Sat. May 11th, 2024



Mr Ben: Nice to meet you, Solomon. You are welcome to Nigeria.


Solomon: Nice to meet you too. Thank you.


Mr Ben: I’m sure your brother must have told you about me, I am currently managing the company here in Abuja.


Solomon: Oh yea! sure he did!. So how has it been?


Mr Ben: Not so bad. You know we only just started. A few challenges here and there, especially on my own part. It is my first managerial post , so safe to say I am new to a lot of things at the moment.


Solomon: I know. My brother told me and that is why I am here. You’ll soon get a hang of it soon. No rush, I won’t be leaving until you totally get into it.


Mr Ben: That’s reassuring. Thank you! So what is your role in the company back there?



Solomon: Erm, I manage one of our branches too. A much more bigger branch than this one anyway. With one hundred and fifty members of staff.


Mr Ben: that speaks a volume of experience then!


Solomon: You could say that.


Mr Ben: how long have you held this position?


Solomon: quite some time actually. Just after my father handed over the business to us. So we are looking at ten odd years ago.


Mr Ben: amazing! So you have it all off your finger tips. Is it?


Solomon: I’d like to think so, but hey! There’s no end to knowledge! I still learn everyday!


Mr Ben: once again, welcome to Nigeria!


Solomon: Many thanks, Mr Ben!


Mr Ben: So what’s your spec? What can we use to entertain you?


Solomon: erm, my hotel package comes with everything I think I might need. So I’m actually okay at the moment but if I need anything, I’ll let you know. Thanks.


Mr Ben: Nah! That’s different. As the manager, I would like to give you a welcome treat on behalf of the company. So, what’s your flavour?


Solomon: Anything light. As light as can be. Thank you!


Mr Ben: I will not disappoint. I’ll leave you now but will be back with something very light soon.


Solomon: Cheers.



(Does anyone else find it silly that words no longer mean just what they mean, if that makes sense!


Years ago, pu**y meant an animal, today, well…. Let’s not go any further into


this. It is very early on a Monday morning.


Well, Mr Ben’s definition of something light is totally different from what Solomon thought. So he got into the car, picked up his phone and started dialing a number….)


Mr Ben: Hello… Good good! Could you please send me something very light…No! My visitor doesn’t seem to like something thick….


50 thousand???…we will pay 40……come on! Treat me like a customer we will be


patronising you a lot this time around…. hmmmm! Okay! Send the order


across….Thank you! Bye!




Claudia: Julia, we just got you your first shift. Ready?


Julia: very ready auntie! what do I need to take with me and what kind of job is it? Trust me, I am very hard-working and will do it perfectly!


Claudia: Unfortunately, I do not have the face to tell you what the job entails, but like you said, you are hardworking and you should be able to figure it out… I trust you to do a good job.


Your performance today will determine if you will succeed in the city or not.


Julia: I’m sure I won’t disappoint.


Claudia: erm, please, don’t tell me you are wearing that maternity gown of yours to work..


Julia: I quite like it! It’s very free on me


Claudia: Julia , This is not about what you like. It is about what makes you fit for the job!


Sapphire! Sapphire!!


Sapphire: Yes, auntie!


Claudia: Please get Julia something to wear she is working tonight.


Sapphire: So fast! Why?


Claudia: I can’t put up with her impatience anymore.


Sapphire: I’m not sure whether she is being brave or daft. But whichever, I wish her the best.


Claudia: same here!


Julia: I’m sure you guys will be surprised by the report you will receive from my colleagues about me.


Sapphire: what colleague? anyway, come with me let’s get you dressed.


Claudia: be fast about it, ladies. Her cab will be here in fifteen minutes…


To be continued


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