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Episode 8



Madison’s POV


“Are you done?”Crystal asked from outside the bathroom and I hummed


I came out with my hair wet and she passed me a towel to dry my hair,due to the water that I poured on it,became a messy bushy I’m I supposed to comb this?


“Jeez your hair is so full”she gawked and I chuckled


“And also a lot of I’m I supposed to comb this and get to class on time?”I asked in frustration



“Leave that to me”she grinned as she took out a hair dryer and a comb from her bag..does she carry those everywhere she goes?


“Seat”she said pulling a bathroom stool closer..I sat down and she started to work her magic on my hair


She applied a type of hair gel that made my hair to be incredibly in very soft that my hand can go inside my hair and back out without any complication She helped me braid it into two all backs leaving two curly strands in front..she applied two clips by the side of the braid and applied glitter by the tip of the braid I look completely different now


“Now you look much more better”she said and I smiled at my reflection in the mirror


“Now let’s get to class,we don’t wanna be late”I said and she quickly put all the equipment in her bag and we exited the bathroom


We took quick steps to class and the bell rang as soon as we stepped into the class


“That was close”I breath out and she nodded in approval


My eyes landed on Romeo and coincidentally his eyes were also on me,I quickly averted my gaze back to Crystal and I walked to my seat I sat down and I pulled the tail of my braid forward.


“Everyone settled in?”A not so fair tall man said as he walked in.I’m guessing this is another teacher


“In case you’re wondering,that’s the teacher that is in charge of dessert lessons”Crystal said and I nodded


One hour of super interesting lesson later,the school closed..Mr.Brown,the man in charge of dessert lessons,is a really funny man,he has a great sense of humor..he made everyone-well,I think everyone-laugh


The lesson was taught in the food lab-well,that’s what Crystal called it


Just like a science lab where experiments are carried out,the food lab is where new recipes are invented,great delicacies are tested,practicals are carried out-you get what I mean



Crystal said there are almost 20 labs in the school,well,why wouldn’t there be..the students in this school are almost 3000


“Who’s picking you up?”Crystal asked


“ mom’s chauffeur”I lied


“ mum is coming to pick me and..


Her phone dinged-seems she got a text


“Oops,my mum is here”she said as she tucked her phone in her pocket


“You wanna meet her?”she asked


“,its not necessary”I said hoping she’ll close the chapter


“Come on I insist”she persisted


“I don’t like meeting people”I said and she shrugged


“Whatever,bye then”she said and walked away..I must have hurt her but no,I can’t meet anyone,who knows if her mum will recognize me as Madison Campbell


I was almost stepping out of school when I felt as if I’m missing something,something very important..I racked my brain and…


“My book”I screamed and raced back into the the hallway…I can’t believe I left my book in class,not just any book my recipe book..I hope no one has seen it because the things inside that book are gold


I rushed into the class and walked straight to my seat..I looked in my locker and..phew!its still there..what a relief


I walked out of the class with a broad smile


I proceeded down the hallway and I hummed a song to myself *beep*


I heard my phone beep and I checked it..oh its Mr.Maximus and he’s…already here?



Jeez I gotta hurry,I hastened my,I ran down the hallway to the entrance of the school and I sighted him


“Hey Mr.Max”I greeted as I approached him breathing heavily


“Good afternoon Madison”he greeted back and opened the door for me I stepped into the passenger seat and fastened my seat belt


“Why are you breathing so heavily?”he asked as he drove out


“I ran”




“Because I didn’t want to keep you waiting”


“Its my job to wait”he said and I smiled at his dedication…He’s really committed


I glanced at my wrist watch and I’m sure Michelle is already home because its 3pm already..he must be missing me by now


I finally got home and I bid Mr.Max goodbye as he drove away…I walked to Mrs.Russ’ apartment and rang the door bell


The door creaked open revealing Mrs.Russ with Michelle in her arms


“Mama”he squealed and I carried him


“Hey baby…missed me?”he nodded with a smile and i pinched his cheeks playfully


“Had a great day at school?”Mrs Russ asked and I nodded..I mentally hissed when I remembered what happened with Romeo


“You must be so hungry”I said


“No…he’s not,he just ate two plates of macaroni”Mrs Russ said


“Two plates?”I exclaimed and Mitch nodded



“Wow..that’s much..well,Mrs Russ,I’ll be going now”I said and she nodded I left her place to my place and gave a deep sigh as I entered my room


I dropped my bag on the bed and slumped on it..Michelle climbed on top of me and sat on my belly


He laid his head on my chest and gave a giggle


“What’s funny?”I asked


He took his head up from my chest and giggled again as he put it back


“What’s funny”I asked again


“Its sounding”he said and I sat upright placing him on my laps


“What’s sounding?”I asked and the pointed to my chest




I placed my hand on my chest and…oh,its my heart beating,is this what is making him to giggle?He must find it amusing


“Yours is sounding too”I said and he gasped




“Yeah..look”I took his hands and placed it on the left side of his chest


“Its sounding too mama”he said in amusement and I nodded


“Its your heart”


“Hmm heart…so…I and mama have heart?”he asked


“Everybody has one”


“Woooow”he squealed


“Amazing right?”



