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I walked pass him to get my Saree cover,he held my wrist back in a manner that almost made me fainted.



“you’re, hurting me!!


“just let it go!!! i scream and slip my hand away.


I saw the furry that clings to the humor of his eyes and paid less attention to it.All I know is that he’s wicked and I will always run or hide whenever I see him.


I ran and pick up my Saree cover and used it to cover the quality designer Saree blouse and then followed Elsa out of the temple to our car that was parked outside.


“sorry” Elsa said with her eyes fixed on the particular wrist that Dylan held.


“so sorry…..your skin is so soft…..


“just little squeazing and it got blisters” she uttered and made a direct eye lock.


“hope it doesn’t hurt?? she asked.


“no ma,its not painful” I lied.


“sorry” she said again as we got into the car.


I faced the window side and rub the hand softly…it was really aching me…


it hurts a million times.


“i thought you said it doesn’t hurt” Elsa exclaimed in the car….


“yes ma!! it doesn’t hurt” I lied again.


“really??? she gasped and took my wrist…


“I will know if it hurts or not” she said and use the tip of her two fingers to press that spot…..




“it’s sooooooo painful!!!


“stop stop stop!!!! I screamed.


“elsa stop!!! I screamed again…


she press it more and then stop..


“that’s your punishment for lying” she smiled….


“sorry….won’t lie again” i said,she smiled.


we got home,the gate was opened while the car door was also opened by the guards….


we entered the mansion, I noticed it that Richie wasn’t around..i sigh and touched my chest.


“what if he ask about your wrist??


Elsa asked….


“will you tell him it was his best friend that harras you???


“he won’t ask” i replied.


“who told you???? have been working with him for his family for the past 18years and i know what he is capable of doing” Elsa startled.


I pray he won’t ask” I shrugged and walk to my room by hopping up the stairs.I opened the door and


met Nara on the same position that I left her……she had done lots of scribbing and paintings…


She scribbled a picture of me, a picture of herself,a picture of Richie’s mansion and how the setting of his house looks like.


She even scribbled Gangaa picture.


She sighted me and folded her huge drawing sheet eight times before it became smaller.


“hope you won’t say am jobless this time around??? she arched her brows.


“why not????


“you’re so jobless!!!


“you even scribbled Gangaa picture upon how she betrayed us” I frowned.


“she was once good to us….I’m very sure it was,mhesha that did the set up” she replied.


“so if you see her,you will trust her again?? i asked.


“I’m not ready to die young” she replied and got off my bed.


“your room is,opposite mine” I said because she likes staying alone.


I pray she change back to the funny Nanara.


She left my room, I went to my washroom also and had a quick bath…I wore a purple nighty and went straight to were my bag was.


I started reading all what roshni taught me….after studying for like 3hours,I closed my notebook and


slept on my bed,making sure that the wrist that Dylan squeezed,didn’t hit anything.


*****Richie Miles********


After the modeling shoots,I met with some business partners and later went to meet with Jake at the airport.


Jake is my dad most trusted manager….


my dad do send him to deliver 30gem stones to me on weekly basis.I collected the stuffs from him and entered my car back…


I had not even started driving back when he phoned me.


“my dad is so caring!!!!!!


“Seven, don’t disappoint me….don’t fail me too….The Mumbai citizens will soon be at your feet…don’t


forget to rule them with up most superiority….


“be on the alerts also because some villains will come after you…Spend your money wisely too” my dad(seven miles) said to me over the phone.


He call and address me by his name- Seven.


my mom calls me Jophiel (angle of beauty).


it was Massey miles(my dad’s aunt) that named me Richie…


I so much love her for giving me that name…it really suite my personality.


They stay in Switzerland and will be back to Mumbai in the 25days.


“seven you heard what I said??


my dad asked.


I rolled my eyeballs and answered yes.


“good! he retorted and hung up.


I opened the treasure box he sent,it contains the usuals…


A particular one was there,it was different from the others. It had a tiny gem as pendant while the rope was coated with emerald stones.


It is a girly stuff and am very sure my mom must have drop it there.


I tuck it into my pockets and started driving home.


After a long 3hour drive,I got home.


I left the gemstones in the car and step down with my phones only.


messages started beeping into it…


most were from Scot.


“Rich what happened again???


“Did you quarel with Dylan??


“he’s been acting cold since???


“you won’t believe he almost stabbed me,telling me not to come close to him”


I read Scot message …..


“Dylan said he’s not interested in your deal!! I read the last message.


“why??? i sent.


“maybe you should phone him” Scot replied.


“why should I phone him???


“if he’s not interested,he will be the,one losing” i sent.


“Nice one!!


“me I just want to tell you that am interested”…..


“40M ruppes is a big money” Scot sent.


“idiot,so you’re interested” I sent.


“hey,I’m not being arrogant like Dylan,I’m bringing myself very low to you…so carry me along” Scot sent.


“Mr no proud ness I’ve heard you” I sent.


“smiles” he sent..


“idiot” I replied.


“I still like you” he sent again.


“aaah,I hate you” i sent.


“I love you more and more” he sent.


I smiled and walk to my private studio first.


I took the song scripts for practice with Nanare.


it’s 2month away and we’ve not started at all.


I picked the script and got to her door…it was already differentiated.


the slivered door was Nare’s own while the smooth colbalt lined door was Nara’s own.


i entered Nare’s own and met her sleeping already. it’s just 7:30pm and she’s in bed…..


i moved closer to her on the bed and tap her on her wrist…


“oooucch,it hurts! she jumped up and held her wrist.


“get up for practice” I said…


“no no no no!!!!


“I can’t my wrist is paining me….he he he was the one that squeazed it… he even removed my Saree


cover and was staring at my back lustfully…..he drag my hair like a toy oooooo….it was paining me!!!


she cried from sleep…..


She slept again…..


I was even more confused.


“is she hallucinating??


“did someone try to rape her???


i tap her on that same wrist again….


“stop,it pains!!! she said…and slept back.


“which type of sleep is this??


“Nare,wake up!!! I tap her back instead…she opened her eyes..her eyelashes were now glued together.


“sir rich!!! she called my name…


“who was looking at you back and who drag your hair??? I asked…her heart started beating faster.


“Nobody” she replied…


she’s really lying.


“I heard what you said!! I uttered.


“what did I say?? she asked.


I repeated what she said from sleep, her body grew cold.


“No….it was not me!!


“I did…..not….you…are…” she starmmered and kept quiet.


“you’ve not answered what I asked” I said,she shake her head.


“nothing…..I fell down from the stairs” she said.


“what about the person staring at your back lustfully?? I asked with jealousy.


She kept quiet and started playing with her fingers.


“talk!!! I commanded,she kept quiet and was still playing with her,long fingers….


“is she this dumb????












(all of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)



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