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My life had just gone from bad to worse in just a split second, almost everyone had left but Camy and Raquel were both in the house. I stood by the verandah and allowed the evening breeze to just hit my face and maybe my emotions too, I was drained and I couldn’t even think straight.


Mum, Stella and Marvin had left at the same time saying if Camy wanted to take Raquel to court and not solve the problem at hand like civilized people they would allow her to do it but she must know that they would sue her for marriage interference afterwards.


I walked back into the house and found Raquel seated in the dining area having her supper, she was also busy pressing her phone that she didn’t see me standing there. ‘We need to talk.’ I said after clearing my throat


She put her phone on the table and faced me.


‘I think you need to leave.’ I started


‘If you want to behave like an adult I would suggest you take a seat and talk to me like one.’ She said


I was taken aback but decided it was best to seat down.


‘Raquel this is not working.’ I said with a lump on my throat but she just sat there looking at me, not once dropping her gaze.


‘You know I love Camy, and I never stopped doing so but you hurting her has totally hurt me as well which is why I can’t allow you to be a part of my life or hers.’


She took a sip from her juice and wiped her mouth with a napkin. ‘Who told you that this was supposed to work?’ she asked ‘Excuse me?’ I asked


‘Yes Stephen, you said that this isn’t working right?’ ‘Yes I did.’


‘Stephen we had a deal, that after this child is born and turns one which is two years from now; we would get a divorce not so?’


I kept quiet.


She stood up carrying her plates to the kitchen but I followed her.


‘You have to leave this house, you have to get out of my life because I can’t have you and Camilla under the same roof.’


She sighed then walked past me but I held her.


‘Let me go Stephen.’


‘No I won’t until you tell me what is going on here.’ She yanked my hand off and lifted her top. On her belly were bruises and cuts.


‘If I wanted to hurt your woman I wouldn’t do this to myself and I bet she is such an angel and is not capable of causing me harm; but as long as I don’t know what is happening I will not have any more conversations with you.’ She said and walked away but stopped half way.


‘Stephen I don’t love you and I will never do, I am only here because of this child and trust me I can raise it on my own but maybe; just maybe this is the only thing that you will truly be attached to and so I won’t take this away from you.’ She said and banged the door in my face


I stood there frustrated and more confused, Camy wasn’t capable of hurting Raquel so how then did she get the bruises and the cuts on her stomach?


I walked to the bedroom and found Camy laying on the bed in one of my t-shirts. ‘Hey babe.’ I said kissing her forehead when I got next to her ‘Hey.’ She responded wrapping her hands around me


‘You don’t look too fine.’ She said when I wasn’t saying anything


‘I wanted so much for Raquel to leave but she is hell bent on staying here until the baby is born.’


‘Maybe I should leave.’


‘No no, you are not going anywhere. I lost you once ad now I can’t lose you again.’ I said kissing her lips lightly


‘You never lost me babe, that was just a phase and each phase comes to pass.’ She responded


I smiled as I smelt her hair.


‘Let me talk to Raquel, maybe we can come up with an agreement. Maybe this


whole court thing can be dropped because honestly I don’t want tarnishing your


name with our issues.’


‘Are you sure?’ I asked her


‘I am.’


‘I love you.’


‘I love you.’ She responded getting up



I watched as she walked out of the room then closed the door behind her. She knocked once on Raquel’s door before she was let in.


Raquel was just from bathing and was still wrapped in her bath robe. ‘I want us to talk.’ Camilla began


‘You and your man should both learn some manners you know.’ She said before grabbing her night cream


‘By that you mean?’


‘There is a chair over there, take a seat and you can say whatever you want to say.’ She told her


Camilla walked over to where the chair was and sat.


‘How are you feeling? I did a good one on you right?’ Raquel asked before laughing


‘This is not funny Raquel, you hurt me and I could have gotten worse.’ ‘Really?’ she asked with mockery


‘I see you won’t stop rubbing it in my face about how you hurt me but I am here to talk about Stephen.’


Raquel stood up and put her night cream back, she dropped the bath robe exposing her bruised tummy then pulled on a night dress.


‘Your tummy.’


‘Oh that, didn’t you do this when defending yourself?’ she asked with no emotion written on her face


Camilla kept quiet unsure of what to say


‘Yes you wanted to talk about my husband?’ she asked this time seating on the bed and throwing a fleece blanket over her feet


‘Raquel this is not working, I mean you and Stephen. It isn’t working, why don’t you just get divorced?’


‘I will divorce him but only after my baby is born.’ Camilla got to her feet


‘You know he doesn’t love you, so stop pushing your way into his life!’ she yelled ‘Pushing my way into his life? And this is coming from someone who is his mistress right?’


Camilla raised her hand to slap Raquel but she was quick enough to hold it


‘I don’t know what you and your accomplice did to me so that I could forget what happened but I will not allow you to lay a finger on me again. You can have Stephen but I am telling you again that if you ever try to harm my baby, I will make sure you don’t have the energy to get close to your Stephen. Now if you want



to live in this house with us, fine. But make sure you stay away from me and my child.’ She said dropping her hand roughly


Camilla walked out the room with fear as Raquel got her phone to call her cousin. ‘Yes baby.’ He responded


‘She is not working alone, find out who she is working with.’ ‘And you know this because?’


‘She flinched when she saw my bruises, she didn’t do it.’


‘Okay I will do it first thing tomorrow.’ He said before dropping the line





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