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I woke up pretty early in readiness for work, I had not been in the office for over a week and I wasn’t sure if the place would feel the same again. But I was the boss and I had to report least workers began doing the total opposite of what they were required to do.


I had paid particular attention to picking out my clothes, yes my life was not going how I had expected it to go but I couldn’t continue leaving the same.


I pulled off my charcoal grey suit with a crimson shirt, I had black leather shoes on and a Casio watch which had black straps; something my sister had bought me for my last birthday.


‘God morning Sir.’ The maid said when I walked to the dining area


She was just finishing laying the table and told me that food had been prepared. I was shocked because it was rare for me to have breakfast from home during working days but since I had about an hour to spare, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to eat from home.


I had just settled in my chair when Raquel walked in, she was wearing a peach flared dress with gold heels. She had unplaited her hair or was it a weave and I noticed she had short gold hair that was cut on the sides and curly on top.


On her hand was a little gold bracelet that was matching her necklace, she carried a peach hand bag with her and had a gold stud on her left ear and a peach feather drop earring on the right. Quite stylish.


‘Good morning.’ I said as civil as I could be ‘Good morning.’ She responded not looking at me

She put her handbag on one chair and settled in one just opposite me.


The table was graced with fried bacon, omelets, vegetable sandwiches and some corn flakes.


I helped myself to almost everything on the table but in small portions, I loved food and I always made sure to eat whatever was prepared.


I watched as Raquel poured the cereal in a bowl and added some milk without sugar then began to eat.


‘That is the only food that you are going to eat?’ I asked before biting on my sandwich


‘That’s the only thing that I can keep down.’ She responded this time looking me in the eyes


‘Oh, my bad.’


‘It is actually very normal.’ She said


There was silence again.


‘I need some money to get clothes for the baby, I will probably go shopping after


picking up my car from dad’s.’ she said


‘Oh that, can’t we do it this Saturday?’


‘Not possible, dad has a fundraising dinner and little princess has to be there.’ She said before sighing


I was trying so hard not to read her mind but the way she spoke about her father showed that there was more to their relationship.


‘This dinner, can I go with you?’


‘If it will make your life better.’ She said getting up with her bowl which was now empty


Something I noticed about Raquel is that she never wasted food, whatever portion she put on her plate she made sure to finish it. If not she would nicely cover it then warm it up and have it later.


Also she never waited for the maid to remove her plates from the table, she always did that herself.


‘Are you staring at me?’ she asked and it was only then I noticed that she had not moved but was standing with her bowl.


‘Sorry.’ I quickly said dropping my gaze


I saw her smile a little then headed to the kitchen.


I followed suite and removed my plates then followed her to the kitchen where I placed the dishes in the sink. She washed them then we headed out.


‘Send me your account number so that I deposit the money.’ I said before getting into the vehicle because she was going with a cab.


‘I will need to open an account first then after that I will send it.’ ‘Why not just give me yours?’


‘Ah, it is the baby’s money and not mine. Do not misplace your priorities, remember the agreement.’ She said


Her words touched a muscle, I liked how we had woken up. It felt normal when we acted civil, we were not on each other’s case and I liked this side of us better.


I watched as the cab drove off then I headed out as well. I played Eminem’s walk on water the whole way, I loved the lyrics to the song and the fact that Beyoncé featured was just a plus.


‘Welcome back sir.’ My secretary greeted, cup of coffee in hand ‘Thank you.’ I responded getting it from her


I noticed how people were staring at me, probably because of the wedding band on my finger but I cared less about that.



She briefed me on what was pending and what I had to do the rest of the day and before I knew it, I was slumped with work and it was already after lunch hour. ‘Sir you have a visitor.’ My secretary said when she had walked in


‘I am busy.’ I responded but I heard the sound of heels so I looked up


‘I figured you wouldn’t have time, so I took it upon myself to bring you food.’ I stood up and went to hug her, Lord I had missed her and her presence was just everything.


‘I prepared your favorite.’


I moved the papers from my table and put the food warmers there, true to her word; there was nshima with pumpkin leaves and fried fish.


‘I owe you for this.’


She smiled at me


‘Why don’t you join me?’


She washed her hands and sat just next to me, we chatted like old times and for once in my life I felt alive.


‘Thank you so much.’ I said after washing my hands ‘You are welcome.’ She responded


We chatted some more and she told me she had to go but promised she would visit me another time.


‘Hai.’ Raquel said when she bulged in on us as I was kissing my visitor’s forehead She looked at the warmers that she was carrying and smiled weakly trying to hide the plastics she had in her hands.


‘I see you have already had your lunch.’ She said turning around



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