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“The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It’s greener where you water it.”


A week has passed and I haven’t seen my wife, she wakes up early before I do and comes back home late at night when I have already fallen asleep.


Her “business meetings” must be keeping her busy, at this point I am tired of fighting with her and I am tired of asking, I am tired of investing in a marriage that seems to be reverting each day


“Are you okay?” Anna asks.


I tried to ignore her but I haven’t been able to, I don’t have a lot of friends, Anna is someone that I can always talk to because she always gives me a listening ear even though she has been behaving strangely of late.




“Tasha?” she asks


“Yes,” I respond without looking at her.


“It is always Tasha,” she mumbles under her breath, “What do you honestly see in that woman?”


“I love her.”


“Don’t they say if you love someone you have to let them go and if they come back then you know they surely belong to you?” she asks taking a small sip of her juice, we are actually in her office and it’s lunch time.


“And if she never comes back?”


“Then she wasn’t meant for you.”


“I can’t imagine life without Tasha, the minute I set my eyes on her I knew I would never want another as much as I wanted her.”


She frowns, “What has Tasha done this time around?”


I clear my throat before I tell her about what has been happening the past week.


“You want my honest opinion?”




“Tasha is definitely cheating.”


“What?” I almost chock on my drink


“That woman is cheating no married woman would behave like she does.”


“Stop talking about my wife like that.”


“Truth hurts?”


“You know what?”




“Just forget I even said anything, I will handle this situation on my own so tell me about that your boyfriend.”


Her face beams with excitement, “He is on the verge of divorcing his wife, I think we are gonna be together soon.”


“How can you be this happy about being with someone’s husband?”


“Ex husband.”


“He is still married to her.”


“Well he will divorce her, just be happy for me, I really love this man.”


“I see.”




Kai and I have gotten closer over the past week we have been hanging out and spending hours talking on the phone especially when I am work. I have opened up to him and told him all there is to know about me. Kai is always attentive, he listens without judging me and that has made me draw closer to him.


He is always on my mind these days, he is all I wanna be with and it’s frustrating to get home and sleep in the same bed with Fred when I am thinking about another man.


I am trying so hard to resist my s£xual desires for him, I always imagine him making love to me- kissing my most sensitive areas, exploring every part of my body like no one ever has.


I know I am a married woman and I shouldn’t be having such thoughts but what if Kai is the one I should be with? What if being with marrying Fred was a mistake? What if I rushed? Maybe if I had waited a little longer, Kai and I would have met under different circumstances.


My phone vibrates a few minutes later, disrupting my thoughts and I quickly grab it. There is a message from a strange number that says, “Tasha, tell your husband to leave me alone.”


My eyes widen in shock as I read the message over and over again before I decide to reply to it.


Me: Who are you?


Stranger: Ask your husband


Me: Is this a joke? Wait is this April 1st?


Stranger: Nice try.


Me: Who are you?


Stranger: Tell your husband to leave me alone, I am in a happy relationship, I don‘t him to ruin things for me.


Me: Call him and tell him that yourself


Stranger: Ask your husband about Sharon.


Me: Fuck off


She doesn’t respond after that last text and when I try to call the line takes me straight to voice mail, who the hell is she? Has Fred been going after other women? Lord knows I will murder him, this better be a joke.


Later that evening when I arrive home, I find my husband lying on the bed, he is typing away on his phone. I haven’t seen him for a week because I have been avoiding him.


I kick off my shoes and then undress myself. After that I head straight to the bathroom for a quick shower. When I walk back into the room, Fred is still on his phone. For a minute I stand next to the bed and watch him, maybe he is really cheating he never spends this much time on the phone.




“Yes,” he responds without even looking at me.


“We need to talk.”


“About?” he asks, his eyes still glued to his phone. He types something and when his phone vibrates he smiles.


“Who is that on the phone?” I demand


He ignores me and continues texting.


I stare at him as a jolt of anger sweeps through me mixed with a touch jealously. Without giving it a second thought, I walk towards him yanking the phone out of his hands and throw it into the wall.


A look of sheer anger spreads across his face as the phone breaks into pieces but he still doesn’t say anything.


“Who was that?”


“Someone from work.”


“Have you started sleeping with her?” I yell.


He gives me a quizzical look, “What are you talking about?”




“Who is that?”


“The girl you have been following around,” I yell


“Tasha, I seriously don’t know what you are talking about but whatever it is, I don’t want to understand please leave me alone.


“You cheat on me without shame and expect me to keep quiet about it?”


“I didn’t cheat on you I will never ever cheat on you.”


“Then who is Sharon?”


“I don’t know.”


He gets up from the bed and I pick up a glass vase my friend got for me, I hold I high.


“What is wrong with you?” he asks, I am trying to get a certain reaction from him but he is unusually calm for my liking.


“Who the hell is Sharon?” I yell advancing him.


“You want to hit me with that? Hit me, end it right now, maybe when I am dead you will be happier,” he says intently looking at me.


“Why are you cheating on me?” I ask smashing the vase on the floor and it shatters into a thousand little shards.


“I am tired Tasha really tired, I don’t even have to justify myself, believe what you want and do whatever you wanna do,” with that said, he walks out of the room slamming the door behind his back.


Frustrated, I throw myself on the bed and dial Prisca’s number.




“He is cheating on me,” I cry








“I got a text from someone named Sharon, she told me to warn Fred to stay away from her.”


“Did you ask Fred?”


“I did.”




“He couldn’t even deny it I could see it in his eyes Fred is cheating on me.”


“That is really sad girl.”


“What should I do?”


“Talk to him when you are calm and then get the truth out of him and when you do kill him.”


“Kill him?” I ask surprised she would even suggest such a thing.


She bursts out laughing, “Cheat on him too, 50/50 remember what a man can do, you can do it a hundred times better.”


“I see.”


“Girl I have to go, let’s link up over the weekend we have a lot to catch up on.”




I ended the call and was about to call Kai when Fred walked back in. He looks at me and then shakes his head then he picks up the pieces of his broken phone, for a minute there I feel sorry for him but he deserves it anyway.





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