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Fatimo’s POV


My boss gave me the night off to say I was excited is an understatement I almost hugged him. I haven’t gotten a break ever since I started working for this family, Fred is a good man and he treats me like I am part of the family but his wife is something else, that woman can nag for days.


So I head straight to my auntie’s place because I have no friends around. When I get to her house, my auntie is excited to see me. I didn’t tell her I was coming I wanted to surpri1se her.


“Fatima darling,” she says


“Auntie! Auntie!”I respond.


“Come in,” she opens the door wider and I walk in, I shut the door behind my back and join her in the living room, there are bottles of beer on the table and a box of pizza.


“You have been drinking?” I ask


“Life is boring when you are single,” she responds


“Feel free,” she gestures to the things on the table.


“Thank you,” I kick my shoes off and get comfortable then I grab myself a bottle of beer and take a large sip.


“So how is work?”She asks




“Just okay?”


“You know Tasha, she has been driving me crazy, one day I will forget she is my boss and I will end up beating her up.”


“And that will spoil the whole plan, I am paying you a lot of money, don’t mess up.”


“I know.”


“So what’s new that side? Why are you here?”


“Fred gave me the night off Tasha had to go out for some business meeting so he wanted to spend the night with his girls- that man is heaven sent, he is everything.”


She shots me a look, “I didn’t say I want him.”


“Just making sure you don’t get any ideas.”


“Oh please.”


“I have a new plan and I want you to execute it diligently, this should set the house on fire.”


“I am all ears.”


“So,” she begins to tell me all about the plan she wants me to help her with as I silently listen.


“You think you could do that?” she asks




“Good girl.”


“So how much do I get for this?”


“Double the amount I have been giving you.”


“Then it’s done.”


“Deal,” she extends her hand to me, I take it and shake it firmly.




We spend the rest of the night talking about Fred and Tasha and how their marriage will crumble sooner than we expect. A few minutes after 1, we decide to call it a night and head to bed.


I wonder why my auntie desperately wants to break Tasha and Fred up. I am working in that house a spy for my auntie, though I haven’t given her much information to work with.


I have a feeling Tasha is having an affair, there was something about that man who came to see her the other day, I intend to get to the bottom of this.


Anyway, I slid under the covers and instantly fall asleep.


The next day I wake up feeling like hell, I guess I drank more than I should have I have to be back home in time to prepare the girls for school before Tasha kills me.




I am walking back and forth across the living room floor, while turning my head from side to side, I am beyond pissed, I am supposed to be at work but instead I am here waiting for Fatty to show up. I wonder why Fred gave her the day off when he knew he had a meeting at school.


And to make the matters worse, the girls aren’t going to school today because Talia is unwell, I can’t leave them alone so I have to wait for that stupid maid to show up.


After what seems like forever, she finally walks through the door.


“Good morning,” she says


“What’s good about this morning?” I yell startling the girls.


“I am sorry I am late, I got stuck in traffic,” she says


I walk close to her and without warning I slap her hard across her face, “I am sorry I am late I got stuck in traffic,” I repeat after her, “Uli mbushi? How could you come back so late when you know I have to work for work?” I yell


“I am really sorry..,”


“Just shut up before I do more damage to your fat ugly face. I am heading for work, Talia is unwell I have given her some medicine, observe her and make sure to call me if it gets worse.”




“Girls I have to get going,” I kiss their foreheads, “What should I get for you?”


“Ice cream,” they say at the same time.


“Ice cream it is.”


“Love you ma.”


“Love you too.”


I grab my bag and head out of the house to my car.


I arrive at work a few minutes after 8 and though my boss is not angry with me, I somehow feel guilty because I am always yelling at people who arrive for work late.


Stepping into my office,, I drop my bag on my table, turn on my computer and ask my secretary to bring me some coffee, I need it after the show that Talia put up this morning. Lord my daughter can whine for days, she is a mini me, when she is sick we can’t rest she acts like a baby.


My phone rings as I start drinking my coffee.




“Boi ati how? Ulibwa?”


“Nilibwino boi,” I respond excitedly.


“Tell me how it went with that stupid Anna I have been so busy I haven’t had time to respond to your messages.”


“I gave her a beating of her life I am sure she will think twice before she goes after my husband again.”


She burst out laughing,” I trust you girl.”


“And I have something else to tell you.”




“I went out for dinner with Kai last night.”




“Well we talked and we decided to continue being friends.”


“Just friends?”




There is a long stretch of silence.




“Nothing, I just hope this doesn’t mess things between you and Fred.”


“What do you mean? I thought you are the one who wanted me to have a little fun with him.”


She sighs,” Don’t mind me.”


“Are you okay?”




“How is lover boy?”


“Perfectly fine, he treats me like a Queen.”


“I am happy for you.”


“Thanks girl.”


“You are welcome anyway I have to go now will text you later so you can tell me all about lover boy.”




I end the call before I start checking on my emails, I respond to the important ones and ignore the rest. At about 9 o clock I grab my note book and pen then I walk out of my office and head to my first meeting of the day with the board of directors.


The meeting takes longer than I anticipated I end up missing my next meeting. When I finally get back to my office I am tired and hungry and it’s almost lunch time.


I am still trying to think about what I want for lunch when there is a knock on the door.


“Come in.”


Mimi walks peeks her head through my door, she is one of the few people at work that I get along with.


“Tsup girl.”


“I am hungry,” she pouts


“I am hungry too.”


“So there is no food here?” she frowns




“Let’s have lunch at the canteen.”


“Sure,” I stand up remove my high heeled shoes and slip my feet into my pumps I usually carry them for days like these.


We make our way to the canteen, order our lunch and settle at one of the empty tables at the far end, I am glad the place is not crowded and it’s unusually quiet.


“How is Tammy?” I ask. Tammy is her daughter, Mimi has been married for two years and she only has one child.


“Tammy is fine,” she responds


“And your husband?”


Her face brightens up, “He is fine. How is Fred? It’s been a while I think hubby and I should invite you out for lunch one of these days.”


I fake a smile, “Fred is fine and so are the girls.”


“That’s nice.”


She seems like she wants to ask more but since I look uninterested, she keeps quiet. We have our lunch in silence and afterwards I head back to my office.


There are tones of files on my desk that I need to go through.


By knocking off time, I am exhausted I grab my back and head out of the office. I get to the car park and just as I am about to get into the car, my phone rings.






“I was just thinking about you.”


“That’s nice to hear, are you home yet?”


“I just stepped out of the office.”


“I would like to see you,” he says


“Right now?”


“Yes just for a few minutes, I need someone to talk to.”


“Where are you?”


“A taste of heaven diner.”


“The one next to the cinema?”




“I will right there,” I respond.


I end the call and drive out instantly.






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