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I drive around in circles for a few minutes before I get my phone from my purse and dial Prisca’s number. A number of thoughts go through my head as the phone rings. A moment later, she picks up.




“Hey you,” I say


“You are good?”


“No,” I shake my head as if she can see me.


“Fred?” she asks




“What has he done again?”


“Apparently he drove Anna home after work and came back home very late, my intuition tells me he is sleeping with her.”


“I told you,” she says, “No man is perfect, abaume nimbwa, they can’t be trusted, I told you.”


“And that Anna is a whore, can you believe she told me to stay away from my own husband.”


“She is after him.”


“What should I do?”


“Confront her,” she encourages, “Go to her house and have a woman to woman talk, mess her up pretty badly, let her know who is Queen.”


“Are you busy? Can we go to her house together?”


“I wish I could go with you but I am not home, I am Bae’s house, I am spending the night here.” “Okay, I can do this alone, I will update you.”


“Alright babe, all the best and please update me on how everything will go.” “Sure.”


I ended the call and drove straight to Anna’s house, I surely need to put that woman in her place, I am not going to allow her to destroy what I spent years building.


When I get to her house an hour later, I park my car in front of her gate, step out, close the doors and barge in. At the door, I knock loudly and wait.


When she opens the door, she looks surprised to see me I guess she wasn’t expecting me. “Look what the cat dragged in,” she says. “Mrs. Sakala, what can I do for you?” “I told you to stay away from my husband didn’t i?” I ask


She laughs, “Fred is a grown up, he has the right to decide who he keeps in his life.”


“You even have the guts to answer me?”


“I am not afraid of you.”


I push past her and walk into the house, she follows me.


“Please leave my house.”


“You deliberately spoiled your car so my husband can give you rides.” “And so what if I did?”


“You have no shame find a man of your own.”


“That man you treat like trash is valuable to me and I won’t stop at nothing till he becomes mine.”


“You bastard,” I slap her so hard across her face, she stumbles and almost falls, I don’t think she expected me to slap her.


She yelps as she touches her wounded face then she blinks, “Did you just slap me?”


“And I will do more than that if you continue going after my husband.”


“Your husband likes me,” she says


“What did you just say?”


“Fred likes me too, we kissed the other day,” she says


“You lie.”


“You should ask him.”


“You bitch,” I lunge for her and we both fall to the ground, just like that a fight ensues between us. After a few minutes of rolling on the ground and throwing punches at each other, I finally pull away from her. My head is aching and my whole body feels sore.


“Stay away from my husband, this is the last warning I have given you, I won’t be this kind next time,” I spit before I march out of the house.


I drive straight to the nearest club after that, I just want to clear my head, if I go back home, I could kill Fred. Anna said they kissed and she looked serious, could it be true? Is my husband slipping through my hands? This is heart breaking, I want someone to talk to, I wish I could call Kai but am sure he is with his wife right now.


Speaking of Kai, I unblocked him and we have been talking for the past few days, we are yet to meet so we can end things between us. But do I really want to end things? I thought I would get over my insecurities with Fred but with everything happening, I just can’t.


Before I step out of the car, I text Kai and ask if he we can meet up for dinner tomorrow, he replies almost immediately and says tomorrow is okay by him.


I almost do the happy dance I can’t wait to see him this man is my happy place he makes me wanna break my rules and risk it all.


Anyway I step into the crowded club and make my way towards the bar.


“Hello,” I say to the bartender.


“Hey, what would you like to drink?” he asks


“I will take a s£x on the beach,” I respond


I remove some money from my purse and hand it to him, “Keep the change,” I say


“Thank you, I will fix you drink in a moment.”


After I get my drink, I find a table by the corner and sit down, I drink my cocktail while thinking about my marriage, I do love Fred but in this case I feel love alone isn’t enough. When I am with Fred, I always feel like something is missing, I want more.


After a few minutes, they play one of my favourite songs and I hurry towards the dance floor and begin to shake to dance, I dance like my whole life depends on it and almost everyone is watching me, when I finally stop they all clap for me and I feel proud.


I spend a few more hours at the club dancing and drinking. A few hours later, I finally step out of the club into the clear dark night. I get into my car and drive off.


I arrive at home a little after 1 o’clock Fred is still up watching TV, I am sure he was waiting for me to get home.


“Where have you been? And why did you go to Anna’s house to cause trouble?”


That bitch, she called him, why is she so bent on defiling my orders?




I ignore him and head straight to my room where I take a quick shower and go straight to sleep. The next morning, I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock i bolt out of bed and yawn loudly, my head pounding hard, I wish I could call in sick for work but I have a an important meeting.


I grab my robe and head downstairs, Fatty is preparing breakfast.


“Coffee please,” I say


“Good morning?” she greets


“What’s so good about this morning? Just get me a cup of coffee.”




She pours me some coffee and hands me the cup a few seconds later, I instantly take a large sip instantly. Lord I need this headache to go I have to be active for the meeting.


Fred walks into the kitchen a minute later and he leans in for a kiss, “I am sorry,” he says


“You need to stop hanging out with Anna, can’t you see she is the reason we are fighting.”


He takes a deep breath, “Fine, I will stop hanging out with her.”




“I promise. I cross my heart and hope to die,” he says


I laugh, “Talia got your head wrapped around that.”


“How about we hang out tonight? Date night, just you and me.”


I am about to say yes when I remember the date with Kai, “I can’t



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“I am meeting up with a client for dinner.”


“Okay, maybe tomorrow.”


“Ya tomorrow it is then.”





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