Stanley was about to say something when I interrupted him..


“As much as I love to watch you two attack each other with your words.. I’m




Can’t risk leaving two angry lions inside the same den…


Stanley you’ll sleep at the third floor.. The second room by your left…


And Teddy bear get your ass up to your room”I ordered them and Ted groaned


loudly in protest…


“Good night Koppels…”I waved as I step into the elevator first…


With confidence, that they wouldn’t dare fight in my absence…


What a great night having my two favorite KOPPELS in my house..




“Zakky!!!!”my wife yelled my name barging inside the house as she swing the damned door opened aggressively..


What ever she has to say must be worth all this drama..


“Livia I’m sitting right in front of you.. You don’t need to destroy my father’s roof with your fustrating voice”I shouted at her….


“Well, I had to… You kept quiet like a damned mute..”


“Livia!!!”I raised my house and she lowered her gaze to the floor..


“Matyas made her the new boss”she spoke up and I slammed the stool next to me to the wall…


“How dare him defile me..”I fumed in anger…


“Maybe because, He had the majority vote”my wife countered..


But I paid them off..


How dare they backstab me like that…


“I should have been in that hell of a meeting”I said sounding highly fustrated…


Damn it!!!


I am fustrated!!!


My neice is a bitch!!!


“My neice is a fustrating bitch!!”I shouted..


“She have not been around for long but she is causing problems for you..”my wife pointed out..


“I want to strangle that her tiny little neck with my hands”I raised my voice angrily..


“Of course you always do.. But you never make a move.. You yell and sit back like a coward while Eliska walk over you over and over again”my wife yelled and walked away..


I hate the fact that she’s right..



I hate the fact that Todd’s daughter is progressing well after all have done to stop her…


Todd must be laughing at me in his grave..


But his laughter won’t last for long..


I’m the only true El Toro..


And I’ll to anything to keep that..


A lady has no right to rule over a man like me..


“Here is the property paper, call your lawyer and get to work”Livia toss a file at me..


I opened the file eagerly..


Revealing, the documents I stole from Racquelita..


Property paper of my father’s favorite land which he gave to Eliska..


The same land I’ve managed to forge ownership over…


I smile at I pecked my wife’s cheek..


“The smartest move you have ever made.. You’re a fast learner”I compliment her “I learnt from you the master”


“I’m impressed”I kissed her full on the lip and she opened up to me..


“Gross dad!!!”Ema shouted and we broke free immediately..


“You’re home early darling, hope all went well”I asked her as her eyes rolled with disgust..


She’s my precious jewel.. Because she’s gullible..


“I found nothing interesting over there”she replied hugging her mom before embracing me…


“That sound strange.. Did anybody oppress you???”Livia asked her “No mom!! I just don’t feel like partying today” “What!!!”me and my wife exclaimed in shock together..


Probably staring widely at Ema..


“Don’t give me that look guys.. There’s a first time for everything”Ema defended and ran upstairs towards her room…


“This is surprising”Livia whispered and I nod..


“Maybe, because she’s the only responsible child we’ve gat so far”i said and my wife laughed at my comment..


“Zak!! All our kids are responsible in their own way”


“If they were, they would be sitting beside me, giving me a brilliant idea on how to eliminate Eliska without a trace”I raised my voice but Livia covered my mouth with her hand…


“Keep your voice down”she whispered and I pulled her hands off my mouth..



“No child of mine will have the guts to sell me out.. I will go to any length, using any possible measure to eliminate Eliska…”I shouted as I shove the table away from me standing to my feet, I spun around but halted as I saw Racquelita… How the hell did Racquelita get here???




Β© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved







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