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“Cheating on a good person is like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock.”


When I walk into the living room, my wife is sitting and I stare at each other for what seems like ages, I feel as if I cannot breathe, what do I even tell my wife?


Everything feels like a dream, I don’t know what to do or say? Her face is unreadable, she is directly looking at me and I am falling to tear my eyes away.


“Are you gonna just stand there with nothing to say?” She finally breaks the silence.


I clear my throat, “When did you get back?”


“You have been home all along, you should know when I got back,” she responds


I close the door behind my back and drop the back to the floor before walking towards her even though I am dead scared of what she might do to me.


“Baby? It’s not what you think.”


“Oh,” she smiles, “So now you know what I am thinking? Tell me about it.”


“I am sorry I lied to you about being home.”




“I have been away from home for the past few days the house was too lonely I couldn’t stay here without you and Sofia.”


She bursts out laughing instantly, for a moment there it seems like she has gone nuts.




“You think I am a fool?” she asks




“Then tell me where you have been.”


“I just told you.”


“I want the truth.”


“Which is?”


“Don’t f**k with me Kai!” her voice rises to a tone that I have never heard her use before.


“Babe,” I begin but she shots me an angry look, I instantly shut my mouth.


“I need to know where you have been since I left. Looking at that bag and the way the house looked when I came back it shows that you haven’t been home for days.”




“I was at a hotel.”


“You were at a hotel but you lied to me that you were home? Do I look stupid? Who were you with at that same hotel?”


“I was alone.”


“Okay. You know what we are gonna do?”




“You and I are driving to that hotel this moment and they better tell me that you have been there for the past few days or else all hell will break loose.”


She grabs her car keys, “Let’s go.”




“Let’s go Kai.”


“I am not going anywhere with you.”


“I thought as much.”


“So now you don’t trust me?”


“Nigga please!” I roll my eyes, “Don’t make this about you just tell me the truth.”


“What truth?”


“Who is she?”


I sigh, this isn’t going as planned, “There is no one else,” I respond calmly.


“Why?” I ask


Before he responds Sofia barges into the room and she grabs Kai’s hands.


“Let’s go and watch cartoon,” she says


I roll my eyes did she have to walk in at this moment? Sofia is dramatic, she will cry her lungs out if he refuses to watch the cartoons with her i signal him to go with her, we can finish talking later.




“I am really sorry for your loss,” Prisca says as she drives me home.


“Thank you.”


I am confused I don’t even know what’s going on with Kai, why he would leave me at the hospital alone at a time when I needed him the most?


He better have a good reason for doing what he did or I will never forgive him.


“We are here,” Prisca announces when she pulls up into the driveway.


“Thank you,” I step out of the car and she does the same.


We walk into the house and I am surprised to see a strange woman sitting on the couch with a glass of wine in my hands. I also notice my suitcases and plastics lying on the floor.


“Who are you?” I ask


She places the glass on the table and turns around to look at me, “Hey Tasha,” she smiles


“Who are you & what are you doing in my house?”I angrily ask


“Your house?”




She clears her throat, “This is my house, I rented it out to Kai for a few weeks but I am back now.”




“You need to get your things and leave my house.”


I laugh, “Where is Kai?”




“What do you mean gone?”


“Kai has moved out of the house, you should do the same too.”


“This is a joke right?”




“Kai!” I shout rushing up the stairs, I search for him in almost every room but he isn’t there. Frustrated I trot down the stairs and back into the living room.


“He left you this,” the woman hands me a neatly folded white paper.


“What is this?” I ask


“Open it,” Prisca says


I slowly unfold the sheet of paper and take a deep breath before reading its contents. My eyes widen and my entire body freezes as I read the contents over and over again. It reads:




By the time you read this letter, I will be out of this house and back at home with my wife and daughter. I lied to you when I said my wife and I were in the process of getting a divorce.


I love my wife with everything in me I can never imagine life without her. What we shared was a game to me, I played the right cards and in the end I won. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Please hand over the keys to the owner of the apartment and leave.




I can’t believe Kai wrote this, he can’t do this to me, to us. I just can’t believe it. It goes against everything I know about him. There must be a mistake somewhere. Kai loves me.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories.


“Kai didn’t write this,” I say intently staring at the strange woman she has to tell me what she has done to Kai.


“Darling,” she laughs. “As we are speaking, Kai is with his wife and daughter.”


“They are on separation,” I yell.


“They were never on separation his wife was out of the country Kai played you. He pulled a fast one on you and you fell for it.


“No I shake my head, Kai loves me he asked me to marry him.”


She laughs, “Prisca, please explain to Tasha here that what she had with Kai was an illusion.”


I stare at Prisca,” You guys know each other?” I ask


“Yes,” Prisca responds.


“What the hell is going on? What do you know about Kai? What did he tell you?”


“Tasha?” Prisca begins, “Kai is my brother,” she says and for a moment there I freeze.


“I don’t understand,” I finally say after a few minutes.


“I sent Kai to start an affair with you and you fell for it. I wanted your marriage to end so I could take over. I am in love with Fred I have been in love with him for years now.”


My mind spins, trying to process what is happening. This can’t be happening. There is no way my best friend could have set me up like this. And why would Kai do this to me? I love him. I gave up everything to be with him.


“You played yourself best friend and in the end, I get to have the last laugh,” she laughs out loud.


I can’t take it anymore, I feel so cold and hot, my hands are trembling and my heart is aching. I allow myself to succumb to the pain and terror that is building inside. Then I sink to the floor and lie faint.






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