“Hmm hmm”


“Mama has a lot of work to do so don’t disturb her okay,you can play with your pear pad got it?”


“Okay mama”


“Promise you won’t disturb?”


“Yup”he said popping the “p”


“Good boy”I ruffled his hair and he gave a little laugh before getting down from my laps..probably to the sitting room..oh well,I have assignments and a lot of studying to do but first,I think I’ll have to call Alexa


I dialed her number and she picked almost immediately



“Hey Madison



“Good evening ma’am



“Good evening dear,how was school



“very fine ma’am



“had a good time?






“good,just face what you’re to do and don’t get distracted okay



“okay ma’am



“Okay,take care dear



“you too ma’am









The line went dead and I breath out..that wasn’t so bad,now time for assignments I changed my clothes to a more comfortable one-a baggy shirt and loose pants before settling to study


I reached for my laptop,switched it on and went to google..time to find out new Russian recipes,I think I have some in my recipe book..yeah


I took out my recipe book and opened it and yeah I have some,but…if I can remember well,I had like 30 so why are there only 15 here..wait a sec..


This looks like has been torn did it tear off,has it torn off before?Jeez where I’m I supposed to find it.God this is frustrating like a hell


I ransacked the whole room but I couldn’t find it..or did someone tear it out on purpose?or it fell out?


I don’t even know what to qualms,I’ll just research new ones and besides I still remember all of them-well,almost all of them


1hour later,I was done with my assignment,I haven’t seen Mitch anywhere,maybe he’s in the sitting room..I stretched my back before standing up from the bed to the sitting room.I was almost getting to the sitting room when something made me stop on my tracks-Mitchell-with something I assume to be powdered milk-all over his body,including his hair,face and hands..powdered milk everywhere,on the floor,in his shoe and with the look of things,some are in his mouth


“Mitchell”I exclaimed


“I didn’t touch the milk”he said with milk in his mouth and I stared at him in disbelief…he didn’t touch it?isn’t all these enough evidence?


“What did you do”I asked as I went towards him


“Huh…mama is pretty”he said awkwardly and I face palmed myself I bent to his height with a frowned face and he sobered up



“Mama is so disappointed”I said and he pouted with tears almost falling from his eyes


I carried him and made for the bathroom to clean him up..I stripped him off his milk filled cloths and placed him in the bathtub still with a frowned face


“Mama..sorry”he said and i sighed without answering him..i’m gonna tease him a little..but I’m also mad at him,now I have to clean that mess up


I scrubbed off all the powder from his body and rinsed him with clean water I wrapped his waist with a towel and carried him to the bedroom..I placed him on the bed and walked to the wardrobe to pick him clothes to wear..I took a brown short and white T shirt


I went back to his bed and I almost laughed at Mitch who was fiddling with his fingers nervously..he looks so sorry


I got to where he was and I wore him the shorts and the shirt..I wanted to stand up but his little adorable hands gripped tight at the hem of my shirt




“Mama..sorry..”he said with his eyes glistening with tears.. crying?

is he really



“Why did you do that? I have to clean your mess up and buy another glass of milk


He bowed his head with a pout and I saw prickles of tears role down his cheek..awwn,my baby is crying


“Come here”I spread my hands for a hug and he snuggled up to me


“You know mama doesn’t like seeing you cry right?”i asked and he nodded against my chest


“But you made mama mad..”


“Sorry mama..Won’t touch it again”




He raised his head from my chest and stretched his pinky finger to me



“Pinky promise”he said and we intertwined our pinkies


“So…mama not mad anymore?”


“No I’m not”he squealed and hugged me again


“Thanks mama”he said and I hummed


“I have to go clean the mess up”


“I’ll help”he said and I chuckled


“Let’s go”I took him by the hands


I and Mitchell…sorry,I cleaned the whole milk mess for almost 30mins-Mitch didn’t do anything but lick the milk on the floor


It was really stressful..hmm,its 6.30pm already and I’m in the sitting room watching a really boring program on TV..Its damn boring


Mitch is watching his nursery rhymes on his phone,he seems to be having fun because his singing along with a bright smile Oh well,its time to make dinner





Alexa’s POV


I’m really was kinda hectic today and jeez I really need a good rest


“Is Romeo home?’i asked a maid


“No ma’am”she replied and I nodded.I took the stairs to my room and I slumped on my bed,I wander why he’s not home yet


I took off my shoes and changed my clothes to a more comfortable one I got on the bed and I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep





“Mummy bear”


I felt someone tapping me and I opened my eyes.I sat up and I stretched my body


“Had a nice rest”I heard Romeo ask and I opened my eyes fully


“You’re back?..when did you arrive?”


