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Surprisingly everything had been done the way I wanted it, I was exhausted. The décor was just breath taking, he had settled for a moonlight kind of theme with black and shades of silver as the colors. The pool was decorated with silver and black balloons, we had garden chairs placed everywhere and the braai stands were filled with charcoal. The alcohol in the house was being chilled and I had ice cubes in ice baskets, the chicken and meat was already marinated plus the salads were in the refrigerator.


Xander had gone with his grandmother who didn’t seem to get enough of him every time. When I was sure that everything was where it was supposed to be, I went to take a bath. Despite me being against it, Marvin had suggested that I take a long relaxing bath and he had hired a makeup stylist to come and do my face. I wasn’t for the idea but he said I had been working too hard and so I deserved to be spoilt too.


After my bath, I went to my room to apply my lotion before allowing the makeup artist to come in. she was probably a year or so younger than me and very friendly as well. The maid brought us some wine as she worked on my face. She showed me some images on her phone asking me which one I would love to go with but I suggested she does something that she thought unique for my face.


After about thirty minutes, I couldn’t be happier with the nude look that she had done on my face. It was going to go with the nude dress and black heels that I had decided to wear.


‘Can I work with your hair?’ she asked as I struggled to comb my Peruvian wig ‘Sure.’ I said taking a seat


I don’t know what magic she did but the way it just straightened and fell on my shoulders made me look like I had not carried a child in my womb.


‘I need to get your number.’ I said getting my diary


After exchanging lines, I decided to get into my clothes. When I stood on the


mirror I couldn’t help but admire the person that I was looking at. I was a few days away from turning twenty eight, an economist by profession, a single mother and every beautiful on top of that.


I heard a knock at the door and asked the person to come in, it was Marvin. He looked perfect in his black chino pants and denim long sleeved shirt.


‘You look amazing.’ He said staring at me


‘Thank you.’ I responded with a smile


‘And you don’t look bad yourself.’ I told him pulling him in for an embrace. ‘Raquel, before it gets busy I want to tell you something.’


‘You are scaring me.’ I said looking at him seriously


‘You are beautiful.’




‘Let me finish.’


‘Okay.’ I responded


‘Raquel you are beautiful, not just what we see on the outside but even your inner being. You are a strong woman who knows what she wants out of life, the fact that you were able to walk out of a loveless marriage is what made you different. You didn’t live off handouts even when you could, you chose to work hard not just for yourself but your son too. For that I salute you.’ He said


I wanted to cry but I held myself together because I didn’t want to ruin my makeup ‘Thank you for not giving up on me.’ I said


‘You gave me a reason to hold on.’ He said kissing my forehead ‘The guests are outside.’


We walked hand in hand and the place was already filled up, I met Camilla by the lawn talking to Stephen and some other people.


‘Camilla.’ I said with a smile


She had really grown, she was more beautiful and something about the way she carried herself showed that she wasn’t the same person I had met years back. ‘Raquel.’ She said coming to me and we embraced ‘It has been how long again?’


‘Four tough years.’ She responded rolling her eyes


I couldn’t help but laugh


‘How was Harvard?’


‘Hard but I am glad your brother was with me each step of the journey.’ ‘Aren’t you two just so in love?’ I asked making a face and she playfully hit me ‘How is Xander by the way, Lord your son is beautiful.’ ‘He is okay, he is with Stephen’s parents.’


‘I am sorry about you two by the way, I actually thought things would work out. You made him sane.’


I swallowed when she said that


‘Well things happen and certain things just have to die like that.’


‘Sad, I don’t even like his new girlfriend.’ she said and I couldn’t help but laugh ‘Camilla come on, Xcella is a nice person.’



‘You mean the lady with the rusty watch?’ ‘What is that supposed to mean?’


‘I think he cheated on us with her.’ I couldn’t help but laugh I liked this Camilla, she was fun.


Just then Xcella and Stephen walked up to us.


‘We noticed you were not going to talk to us seeing Camilla has your attention.’ Xcella said and I could have sworn I saw Camilla roll her eyes


‘Sorry, just haven’t seen her in four years.’ I said giving her a hug and turning to Stephen as well




‘Hai.’ He said clearing his throat


Marvin came to join us and we settled onto some garden chairs, Camilla sat next to her man just like Stephen and we talked about random stuff whilst some people danced and others drunk.


‘Excuse me.’ Marvin said clicking his glass Some people that were close joined us.


‘Firstly I want to thank my sister here for hosting this party and having us.’ He began and I smiled lifting my glass


‘Secondly I want to say just how happy I am that my lady of so many years is here, I have even lost count of the years.’ He said causing us to laugh


He got on his knees and I saw Camilla’s eyes glister with tears ‘Camilla.’ He began


‘Lord no.’ she said allowing the tears to fall


‘The first time I met you, I knew you were the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. It hasn’t been an easy journey, I have loved you like no other. I have held on even when all hope was lost, you have been a pillar of strength and the fact that I was there at your breaking point makes me so sure that you are the one. So my lady, will you do me this honor of being my wife?’ he asked his own tears falling


She smiled through the tears.


‘I will marry you Marvin, I will spend the rest of my dramatic life with you. But firstly I want to apologize to Stephen and Raquel here.’ She said then turned to face I and Stephen


‘I am sorry you two, for coming into your life and probably destroying the most important thing that you two could have known; family. Stephen Raquel never hurt me, it was my doing, with another evil mind that doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned here. I am sorry.’ She said


‘What?’ Stephen asked surprised


‘I know about the fake accident, I forgave you now please get the ring and spare him the hard ground.’ I said a tear falling causing everyone to laugh but I noticed the regrets on Stephen’s face


‘Yes baby I will marry you.’ She said and he put the ring on her finger


Cake and wine were brought and everyone took a piece. I excused myself because I wanted to get some air.


I stood by the bacon in my room and allowed the breeze to hit my face. ‘Hey.’


I didn’t have to turn around to guess who it was ‘Aren’t you supposed to be with Xcella?’ I asked ‘She is gone.’


‘Why didn’t you take her?’


‘Raquel she is gone.’


‘What?’ I asked this time facing him


‘Stephen you can’t just continue doing this, you need to attach yourself to someone.’ I said dipping my finger in his chest


‘Raquel tell me you don’t want me and I swear I will leave.’ He said catching me by surprise




‘Raquel I see how you look at me when you think I am not looking, I notice how you always want us three to do things together. Tell me you don’t like us and I swear I will just be the man that fathered your child.’ ‘Stephen.’ I said with a sigh


‘Damn it Raquel! For years you have given me all these signs and I continue to remain conflicted with myself. Xcella is a good person but I couldn’t be with her even though you people perceived we were together.’ ‘Wait I thought.’


‘You thought wrong, I wasn’t going to tie myself to two women. So tell me now that you don’t want this and I will leave for good this time.’


‘Stephen your heart has never been mine, you need to find yourself.’ I say honestly as my boyfriend walks in


I move closer and kiss his right cheek.


‘You are a good dad to Xander but that doesn’t mean that you will be a good husband to me, find yourself and only then will you be able to love another person.’


‘I wish you the very best.’ He says


‘So do I.’ I say before walking away




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