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Caroline’s pov ????????????
Michael carried me to his office and dupped me harshly on his sofa. “Carol what’s wrong with you? When did you become like this,for goodness sake you made a scene!!” He shouted. “Why,what’s in to you,you should have seen how she spoke to me,she deserved more than that. “I shouted back. “Even so,you’ve changed alot,that’s not how I know you to be”he screamed. Now what,he knows me before,”what do you mean? Who are you to me?where did you know me”I asked and as he was about answering Lucas chipped in “Michael,are you sure you wanna tell her now,are you ready”he asked,while Alice held her chest. Now am confused. “What’s going on? Just who are you??”I asked getting up from the sofa. “Its me Michael”he said and I rolled my eyes. “Yeah,doc Michael,so??, how’s that a secret” I said not really understanding what he meant until he said. “No, am that Michael that rapped you!! A….a…am… That beast,that bastered that hurt you, am so so sorry,”he blabbed. I stood there like a robot as the whole event of the rape played in my head.
Six years ago at the carnival***????????????
I looked around looking for Michael,he was no where to be found. Thats unlike him,something must be wrong,I decided to go look for him. ***
I later found him in an uncompleted building,kinda far from the carnival location,he was just sitting there starring into space. “Paddy,watcha doing here,let’s go have fun”I said. “I was waiting for you”he said,his voice sounding odd. “Me,…*worried* paddy,are you alright,you sound different” he said coming close. “Yeah,candy am fine,just……*”he said taking my hand to touch his prick,and….???? oh my God,he’s hard. I made to leave immedietly but he caught me quickly. “Common,candy,you think am letting you go with my condition?”he said smirking. ???????? ” paddy pls not now,pls,I haven’t done this before,and I don’t want to do it now,am a virgin pls”I begged. “That’s not my problem. Don’t worry,I’ll marry you,I love you” he said and push me to the floor. I made to scream but he shut my mouth with 2 heavy punches. At that moment I knew I wasn’t going to get lucky. “Paddy,I beg you pls….d..don.. don’t,I.. I’ll do anything pls”I said as blood gushed out of my mouth. “Don’t worry candy,you’ll enjoy it,its fun”he said and tied my hands to the pillars there with some roppes around,then he tried opening my legs but I hardened it. “Paddy pls….Michael,I beg you”I cried uncontrollably????????????. But he hit my laps real hard weakening my bones as I ???? screamed. He tore my T-shirt and scattered my bra in a minute. “Wow,your boobs look good”he said as I continued ???? crying. “How could you do this to me Michael” I said and about to scream when he punched my mouth again and by now am bleeding seriously. He tore my trousers and my pant and finally about to plug in. “Micheal no no no, am scared its gonna hurt…pls Michael pls…I be…..arghhhhhhhhhhh!!n” I screamed to where my voice could reach as he plugged,he didn’t take it easy,he was plugging in and out of me as I screamed in pains,and as usual,I was kinda enjoying it but I didnt moan cause the pain was more than the pleasure. It was horrible!!????????????????
I continued screaming as he plugged in and outta me. “Michael enough you beast!!my bones are breaking????????????” I said. “Yeah candy,thats how big my prick is” he said and started vibrating then suddenly pulled outta me and released. Then looked at me like he just woke up from a dream. You must be kidding me. The look on his face was like*what have I done*???? he stood up immediately and started dressing,while I was thinking of how to get up,my bones where really weak,I felt sour,with blood all over me…..”am sorry carol”he said looking at me really pathetic. “How could you do this to me Michael??”I asked still crying. He just looked at me took to his heels and left,I finally managed to craw back home…..
Flashback ends……..
Now he’s here telling me he’s sorry,after that experience? Sorry??!thats what he could say. What if I died. “Carol,are you ok,are you still here?”Alice said thinking I’ve gotten into a shock. “No,am very much ok,Michael is this you” I said as teats Began rolling down my eyes. He knelt down in front of me. “Candy,I really regretted what I did,I wasn’t…..”I didn’t let him finish when I started giving him slaps,uncountable… Till his cheeks became red,my slap was different,with all the strength and anger in me till he held my hand. “Candy enough,its still me your paddy,pls forgive me…..”he said crying. I yanked my hands off him. “You don’t deserve my forgiveness” I said and I noticed my voice had changed. “I’ll kill you Michael” I said
Alice pov????????
“I’ll kill you Michael”carol said. Oh my God. Her voice has changed. She’s no more herself,she could do anything now,she could either kill Michael and kill herself right now. “Carol,calm down plss”I begged try coming close to her. “Move!!!”she said and pushed me hard making me to fall. Thank God Lucas caught me while Michael looked confused. “Lucas,watch her she might do something dangerous” I said as carol went to Micheals drawer and brought out a small pocket knife and headed towards Michael. “Carol”I,Lucas,and Michael screamed at once as she was about stabbing Michael,she hung on mid air for some seconds. Before I could say jack the knife fell down followed by a loud thud as she fell down with her eyes opened. “Agrhhhhhh!!”I shouted and ran to carry her knowing that she’s gone into a shock. “What happened Alice”Michael and Lucas asked at once. “She has gone into a shock. “Wait,let me help” Michael said coming to touch her but I pushed him away. “Don’t you dare come close to her,if she dies I swear I’ll kill you”I shouted while Lucas held me. “Alice,let him help,let him make up for his mistakes”he said. Then Michael came to carry her. “Am taking her to room 67″he said. “Don’t even think of rapping her second round!!”I said as he nodded negatively,” no Alice,I’ve learnt my lesson”he blabbed. “Whatever just move pray she doesn’t die or else you’re joining her”I said and he guppled. “We’re wasting time,can we just move it” Lucas yelled and we followed Michael to patients room 67……………..
Guys,sorry if there are some mistakes……….
What’s happening…..
How was this part….tearful right?
Who hates Michael??
Who is with carol,??????????????

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