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Richie Miles


“give the phone to jophiel” I heard my mom saying.


Nare’s clumsiness started.Instead of giving me the phone,she ended up embracing me like she got cold in her heart.


Her long hair covered my face as she did that…


She can’t adapt to my luxury life in a fast manner,all she need is time. Time to cope and I pray she copes.


“soory” she said and pull her hair off my eyes.


“time to pretend” I smiled and pretend as if my eyes got blinded by her long hair.


“Baby what has your hair done to my eyes???


“my eyes are not opening anymore! I blurts out while pretending to be blind.


“sorry,it hadn’t gone blind”


“just try opening it,it will open” she said,urging me to open my eyes.


“stop it!!


“its damn difficult and am only seeing black” I said.


“you’re pretending! she caught me off guarded.


“baby,am not pretending!! I covered my face.


“try it!!



“Richie better don’t start what you can’t finish” she said,I smiled inwardly but was still bent on pretending.


“Nare,I can’t see!! I faked crazy crocodile tears that will make her have sense.


“are you sure its blind already??? she asked innocently.


“my families are gonna hold you responsible…. they are actually going to lock you


up for blinding me” I said.


I saw her open her mouth slightly.


“wait,let me blow air into it,it will open” she said and brought her face close to me while her fingers cane in contact with my jaws.


“sit still” she flapped her long lashes and pat her lips,getting ready to blow air into


my eyes.


I couldn’t resist the temptation of her mouth opened.


Though she hasn’t brushed but her teeth was pure white….


her mouth smells of strawberry…


I opened my eyes…..


“whaaaaat,you’re not blind???


she opened her mouth the more. I moved closer and kissed her.


it was a soft kiss that means respect.


“Baby don’t you have sense that human hair can’t blind someone?? I asked while still kissing her neck.


“I have sense more than you!! she said back,I smiled.


I got off bed,she did the same and stood beside me.


“have this!! i stretched her my credit card,she collected it in a haste cuz she likes buying things.


“what should I buy??? she asked.



“Pedro will take you and your sister to the Kings,its actually a new place. You should go shop for the ceremony stuffs today” I said.




“Indian ceremony!!


“I love it!!!!!! she smiled widely exactly like those goddess have seen in pictures.


“Nare,are you a goddess??? I asked, she frowned.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about,there’s nothing like goddess, they don’t exist,they are fake,they are not real,they are ugly,not in existence any more” she said.




Whenever you meet a goddess…


don’t ask them much questions, don’t argue and don’t give them conditions…..


if they play and talk a lot,don’t ask them if they are goddesses….


if you ask,you’re wasting your time because they won’t tell you they are one….


They won’t tell you they bring good fortunes,they will only try to make you believe that there’s nothing like goddess.They are damn unpredictable!!!


so secretive but their actions are always like the one who’s ENCHANTED


“watch out for them!!!


I remember what my mom told me and smile at Nare who had her hands on her wide hips.


She smiled back and left my room.







“Alisha, you’re taking my time!


“I actually want to be the first to visit that new shopping mall” I rants with my car key rolling in my index fingers.


The clothe i had on was long sleeved with red designs on it,the skirt was short,short enough to wrap boys around my fingers.


“sorry for the delay” Tasha apologize as she step out with Alisha,seesha and jenny.


we got to our respective cars and drove out one after the other till we got to the mall with our maids.


it was Alisha plan that we should attend the miles Indian ceremony stuff so we came to shop….shop for hot Saree.


We got in,gangaa pulled out a trolley and followed me behind. I picked whatever clothe that caught my attention into the trolley as gangaa pushed it.


I shopped different Saree till the trolley got filled.I still didn’t stop, I continue and picked more,I poured them gangaa who dare not let them fall to the ground.


A particular Saree caught my attention,it was black….


pure black with pure diamond stone on the short bra top…..


“waooooow!!! I gasped.


the clothes wasn’t in my reach,I will have to turn before getting it.


“gangaa move it!!! I rants with power.


she pushed the trolley slowly,its damn heavy.


“ma’am Mhesha its heavy,exercise patient” she said to me,I slapped her hard across her face.


“you this uncultured swine!!


“your generations didn’t even achieve half of what I’ve achieved! I cursed,she started crying.








Sometimes,its better to be loyal to your friends, friends who stayed with you together in the time of pain!!!


I betrayed the twins because of 20seconds enjoyment!!!


“what a tragedy????? I exclaimed.


“move it faster!!! Mhesha said,I pushed the heavy trolley to where she was. that Saree was beautiful!!!


it can only fits someone that has white complexion!!!


The Saree had a crown too……


ENCHANTED was written boldly on the crown.


I feel like touching it but am too poor to do so.


Mhesha raised her hand to touch it and take it,someone else took it from the opposite side!!


we only saw the person finger….it was so spotless…..not like Mhesha own that is




Mhesha own had blemishes bit this one is just like bronze…. so clear.


“who the heck is that????


Mhesha rants….and quickly walk to the other side. I followed her…we saw the


person,they were actually girls!!!


Two girls wearing the same thing…


Yeah,they are twins…


one looks like a model while the other was just perfect.


“I saw the cloth first!!! Mhesha rants.


“I took it first!!! the girl said.


Her voice sent chills through my spines..


“who the heck are you???? Mhesha rants and remove her mask….


“I am who I am!!! she replied too and remove her mask….


I almost screamed…


Her lashes were full and long…


her lips was full and red…..


Red lips was so natural.


She opened her eyes fully well,three guards came to stand beside her and her sister.



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I screamed her name and fainted.






(as long as i love U)




Β© adesola adeomowole


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