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A week later…


The past week has been awesome, my husband has been amazing. He took me out some two days ago and we really had fun like back in the days when we had no worries, when I was just a housewife and he was my super hero. Back in the days when all I would do was wait for my husband to get home from work so I could ask him all about his day.


But things changed.


Anyway, I am trying to make things work with Fred so I have sort of cut Kai out, let’s see where this will lead us to. I cannot allow that Anna to reap where she did not sow I am keeping a hold on my husband because he is mine and mine alone.


It’s a Thursday and I didn’t go for work today, I knocked off late yesterday, I had a late meeting so my boss asked me to take the door off, so here we are.


Fred just left with the girls and now I have the house all to myself so I can catch up on some of my favourite shoes. Fatima should be downstairs getting the work done I hope she doesn’t disturb me with her nonsense. That girl is quiet nosy, she likes to ask irrelevant questions.




I am heading to work in a good mood, I have my stereo blasting. Things between Tasha and I have been working out perfectly, she is home more often and she has been giving me daily doses of amazing s£x. What more can a man ask for? I hope things stay just like this for the next few months because I am surely enjoying the peace in my house.


I pull my car into my usual spot at the school parking lot, ready to begin my day.


As I head towards my classroom, I bump into Anna.


“Morning,” I greet politely


“Hey,” she responds sounding uninterested.


“You are okay?”




Anna has been acting so cold towards me, I don’t know what I did to offend her.


“Did I do anything to offend you?” I ask


“No,” she responds almost immediately


“You have been moody.”


“I am fine.”




“Yes,” she responds in a cold tone.


“I am sorry if I have offended you in any way.”


“I have a few things to work on, I will see you later,” she responds ignoring my apology.




She walks into her office and slams the door behind her back. Taking a deep breath, I walk towards my class room she will come around when she feels like it.




I am in a Frenzy, my heart is aching, I haven’t been myself ever since went back to his wife and now they seem to be working things out, why does he love her this much? What does she have that I don’t have? Am I not a woman too? What is it about Tasha?


I pace back and forth in my office, I haven’t been myself the past week, I can’t seem to get any work done. What do I have to do make Fred realise that I am the woman for him?


Frustrated, I grab my phone and dial Trish’s line.


“Babe,” she answers almost immediately


“I am really disturbed.”




“Fred went back to his wife.”




“She apologized and they seem to be making things work between them.”


“I see.”


“I can’t think straight, what should I do?”


“We need to think of another plan.”


“What do you have in mind?”


“I will get back to you in a bit I need to attend to one urgent matter.”


“Sure babe.”


“Just stay put, we will find a way to handle this.”


“I trust you.”


She laughs, “Later babe.”






Prisca and I are sitting in my living room enjoying our lunch she brought me lunch when I told her I was unwell. I really love Prisca she is like the bigger sister I never had. She always looks out for me I know I can trust her no matter the situation. She is always one call away from me.


“How are things going with you and your husband?” Prisca asks


I smile, “We are good. We are working on our differences. I should say that we have been getting quiet along well since he returned home.”


“Enjoy it while it lasts,” she quips


I roll my eyes, “Hater.”


“Why would I hate on you and Fred, you know that man has never been my favourite person.”


“My husband is a good man, I don’t even know why you hate him,” I shrug


“I don’t really hate him,” she begins




“I just feel you deserve better, you are way too ambitious for that man.”


I laugh, “Well I guess I have to live with that for the rest of my life, for better or worse remember?” I flaunt my ring in her face.


“Anyway how is Kai?” she asks


“I don’t know.”


“You haven’t spoken to him lately?”


“Nop and I don’t expect to. I blocked his numbers on my phone.”


“Oh so you pushed him aside now that you are working things out with Fred? What happens if Fred messes up again? Are you gonna unblock him?”


“Well, you know things were getting a little too intense with Kai, I am a married man I am not supposed to entertain the thoughts of being with another man.”


“Intense?” her mouth drops open


“Yeah, I don’t want the things I felt for him to mess things between Fred and i. I do love my husband I really do despite me acting crazy sometimes.”


“Well, if you feel that way then maybe you must cut him off completely, we don’t want Fred finding out about Kai.”




“So tell me about your latest man,” I say trying to change the subject.


“Abby?” she asks


“That’s his name?”


“Yes,” she smiles


“That look,” I point an accusing finger at her.




“Tell me about Abby.”


“For starters Abby is younger than me.”


My eyes widen in shock, “Since when did you start hitting on small boys?”


“He isn’t a boy,” she hits me playfully




“He is younger than I agree but he is so mature and I like him.”


“And all the other men?”


“I will keep the older one for the money but the younger one is for keeps, let’s see where our relationship will head to, who knows I might end up getting married.”


I burst out laughing, “You wanna get married?” I ask


“Of course.”


“I never thought you were interested in getting married, this is news.”

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“Who doesn’t get married?” she shrugs “when the right one comes along I am definitely walking down the aisle so fingers crossed, Abby and I might be saying I do sooner than I expected.”


“Well I can’t wait to be your maid of honour. If Abby makes you happy then go for him after all age is just a number.”


“That’s the way to go girl,” she smiles


I spent almost the whole day with Prisca, we watched some movies and talk about random stuff, by the time she left, it was time for me to get the kids from school so I quickly changed into something comfortable, picked the girls from school, treated them to ice cream and drove home.


“Hey Fatty, is my husband back?” I ask when I walk into the house.


“Yes, he is in his room.”




“Should I get started with supper?”


“Change the kids, get them something to eat, wash their uniforms and then get started with supper.”




I head upstairs to the bedroom and find Fred sitting on the bed texting away on his phone.


“Hey,” I kick of my shoes


“Hey babe.”


“How was your day?”


“Great, yours? How are you feeling?”


“Perfectly fine.”


His phone vibrates as I undress my clothes so I wear something comfortable, he responds to a message with a smile on his face.


“Who is texting you?”


“A friend.”


“Male or Female?”




“What did she say that made you smile like that? So it’s Anna.”


“Nah it’s not Anna, it’s one of my colleagues from work she just sent me a joke about teachers.”




“Wanna see?” he asks




I quickly change into a pair of shorts and a vest.


There is a knock on the door shortly after.


“Who is it?”


“It’s me madam.”


“What do you want?”


“There is a gentleman here to see you outside,” she informs me






“I will be down shortly.”


“Expecting someone?” Fred asks


“Nah, let me just check who it is.”


Who could it be? I wonder as I head downstairs, maybe it is someone from church or work.


When I walk into the living room, I find the last person I expected to see, he is propped up on my couch and has a glass of water in his hands. Our eyes instantly meet and my heart slams hard against my chest.







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