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Schools had closed and I had never been more thankful, this had been the toughest semester and I wasn’t even sure if I would do well in my fourth and final year because so much had changed.


After my birthday dinner which had been ruined months back, I decided I was going to stay away from anyone and everyone that had contributed to my pain and my hurt.


For starters I never asked Stephen for any explanation, the fact that he knew the lady that had bulged in on us and had not questioned her how spoke a lot. Secondly I was disappointed in his sister, after much investigation I discovered that she had been aware of her brother’s rendezvous activities and yet had not mentioned a thing to me even though we were close. Well I don’t blame her entirely, he is her brother after all and I know she would take the bullet for him. Marvin was another story, well news had spread quickly about how I was cheated on and my boyfriend was now marrying the mother to his unborn child and he had not hesitated to show up. Maybe it was to offer either support or pity or friendship whichever it is I sent him away.


He was after all engaged to be married and from what I saw Ntombi was also interested in Steph; there was just so much dirt and I wasn’t willing to compete. See for some people they heal better by talking to someone, others by doing what they love but I guess I am a different case. I heal well by staying away from everything and everyone who has caused me pain. I heal well by completely shutting out of my life, like they never existed. That is what I had been doing all this while, I deleted whatever contact I had with Steph and blocked any chances of him contacting me.


I even went off social media for a while, trust me cyber bullying can be quite deadly.


So here I am seated on my bed and looking at my sister’s phone, apparently she just left it hanging and I decided to go through her facebook account.


Guess the first thing that I come into contact with? Photos of Stephen with his new wife, her name is Raquel and is a second year student in the school of humanities at my school.



I stalk her a little before putting back the phone, she is an only child. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, daughter to a former high commissioner. Her mother died when she was very young and her dad had not taken it lightly hence sending her off to live with her aunty Rose in Kabwe where she grew up.


From the information I could gather I made out that she only came to Lusaka after being at the university of Zambia and had taken to a wild life ever since.


I put down the phone as I felt my heart ache, it was done and now I had to let go of Stephen. It’s funny how we are all amounted an equal share at life and its even funnier how we decide on how to live and make best of what we were accorded. So here I was, a lady working her way up the ladder to make something out of my life with a man I loved the most only for a lady who has had it easy in life to come and take it all away.


‘Are you okay?’ my little sister asked when she walked into the room ‘I will be fine, it’s darkest before dawn right?’ I asked with a smile ‘It surely is.’ She responded coming to hug me


My youngest sister walked in too and I knew now more than ever that the task I had at hand was huge, these two depended on me and in as much as I wanted to build a life for myself, I had to create an image worthy of them wanting to follow. ‘I love you both.’ I said kissing one to the other ‘We love you too Camy.’ They chorused






Finally it was over and done with, we had gone to civic center to officiate our marriage then later went to dads where we had our lunch. I wanted a small thing but my new father in law couldn’t allow it. He said it was enough that I had tricked his daughter into becoming pregnant – I really wanted to give him a visual explanation of what had happened; so the least we could do was throw a huge lunch for her.


We had important people from all walks of life, journalists everywhere getting news for their media houses and all the important people that I could have only imagined.


I felt choked at my own wedding, this is not how I imagined to be spending thirty and the rest of my life. I always thought I would live to see more hangover days without a woman to push me around but I guess I was wrong.


For some reason I had hoped that Camy would show up and just disrupt everything but she never did, I kept looking and looking but no; she didn’t come.



So now here I am seated in the bar area with my maid in the kitchen and my new wife laying in my bed. She says she wants the master bedroom and I can take whatever room I want.


‘Son are you okay? Aunty the maid asked ‘I will be okay.’ I responded


She looked at me intently before settling down, something she has never done in all the three years she has worked for me.


‘Stephen, I know I might be crossing the line and maybe I won’t have a job after this but I just need to say it. Camy is a good person and anyone who knew your way of life knew that this day would come. You hurt that girl, you toyed with her emotions and even when she invested everything into your relationship; you still found a loop hole to strain her. God knows I prayed for the day she would leave you.’


I eyed her suspiciously


‘Yes Stephen I did, you are a good person but Camy wasn’t the girl to tame you. She is a better person than you and deserves a man who is going to make her his heart, who will turn her into his essence of existence. You need a girl that is going to crush your heart, a girl who will be bad for you and her Vernon will get you to your knees. Good luck with your wife.’ She said before walking away ‘Wow.’ I said before switching off the television



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