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If someone told me that being ignored would touch a muscle then I would have probably been a better man, I was still very confused that Camy would have given me that treatment because I remember too well a point in our lives when she used to give me all the attention that I could have requested from her.


I drove out of UNZA with my head in different places but I wasn’t going to allow her to disturb me so I drove straight to my sister’s place in Avondale.


‘Who do we have here?’ Stella asked with a smile


I noticed she was glowing and I made my own conclusions that maybe she was expecting. She was two years younger than me and yet she had been blessed with a beautiful baby who unfortunately had died just after turning six months. The doctors said his lungs were not developing hence making it hard for him to breath.


‘Hey baby?’ I greeted kissing her cheek


She allowed me to go into the house as she closed the door behind her.


‘This place looks beautiful.’ I complimented looking at the new paintings that they had placed on the walls


‘As inspired by Camy.’ She said heading to the kitchen


My sister and my girlfriend were pretty close, well her husband owned a law firm and at first I thought that was why but I later discovered that they genuinely liked each other.



‘Oh I was at the salon the other day, she has some pretty good paintings and I couldn’t let her breath till she showed me where she got them.


‘What salon?’ I asked confused


‘Camy opened her salon on Tuesday.’


‘Oh yeah, it must have slipped. She told me about it.’ I said avoiding her eyes


She looked at me intently, Stella is one person I could never lie to but knowing that she was close to Camy made me feel a certain way. It is all good when your family likes the person you are dating but not to a point where they feel that person deserves better than you.


I know Stella knew most of the things I used to do but not once had Camy gone to her complaining, she carried herself strongly around her.


‘What has been happening to you?’ she asked handing me a glass of juice


‘Thank you.’ I said moving over


My sister liked seating on the same couch as myself whenever we were together


‘Well if it isn’t work that has has been getting me down.’ I said genuinely


‘You do look tired, when last were you home though?’


‘A week ago maybe.’


‘Steph our parents are not getting any younger, make some time for them.’


‘I hear you.’ I said


This is a topic I always avoided, I loved my parents a whole lot but being around them made me think of all the things that I wasn’t doing right in mine. I saw how happy they were together, after so many years of marriage they were still madly in love like teenagers.



‘What do you want to eat?’ I asked getting up


‘This is you avoiding this topic right?’ she asked following me behind


I knew Stella too well, she wouldn’t let this one go but good food would keep her quiet for a while.


‘Surprise me little brother.’


‘Little brother huh?’ I asked looking around the kitchen


‘Yes little brother.’


Just then the door opened and Stella rushed to the living room to see who it was.


‘Hey girl?’ I heard her say


The other lady responded and something about her voice made me want to go and check who it was.


‘Hey.’ I said after standing for a minute or so when the ladies didn’t notice my presence


‘Oh Steph meet my friend Ntombi, girl remember my brother?’


‘Who wouldn’t remember him with just how much you talk about him?’


Both ladies laughed


Ntombi walked forward to greet me, she had a ring on her finger but her eyes showed a flirt. She was wearing blue ripped jeans which had a black lace inside that exposed her brown thighs, on the upper part was an off the shoulder white top and she had a pair of blue air max on her feet.


‘Nice to meet you Ntombi.’ I said with a smile


‘Like wise.’ She responded smiling mischievously



Another look at her and I made out that she was the flirtatious kind of person, she was one of those ladies who were willing to get married either because everyone else is or because they felt they were not getting any younger but that still didn’t stop them from living the life they wanted; the dog life.


‘Do I still need to cook?’ I asked when there was some silence


‘How about we do pizza, the bill is on me of course.’ Ntombi suggested


I would have said no but the ecstatic look on Stella’s face made me agree.


We drove to east park mall since both ladies wanted to have the pizza from pizza hut despite me being a debonairs kind of person. Ntombi made the order whilst I and Stella looked for a spot to seat.


‘Ten minutes.’ She said when she came back settling just opposite where I sat.


They engaged in conversation whilst I checked my phone for any messages from Camy, I had not updated her on my movements and she was one person that insisted on the value of communication but this time around she was quiet.


‘Steph are you okay?’ Ntombi asked mood


I felt a little uncomfortable her calling me that because only my closest friends did. Stella must have noticed because she quickly responded


‘Just say Stephen honey, Steph sounds a little uncool.’


‘Oh I am sorry, just that I heard you calling him that.’


‘It’s fine, I just like teasing him.’ She said


My sister was my hero.


Our order number was called and just before we could start eating; Stella’s phone rang. She came back to announce that her husband was not feeling too fine and



was heading home. Now it was I and Ntombi and I had absolutely no idea what we would talk about. She seemed like the jovial one because immediately she engaged us into conversation and I found myself laughing my lungs out.


‘I know that girl.’ She said looking ahead


‘Which girl?’ I asked turning her direction and my eyes met with Camy’s


‘Camilla.’ She said


By this time Camy was walking our way


She didn’t even look at me but her eyes were on Ntombi




‘Camilla, I see you haven’t changed much.’ She said with a hint of sarcasm


Camy chuckled


‘Just wanted to say hai.’ She said


‘Oh meet my friend Steph.’ She flaunted


‘I see.’ she said that without even looking at me


I watched as Camy walked away without even sparing a glance at me.


I watched Nthombi’s face for any reaction, she looked angry but quickly plastered it.


‘She was dating my fiancé, they were quite the pair those two till he fell for me. Never put up a fight, I am sure she knows I would have crushed her.’ She said but I found it hard to believe





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