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As I walked out on my brother, I felt my heart scatter in a lot of different places. I had known Camilla for a long time and she wasn’t a violent person, she would never hurt a fly even at gun point but Raquel too was a happy person. Her spirit was lovable and the joy she carried was contagious, something just wasn’t right and I had to find out so I drove to Chelstone Police to see her.


When I got there the police officer called her and only gave us twenty minutes to speak.


She walked in and I could see that she was tired, the holding cells were not kind to her. I put my hands around her and said nothing for a good ten seconds until I heard her sob silently.


‘He thinks I did it.’ She said between sobs


‘Hush Raquel, let us concentrate on getting you out of here first.’ I said looking at her


I led her to a chair where she sat.


‘Have you called anyone yet?’


‘I tried reaching my aunty but her line isn’t going through, I guess she is out of the country. She told me that she would be travelling a few days back.’ ‘And your father?’


‘I don’t directly talk to him, you can say it’s a messed up relationship that we have. Aunty Tina is our middle person and if she isn’t around not much talking happens between us.’


‘You could have called me or mum, you know we would come on the first ring.’ I said rubbing her hand.


‘It’s nice that you are not here with a raging temper.’ She said as a tear fell ‘But you know that I need to know what happened right.’ ‘I talked to my cousin, he is on his way.’ She said


‘And?’ I asked with a puzzled look


‘He is a lawyer and was out of the country but I am glad he is back.’ She said Just then a man that I could not forget walked in


‘Baby.’ He said embracing her


‘Hey.’ She responded as she broke down in his arms


For the first time since I was here she looked scared and just poured out her emotions. After a while he led her to a chair.


‘I know you.’ The man told me


‘You are Nthombi’s fiancé right?’ I asked ‘You two know each other?’


‘Wait, I hope this is not what I am thinking.’ He said now sweating ‘Marvin what is it?’


‘Stephen knocked you up?’ he asked now getting angry ‘Marvin we are married.’


‘That bastard!’ he screamed heating his fist into the wall ‘What am I missing here?’


‘And the fool had the guts to tell his lawyer to email me your divorce papers? He thinks he can just walk into your life and walk out as he pleases. He has another thing coming!’ He yelled


‘You are not making any sense right now.’


‘Whatever happens you are not divorcing him until that child is born, I am getting you out of here and you are going back to your matrimonial home, you hear me’ ‘I do.’ She responded with fear


‘So who is the girl in question, the one you allegedly assaulted?’ ‘Camilla.’ I responded


‘Jesus no.’ he said now on his feet again and pacing about in the room ‘Can one of you just tell me what is happening?’ A confused Raquel asked


Both I and Marvin kept quiet, I could only imagine the kind of anger he was going through.


‘How did he knock you up again?’ he asked looking at her ‘Marvin we have been through this.’


‘Baby someone else not Stephen, why do the most important woman in my life have a bad choice when it comes to men?’ he asked frustrated


‘Camy was dating Marvin and when they broke up she started dating Steph.’ ‘Shit.’ Raquel said


‘You can say that again.’ He responded



‘Firstly I need to get you out of here then you can tell me what happened that night.’


Marvin went to talk to the police officers and got her out on bail but she had to report every day to the police station.


He said he didn’t come with a car so I drove him to his office where he was going to get a statement from Raquel.


‘Tell me what happened last night.’ He said when we all gathered in his office ‘I was at school when I got a call, someone told me that Stephen was involved in an accident and the line went dead. Puzzled I tried to call him a number of times but his line went unanswered. So I left school and drove straight home.’ ‘Why did you go home? Why didn’t you go to his office first?’


‘Because his secretary had told me that he had left the office, so I thought it was just a prank and he wanted me to be home.’ ‘What happened when you got home?’


‘I found the maid, asked her if he was back and she said he wasn’t. I panicked but just then the same number sent me directions to a place. I drove there and only found a burning car with trails of blood.’


By this time I and Marvin were trying to connect the dots.


‘Go on.’ He said


‘I moved closer to the car because when I called the number that had brought me here I couldn’t get through. From there I don’t know what happened because the next thing I remember was waking up in bushes with bruises and the burning car wasn’t there. It was like I had been moved to a different location.’


‘This is where the case becomes hard, you have no idea what happened?’ ‘Why would I hurt Camilla honestly?’


‘But have you ever talked to her about Stephen, have you ever threatened her?’ She looked down


‘Raquel I need all the details that can bring you down.’


‘I did, one time I went baby shopping with Stephen and he left me to do it alone


only to find him in the car with her.’


‘What did you do?’


‘I got her number and asked her to meet me where I threatened her that should anything happen to my baby I would hurt her too.’ ‘Were there witnesses?’


‘I don’t know.’


‘Raquel you need to help me here.’


‘Maybe her sister I think.’ She said


I sighed heavily as I thought of what we were up against, this was huge.





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