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I arrive at work a few minutes after 8, I know I am late and this is unlike me, I love to be punctual, that’s one trait that distinguishes me from most people I work with. The girls delayed me big time, Fred has to come back home, he handles them better than I do.


I head straight to my office, shut the door behind my bag, settle down and burry myself in work. Time flies by so fast and before I know it, it’s almost lunch time and Kai will be here shortly.


I quickly rummage in my bag and pull out my make up kit I retouch around my eyes and apply fresh gloss to my mouth. Then I anxiously wait for him to arrive.


I don’t know why I am this excited, I actually feel like a teenager in love, I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way about Kai but I can’t help it, I like him and he makes me feel safe and wanted. He is smart, handsome and a gentle man, the kind of man I have always wanted to settle down with.


At exactly 12:25, a knock at the door startles me from my day dreaming.


“Come in.”


My secretary walks in, “There is someone looking for you, he says his name is…….,”


“You can let him in,” I cut her short before she can finish her sentence.




She walks out and shortly after, the door opens and Kai walks in. Closing the door behind his back, our eyes meet instantly & his piercing gaze causes a flutter in my tummy.


It is at that moment that I realise that I like Kai more than I should, I am slowly falling for this man. Lord have mercy, I do not want to defile my marriage.


He walks towards me then he places the plastic in his hands on my table without taking his eyes off me, I feel like I am about to suffocate, he makes me feel things I have never felt before.


As we continue to gaze at each other, my breath quickens and I imagine him kissing me and roaming his hands all over my body. Shaking my head, I dispel the stupid thoughts from my head and clear my throat.


“Hey beautiful,” he finally says




“You look stunning.”


“Thank you, you don’t look bad yourself.”


“I haven’t stopped thinking about you, I couldn’t sleep last night,” he says


I chose not to respond, I hardly slept too, I had him in my mind almost the whole night, that’s why I even called him the moment I woke up.


“You are a very beautiful woman and you deserve to be treated like a queen,’ he says as he strides towards me, closing the distance between us.


My heart skips a beat and I can feel the butterflies in my tummy jumping up and down.


“I would do anything to have you to myself,” he says before grabbing me by my waist pulling me close to him, my heart continues to beat fast and I want to push him off me but I just can’t.


“I really like you,” he says whispers, taking my mouth for a kiss.


At first I try to resist, this is my office what if someone walks in, how would I explain this especially when everyone around here knows that I am happily married. Finally I give in, the kiss which starts off slow, deepens within a few minutes. I kiss him back desperately as if my life depends on it. Shortly after, I feel his hands roam along my hips and he lifts my dress a bit before he runs his hands along my thighs making his way up to my underwear.


Suddenly, I hear footsteps approaching and I jolt to reality, pushing Kai off me. Within a few seconds, my door opens and my secretary walks in. She looks at me curiously, I am sure she can tell by Kai’s breathing and my disheveled clothes that we were making out.


“Can’t you knock?” I snap at her.


“I am sorry, Mr. Chile just called, he won’t make it for the meeting at 14, he would like to reschedule to tomorrow if it’s okay.”


“Ya it’s okay.”




She quickly turns and walks out.


Shit! I hope she doesn’t run her mouth anyhow about what she thinks she might have seen.


“I am sorry I got carried away, I hope I didn’t get you in trouble.”


“It’s okay,” I fake a smile


“I won’t be staying for too long, I just wanted to bring you lunch and to make sure you are okay.”


“I am fine now that I have seen you.”


“I am glad.”


“Thanks for lunch.”


“Anytime for you.”


A huge smile spreads across my lips.


“I will see you later.”




He gets closer and quickly kisses me one last time before he leaves my office. As soon as he walks out, I sink slowly to the floor, what am I gonna do with this situation? Should I play along and give him a chance? What will happen to my marriage? Fred could be cheating too but does that justify relationship with Kai? One thing I am sure off is that I don’t want to divorce Fred, him and I come a long way plus we have children but I just can’t give up on my marriage.


“God you have to give me strength.”




I curled up on the living room sighing contently as i took a swig of my wine while watching my favorite movie, “Something Borrowed,” though my mind wasn’t on the movie, it was constantly on Fred. I seriously can’t stop thinking about Fred, he is everything I want in a man and more, I care less if he is married I just want to be with him at all cost.


Spending time with him at work and talking to him almost all the time just made me love him even more. Tasha doesn’t deserve him, she is rude and arrogant Fred deserves a woman like me, a woman who will love and respect him, a woman who will worship the ground he walks on, a woman who is ready to submit to his every need and that woman is me.


I was in deep thoughts when a knock at the door startled me causing me to drop the glass. I walked to the door and when I opened it, Trish was at the door step.


“Bestie,” I smiled


“How are you?”


“Better,” I didn’t go for work today because I have been unwell, I miss Fred I hope he will pay me a visit after work.


“Come in,” I opened the door wider for her, as soon as she stepped in, I closed it and joined her in the living room, I cleaned the mess on the floor went into the kitchen and got us two glasses, when I emerged, I poured some wine in both glasses and handed her one.


“Something Borrowed?” she furrowed her brows


I laughed, “All time favourite.”


“What’s been going on? How is Fred?”


I sighed wistfully, “He is fine, he had an argument with his wife and he moved out.”

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“This is your chance,” she squealed with excitement. “Seduce him.”


“You know Fred is faithful, he would never cheat on his wife I have to wait until he leaves her before I can have my chance.”


“So you are just gonna sit here and wait?”




“I have a plan.”


“I am all ears.”


“Make his wife think as if you guys are having an affair.”




“We could think of so many ways to do that, you have to frustrate his wife into leaving him.”


“Where do I even start from? Won’t he be suspicious?”


“Trust me we can do this without Tasha suspecting a thing. I will show you.”


“I am game.”




“To successful plans,” she clanked her glass against mine.”


“Cheers,” I half heartedly responded.






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