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I drove to Levy General Hospital like a mad person, I needed to find out what had happened to Camy. I needed to know what Raquel had done to her because they were a lot of pieces that were not just right and if I didn’t fix the jigsaw puzzle then I would definitely run mad. When I got there I called her sister who met me by the reception and directed me to where Camy was being kept.


One glance at her and my heart was filled with not just anger but pain as well, I was hurt that I had allowed a monster into my life to do this to the only woman that I loved with a passion.


‘You came.’ She said when she saw me


‘I am sorry baby, I am really sorry.’ I said as I held her ‘Not too tight, my body hurts.’ She said


Her hand had a cut which had been stitched, she had bruises on her faces and her lip had a cut and was swollen.


‘I must look awful right?’ she asked


‘Don’t concentrate on that, I will make sure Raquel pays for this.’ I said with so much anger


I walked to the doctor’s office and asked him to discharge her, even though he wanted to protest I suggested a nurse be assigned to her which he gladly did because I was paying a lot of money for that.


I called the maid and asked her to pack every one of Raquel’s clothes and prepare my bed because I was going with someone. I asked her sister to come with us too



because I needed to be at work the following day and I had seen how cozy the maid had become with Raquel so I didn’t entirely trust her.


I dropped the ladies home and drove to Chelstone Police Station where Raquel was being held.


One of the officers went to call her and she came minutes later dressed in the prisoner’s uniforms.


‘How dare you Raquel?’ I asked with so much anger but she just looked at me without a word


‘I welcomed you into my home, I did everything right. Even when I didn’t love you I still took you in because I didn’t want my child to be born outside wedlock. I left the only woman that made me sane, for you!’ I yelled ‘Are you done?’ she asked


I laughed with disbelief, so this was it? She was going to play dumb?


‘I swear I will make you rot behind these bars. The minute you touched Camy is the minute you totally erased yourself from my life and the minute that child is born I am doing a DNA test.’ I said but she was still quiet


I banged my hands on the table.


‘Boss behave yourself.’ An officer yelled


‘Raquel just tell me why you did it, tell me why you hurt her. Honestly I did everything possible to make things right between us but you had to hurt the only muscle that gives me life?’ I asked pleadingly


She was quiet and just looking at me


‘I will see my lawyers tomorrow and will ask them to prepare divorce papers, you needed a reason for us to get divorced. Well there you have it.’ I said


‘I hope to never see you again Raquel, it was good while it lasted.’ I said and walked out of the Police station.


I got into my vehicle and for the first time in years I felt my heart shatter, I had hopes for my marriage. I was beginning to think that it would get better with time but no, I had started to like her but she just had to mess everything up. I decided to call Stella.


‘Little sister.’ I said


‘Hey, I am from your place and was shocked to see Camy. I was even about to call


you to find out what has just happened.’


‘Let us meet at Garden city mall.’ I said


‘Okay I will be there soon.’ She said before dropping the line


I was about to leave the place when someone tapped on my window, I rolled it down.


‘Yes?’ I asked the man that was standing before me


‘I think you need to do a bit of investigating before you make any rational decisions.’ He said and walked away


I clicked my tongue and sped off, if Raquel was innocent she would have defended herself but no.


After getting to the mall, I went to an eating place and picked a table that would make it easy for Stella to find me. I spotted her vehicle a few minutes later and waved my hand in the air to show her where I was. ‘What happened?’ she asked before sitting down


‘Can you believe what Raquel did, Lord that animal!’ I said


It was the first time I was really letting out how I was feeling, Raquel had really hurt me.


‘Are you telling me that she is the one that did that to Camy?’ ‘Can you imagine that?’


Stella kept quiet for a while.


‘And where is she right now?’


‘Raquel?’ she added


‘Camy had her arrested.’


‘Oh my goodness.’




‘God damn it Steph your wife is pregnant such living conditions are not good for her and the baby.’


‘Stella did you hear me? She assaulted Camy. My Camy.’ Stella looked at me with disbelief


‘You need to set your priorities right Stephen.’ She said and got up ‘Is this happening again?’


‘Is what happening? What happened to burying the hatchet? No we are not doing this again but I am getting Raquel out of there and if you don’t want to stay with her she is welcome in my house and I am pretty sure mum wouldn’t mind having her.’


‘Stella.’ I said with disbelief


‘Stephen I spent some time with Raquel, yes she has made bad choices but she is


not capable of hurting Camy. I mean even if she did why now when things are


going just fine between the two of you?’


‘So are you saying Camy is lying?’



‘No and yes, at this point anything is possible. Camy is a good person and she would never directly hurt you but something just doesn’t add up and I won’t let a good woman suffer.’ She said and walked away




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