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?? Micheals POV ????




It sounds crazy,but the thought of seeing carol again brings nothing but guilt. Am thinking of how to face her at the dinner tonight. I was still thinking when when my sec came in and said. “Doc Michael,these are the birth certificate for this week,its quite much than last weeks reports. This is an improovment.”he said handing me some files. “Yeah,if we continue like this,this hospital will be the best”I said smiling. “Before I forget,call doc.Caroline for me,I wanna speak with her”I said. “OK sir,but as of the moment,she is busy at 101 labour room,I’ll inform her as soon as she gets out”he said and went out. So she was able to move on huh,after that trauma,how come I can’t?? “Cos you still love her Mich,”I heard Lucas’s voice,that’s when I realize that I said it aloud!! “Lucas,even if u are older than me,am still your boss OK,you should knock first”I scolded. “Sorry boss,its late,we gotta go,the hospital is closing already,its gonna soon be time for the night shift workers to start trooping in, we gotta go.”he said,oh jeez! Lucas will always be crazy!!


???? Alice’s POV ????


“Caroline,let’s go its late”I said to carol who was still attending to some AIDS patients. “Alice,sir Lucas invited us for dinner tonight. You should be there”she said. I was a little bit surprise as to how fast Lucas was. “Of course we would go together”I said using my shoulder to hit hers playfully, “you know what,am feeling sick about going,can you please cover up for me”she said making me to arch my eye brow,”carol you can’t be serious,no way,you are going with me tonight,whatever is the problem will be automatically solved when you arrive there” I blabbed. “But wait,you know what,sir Michael kinda looks like Michael”she said shocking me. “Michael??what made you say that,?does sir Michael resemble a rapist?plus, Michael you know is a very funny person,while sir Michael is a moody grumpy cute Greek God. Clear difference” I said sounding confident. “That’s what’s getting me confused,those eyes are still the same”She said dreamly while I rolled my eyes,”wake up girl,u are going crazy,we have to go now,we might be late for dinner”I said clapping NY hands ????,and drawing her out of the hospital afterwards,she is such a workaholic, but what she said was really sensible,I mean doc Mich does look like Mich,and to top it all,they have the same names,I’ll get to the buttom if things,you kidding me I know carol since school days till we were transferred to Calli,so I know the rapist Michael,I’ll have to ask Lucas about this…..



* at the restaurant*


???????????? Carol’s pov ????????????






I and Alice arrived at the restaurant,I was putting on a red jeans trousers and a white pair of shoes, while Alice was on a black jean and a black top with a black snickers,we were looking cute with our wrisk watches judging the way we received starres from costumers. We sat down,it was a for sitting table,with I sitting close to Michael then Alice with Lucas,those two really have that thing for themselves huh..,we talked about many things as we ate until Alice and Lucas excused themselves,now it was awkward,it was like those days when I will eat with Mich under the moonlight. U noticed he was stealing a glance at me at any given opportunity,”have you found what you are looking for?”I asked. “What? Was I looking for something”he asked. “Well you’ve been starring at me the whole time”I said putting a spoon of rice in my mouth,now he laughed at loud,and gosh he looked exactly like Michael,what the! “I can’t believe you are still funny till now”he said shocking me,till now?does he know me some where?let it not be what am thinking. “Till now?”I asked as he jerked up. “Oh I meant till time of the night”he said as we laughed.. Silence for a while then I voiced out “you act like one of my friends,once a friend,but not NY friend anymore, he is a beast a bastard,!! He use to be as funny as you”.I said putting another spoon of rice in my mouth,hope u don’t mind rice ???? is my favorite,any style. “Beast,bastard? I wonder what he did?can you share”he asked me. “Its shameful telling,so disgusting and sad to think he was my paddy,how could he”I said and this time,the tears I tried hidding started running uncontrollably,then after a sec,I broke down crying as Michael came close to me and held me and hugged me,then I remembered when I will hug Michael and he would tell me he felt something,then I will giggle cos I felt same. “Its OK,am sure what ever that guy did he regrets it and is Really sorry and he regrets every moment of that incident am sure”he said tapping me as I continued ???? crying on his chest, “you should be able to for give him now before you meet each other,you k ow this world is round”he said and I pushed him away from me in anger. “I will never forgive him,and he will pay dearly for what he did to me. He better pray I don’t find him or else,he’ll rot in jail”I said admist anger. “What?you will send him to jail?” He stupidly asked. “Y does it touch you?are you the one,stay away from my business..”I snapped and left him there going to look for Alice and I saw her with Lucas kissing like love birds,

It broke my heart. I never experience that kinda happiness,the guy I loved took me for granted and crushed my heart,leaving it in tiny pieces, just then Alice and Lucas held themselves hand in hand about coming back into the restaurant,so I cleaned my tears and was about heading in too and bumped into Michael,he was there all this time. “Carol its OK,stop crying”he said and cupped my face in his palm,before I know what was going on…..

We were kissing!!!what the….I felt in wonder land,when I notice who I was kissing,I withdrawed,and looked at Lucas and Alice who was starring at us dumbfounded,then took my bag and ran out……

This is the worst night,I shouldn’t have come here…………

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