“About an hour ago”


“Its pretty late right?”


“Yeah…seven thirty pm”


I hummed and got down from bed and wore my flip flops


“How was work mum”


“Hectic like hell”




He walked to the sofa in my room and slumped on it taking a deep breath..he reached for his pocket and brought out something,like a folded paper


“What’s that?”I asked as I sat on the bed


“Its a piece of fell from a girl’s book”


“What girl?”


“Well,this new girl at school,I don’t even know her name but this afternoon after closing she was running down the hallway with a book in her hands and this sheet slipped off it”he said and I hummed…is Abigail the girl he’s talking about?


“I saw it and picked it up but I didn’t get the chance to give her she was very fast..”


“Don’t worry,you’ll see her tomorrow and give her”I said and he nodded


“The girl must be a very good cook”he said and I raised my brow


“Why’d you say that?”


“Well,with what I’m seeing in this sheet..I mean,this sheet contains bunch of Russian recipes and recipes that I’m guessing she made herself”he said and I mentally smiled..He’s definitely talking about Abigail


“Well,we can’t say,just give her the sheet tomorrow okay”I said and he nodded


“Well,I gotta go to my room”he stood up from the sofa


“Sure..there’s dinner if you’re hungry”


“Okay..good night”


“Good night”


He left my room and I fell on my bed with a smile…I really wish Romeo can be close with Abigail,but too bad he’s with Tania ..that brat,gosh I dislike that girl
















Madison’s POV


“Bye mama”




I waved at Mrs Russ as she drove out…I really miss taking Mitchell to school



“Let’s go Mr.Max”I said as I entered the car.I can’t wait to get to school,I have to find the missing sheet of my recipe book..I have a feeling its in school,I just hope no one saw it and took it


“Bye Mr.Maxwell”I waved and he bowed..I’ve told him times without number not to bow to me but..he still didn’t heed


I’ll first check my locker maybe the sheet is there..


I walked to my locker to check for the sheet..I got to my locker but turned abruptly when I heard someone scream behind me


“Jeez Crystal I almost died”I said with my hands on my chest


“Almost,but you didn’t”


“If that’s your way of saying good morning then good morning to you too”I said and she chuckled


“How was your night”she asked and I shrugged


“As always”


I opened my locker and I checked everywhere but…it wasn’t there.Where could it be?


“Looking for something?”


“No”I replied and she nodded


“Let’s get to class”she pulled me by my arm and we walked to class We got to class and we walked to our seats


“Heeeey Crystal”The blonde..sorry,Ken said as he sighted us from his seat


“Hey crazy as always”Crystal said and I chuckled Ken walked to our seat and sat on Crystal’s table


“Hey Abby”he greeted and I smiled


“Hey Ken”


“You look down..your boyfriend dumped you?..oh wait you can never have a boyfriend because you’re boring”Ken said and Crystal scoffed


“You’re so unbelievable”she said and he laughed


“I know I’m handsome you don’t need to tell me”


Hmm,handsome?..yeah he is but not as Romeo..gosh why did I compare him with Romeo


I think Ken is the most handsome after Romeo because I don’t see any guy that is more handsome than Ken aside Romeo


“Hmm Abby,I see you’re Crystal’s friend..a piece of advice,she’s a maniac”he said and I chuckled at that


“Really?”I asked and he nodded


Crystal scoffed and hit his head with a book


“Ouch..what was that for?”he whined


“That is for calling me a maniac jerk”she spat and i smiled at their cuteness…I have a feeling they kinda like each other


“You know you two would make a great couple”I said and Ken gagged dramatically with his hands clutching tight to his stomach


“Eww www….like…gross..I’ll rather kiss a frog than to date this jerk”Crystal said


“ think I wanna date you?..well guess what?..the feeling is mutual,you’re not even my’re all skinny and boring and ugly”Ken said and Crystal hit him with the book again..harder this time


“Jerk”Crystal spat and he smirked


“Abby,please don’t associate with this girl..she’ll infect you with uglyfungus”he said and I raised my brow





“Yeah..its a disease that’ll make you ugly..”


This Ken guy is really funny..uglyfungus?


