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The drive back home was quiet, my emotions were all over the place and all I wanted was just to get a good night rest and forget about all the things that had gone wrong in my life the past couple of days.


I drove into the compound and it was awfully quiet, I checked my watch and it was already past eighteen.


‘Good evening.’ I heard Raquel say from the dining area


I was about to walk past her when I noticed that she was just seated there with food warmers of food.


‘Why aren’t you eating?’ I asked


‘Well because despite me being your enemy in this house, I grew up in a home where we all had our meals together and I am not about to change that tradition because of you.’ She said


I looked at her for a while before my stomach betrayed me.


So after settling into one of the chairs, I was just there waiting for her to open the food.


I helped myself with washing my hands and she did the same before dishing out for the both of us.


We both ate in silence, I had not had a decent meal in a very long time and I must say the dry fish with rape and nshima did justice.


‘Your mother called.’ She began when we were half way through the food


I put my food down and looked at her, waiting for her to finish what she had started.


‘She wanted me to go shopping with her for the baby tomorrow.’ ‘And?’


‘Well I told her you are the father and so I would rather we go the both of us.’ I sighed, I was enjoying my meal then she just had to ruin it.


‘Couldn’t you wait till I finished my food?’ ‘Don’t tell me you have lost your appetite?’

I shook my head, washed my hands then stood up to leave.


‘I will put some food for you in the warmer and please don’t forget we have a date tomorrow.’ She said



I walked out whilst she was still speaking and closed myself in the bedroom. My mind was refusing to think straight and I didn’t know what I had to do just so I could be back to normal again.


So after battling with emotions I decided to take a quick bath then went back to the room, for some reason all the clothes I had left hanging around were nicely packed in the closet and I thanked my maid inwardly because I knew that she was the one behind all this.


The next morning I woke up to the sound of a bang on my door, I almost cussed but I decided it was best to keep my temper down if I wanted to get back to my senses.


‘What?’ I asked looking at Raquel who was standing by the door ‘It is eight in the morning and you need to prepare yourself.’


‘Prepare for what?’ I asked rubbing my eyes and hoping she could just go away ‘I thought I mentioned that we are going to shop for the baby.’ ‘Oh that, can’t we do it tomorrow?’


‘Today is your last day at home, I could as well shop alone but it so happens that I didn’t make this baby alone.’ She said walking away ‘Please hurry up.’ She yelled


I closed the door with a loud thud before throwing myself on the bed, I picked up my phone and straight away logged in to Facebook. I was almost not believing it when I saw a post by Camy’s sister where Camy had been tagged saying they were at Manda hill having a blast.


I quickly got into the shower and changed into some fresh clothes, I had to see her somehow even if it meant bringing Manda hill down.


‘Aren’t you going to eat?’ Raquel asked when I picked up the car keys ‘I am not hungry.’ I responded


‘You need to stop wasting food Stephen, it doesn’t come cheap.’


I looked at her unbelievably, it was my house and I was paying for the food so the last thing I needed was for her to remind me of what I was spending.’


She walked past me obviously heading for the vehicle.


‘Good morning aunty.’ I said to the maid


‘Good morning Sir.’ She responded not once removing her eyes from what she was doing


I found Raquel already buckled in when I got in the vehicle then straight away drove us to Manda hill. The whole time she was busy on her phone and from time and again she made little amused sounds.


‘We are here.’ I said


‘We can start with Ackerman’s.’ She announced


‘You wanted us to come here, here we are now go and do your shopping.’ I said For a while I could have sworn that hurt had been written on her face but she quickly masked it with a smile.


‘Okay, I will call you once I am done.’ She said


I didn’t think so much of whether she was hurting or not because the only thing I wanted was to look for Camy. So when she was out of sight, I logged into Facebook again and stalked her sister only to discover that they were at Galito’s.


I quickly went there and there they were, Camy had not changed and her smile was still as beautiful as ever.


‘Hey.’ I said when I got to where they were and the smile immediately vanished ‘What do you want here?’ her sister asked


‘Camy please I need to talk to you.’ I began avoiding the evil glares from her little sisters


I could see the hurt in her eyes, I could visibly see the pain and I wanted to do something about it but with the environment we were in I knew I couldn’t do much.


‘Where have you parked?’ she asked


I led us out of the place and went to the car park where I had parked. I opened the door for her like old times and closed it behind her after she was in.


‘What do you want to talk about?’ She asked not once looking at me ‘Camy look at me.’ I said


She slowly lifted her head and her tears gave her away ‘Camy I didn’t mean to hurt you.’


‘Funny enough I was expecting you to say that but another part of me was really hoping that instead of saying that you would actually tell me why you cheated.’ I was about to respond when Camy’s door opened


‘Wow.’ Raquel said coming face to face to Camy and I ‘I will get a cab.’ She said then closed the door ‘You didn’t tell me you were with her.’


‘Don’t mind her, I just want to talk to you.’ I said with a smile trying to hold her hand but she moved it away


‘Your priorities are misplaced Stephen, she is carrying your child and you can’t just start treating her like that.’ She said ‘What are you talking about?’


‘Stephen you need to grow up, you need to know where to invest your emotions in.’ she said getting off the vehicle



For a minute I didn’t know what had just happened, for a minute I didn’t know who Camy was but the way she had left told me that I had some huge decisions to make



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