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My mother was not the kind of person to get angry, on the contrary she was the most calm woman I had ever known. Not because she was my mother but because I was a fair judge.


Her call had not only left me angry but given me something to think about as well, I was not much of a social media person neither was she but her secretary was. And so when she saw the post on some Zambian page, she went to show mum. Now the worst part is my mother thought I was the reason why Camy had turned out the way she did. I hit my fist to the wall when I thought of the conversation we had had.


‘Mum.’ I had said with so much happiness


‘What have you done to that good girl Camilla?’ she had asked anger registering in her voice


‘I don’t know what you are talking about.’


‘Stephen I don’t care what you will do but I want you to win that girl back, she is the only good thing in your life and you can’t honestly let her go.’


‘Mum what are you talking about?’


‘Check your Facebook account.’ She had said before dropping the line


The posts I was tagged in almost made me drop to the ground, on the photos were Camy walki8ng to the vehicle with Marvin and another one showed them driving out of campus.


I felt insulted, not once in my years of dating her had I imagined that she would cheat on me; well maybe she wasn’t but she had disrespected me and I needed to set my territory.


When the door opened I knew it was her, I looked at her from head to toe as she stood in my presence and yes she was wearing the clothes from the photos.


‘Where are you coming from?’



‘I had lunch with Marvin.’ She said her voice firm and that made me even more angry


‘Are you having an affair with him?’


‘Yes I am.’ She responded and I felt like my heart was being torn into a million pieces




‘What Steph, can we stop pretending like we are perfect? Can we just stop pretending like our relationship has a future when it is dead?’


I looked at her then away as I couldn’t believe what she was telling me, this was definitely not the woman I had been dating for the past one year.


I sat into my favorite seat and she sat just opposite me.


‘But why would cheat on me?’


‘Why wouldn’t I Steph?’ she asked more relaxed and it scared me


There was silence between us as I didn’t know what exactly to tell her.


‘Camy we had a good thing going, I provided and all that I could.’ I began breaking the ice


‘Yes Steph you did your very best but you stopped trying. That is the mistake you made, you stopped treating me like you used to. At first I understood it was pressure from work but no, it just got out of hand and I couldn’t recognize us anymore.’ She said now a hint of hurt in her voice


‘But why didn’t you say something?’


‘Say something?’ she laughed but I didn’t


‘Oh so you are seriously asking me that question?’


‘Well Steph I cried, I begged, I pleaded; I even had s£x with you countless times hoping that maybe you would be the same man I fell in love with but no.’ she added


‘So your solution was to start cheating on me?’ She looked at me intently then stood up to leave


‘You are going? Just like that?’


‘That is what I am talking about Steph, if you knew me you would have known that I would never be an equal to you. I would have to dump you first before involving myself in another relationship.’ She said and banged the door


I went to the bar area and poured myself some alcohol, it was a Monday yes but I needed to cool off. I am pretty sure everyone around me and Camy thinks I am the bad guy but honestly I am not.


I know I can love her the way she deserves to be loved but also a part of me is scared that in the process I might just end up getting hurt, well it is selfish because I am straining her.


After taking two more glasses of my alcohol, I decided to call it a night as I hade work the following morning.


It was seven exactly when I woke up and they were already missed calls from my assistant, I knew she had a crush on me but I told myself I wasn’t going to have a relationship with anyone I was working with so as not to disturb work. I got to the office after eight and I was having a pounding headache.


‘Good morning Sir.’ My assistant said rushing to where I was probably to start announcing my schedule for the day


‘Not now.’ I said walking faster


I opened my door and there he was.



‘That is what I was trying to tell you.’ She told me when she caught up


‘Leave us alone.’ I said closing the door behind me


I walked to my desk and put y things down before settling into my chair, he was already comfortable in the guest chair.


‘What do you want here?’ I asked


‘Stephen I am a man of a few words and so I will go straight to the point.’ He began as he looked me in the eye


‘I didn’t come back to Zambia to see Camilla suffering, on the contrary I pan on inflicting excruciating pain on anyone that does her wrong.’ He paused


‘Wait so you came here just to warn me about my girlfriend?’


‘No, I came here to warn you about Camilla because before she is your girlfriend; she is Camilla. I want you never to hurt her again or I swear I will use everything in me to destroy you.’ He said getting up


‘Funny huh, you have a fiancé and yet you want to keep Camilla?’


‘I am not here to play games with you, I am a lawyer and my investgations are enough not only to destroy you but your next generation as well.’ He said before walking out


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