“I’ll give you two seconds to get the hell back to your seat”Crystal said with gritted teeth


“Fine fine I’m going”he raised his hand in surrender and stood up from the table


“Ugly”he whispered but we heard anyways


“I heard that punk”Crystal said and he rolled his eyes and went back to his seat


“You guys are really cute”I said and she glared playfully at me


“I’m sorry mademoiselle”I said in a French accent and she laughed


“Cool accent”


“Is the teacher late or…


“Nope…we’re kinda early today”she said and I nodded


The familiar silence took over the class and I raised my head up from the book I was reading and of course..the “almighty”Romeo Grande is entering the class…I still don’t get how he has the same surname as Alexa..I guess I’ll ask Crystal later His eyes roamed round the class like he was looking for something and he stopped when his eyes landed on mine..why is he looking at me?He smiled and..wait he smiled at me?


Our eyes were still glued to each other before I looked away..why was he looking at me anyways


I looked back up and thank God is already in his seat and as expected,his girlfriend is cuddling with him


They really look good together




“let’s go for lunch”Crystal said as we walked out of the class


“Go ahead I’ll meet you,I wanna drop these books in my locker”


“Okay…don’t take long”


I nodded and I walked down the hallways to my locker.I got to my locker and I dropped the books carefully in it.I closed the locker and turned to go to the cafeteria but stopped on my tracks when I saw Romeo resting on one of the lockers looking at me.Why is this guy looking at me? I turned to go but he stopped me




I turned slowly to face him and he walked to me..this guy wants to get me into trouble. I just hope Tania isn’t around because I can’t deal with her over possessive attitude


He finally stopped inches away from me and I gave a nervous smile


“Sorry for stopping you”he said and I couldn’t stop staring at his beautiful eyes..snap out of it Madison,use your medulla


“No problem”I replied and he smiled out his dimples


“I just wanna give you this”he said as he stretched a folded paper to me which I took slowly and shyly


I opened the paper and…


“OMG its the sheet from my book”I squealed and he laughed at my childishness…but how did he find it and how did he know its for me


“I figured out you might be looking for it”


“Um..where did you find it”


“Well,yesterday when you were running down the hallway it slipped from the book..I wanted to give you but you were already gone”



“Thank you so much,you’re a life saver..I’ve been looking for this sheet since yesterday,I thought I lost it”


“Well,you didn’t because I kept it”he said and I smiled appreciatively


“Thanks again”


“You’re welcome….”he trailed off like he wanted to say my name?


“Um..Abigail”I said and I nodded


“You’re welcome Abigail…”he said with a stretched hand and I took it


“You know me?”he asked and I raised my that really a question?


“Yeah..who wouldn’t know the almighty Romeo Grande”he chuckled at that and I cracked…our hands are still in each other and its getting awkward


“Almighty?”he asked and I nodded removing my hands from his


“’re all popular and you know…almighty”he laughed shaking his head


“I don’t really like that…the almighty thing”he said and I shrugged


I looked around and the “audience” are here again with their eyes on us but they didn’t gather this time


“Um..Abigail,I wanna apologize”he said


“For what?”


“Well,for the way Tania behaved yesterday”he said and i couldn’t help but admire his humbleness..


I gave a smile and nodded


“Its nothing..I understand her,she’s just protective of you”


“Yeah..and that’s why I love her..she cares about me a lot”



Hmm he must love his girlfriend a lot…I just wish I can find a guy like him someday..I don’t even have time for guys now


“Awwwn..that’s so sweet of you”I said and he laughed softly




I hummed and we both went silent before I finally broke it


“…I gotta go”I said


“ the cafeteria?”




“Let’s go together”he said


Go to the cafeteria with Romeo? that his girlfriend can skin me alive?..I don’t think so


“Um..Romeo maybe….


“Romeo…I’ve been waiting for you”I heard the witch’s voice that I’ve been trying to avoid


“You left me for her”she asked pointing at me with a glare…this girl should thank her stars that my Madison craziness died the very day I stepped in Texas if not..she would have seen some craziness


“No..I just came to give her something”Romeo said taking her hands in his


“What something?”she asked


“Its a book”he said and she hummed


“Well,you’re done now can we go?she said


“Um..I gotta go,thanks again”



With that I turned away from them and made for the cafeteria..that girl won’t die in the name of possessiveness


I got to the cafeteria and I sighted Crystal already eating I walked to the table she is and I sat down


“Sorry I’m late”


“I just ordered,had to go to the toilet”she said and I hummed And lest I forget..I wanna ask Crystal about Romeo


“Um..Crystal”I called and she raised her head from her phone


“Yeah?”she asked and took a bite out of her hamburger


“ Romeo in anyway related to…Alexa Grande”I asked in a low tone and she gave me a quizzical look


“Wait…you didn’t know?”


“Know what”I asked


“He’s her son”she said and I arched my brow


“Romeo is Alexa Grande’s son”she said and I widened my eyes
















Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi



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