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Episode 38





“Is he gonna be okay?”I asked for the uptenth time and the doctor kept assuring me that he’s gonna be fine,what exactly is wrong with him,he didn’t show any type of sickness for the past few days..I sighed and Jay tapped my shoulder with an assuring smile


“He’s gonna be okay”Mum said and I nodded,we’ve been in the waiting for the past 30mins and the doctor is not yet done with his doctor work and stuff…he reached for his bag and took out a pen,he wrote something on a piece of paper and he passed it to me


“Those are the prescriptions,let him take’ll see the dosage in them and make sure you let him have a lot of rest as in a lot..he shouldn’t do anything for now,get shouldn’t operate phones or go out or even stand up from bed..except if he needs to use the bathroom,make sure he eats a lot of fruits and veggies in order to regain his strength because his fainting was caused by stress…he must have done a lot of tiring work and he’s body couldn’t take it,like I said a lot of rest,fruit and veggies and the medication and in a week,he’ll be back to his feet”the doctor said and I breathed out as a sign of relief..thank God it isn’t something extreme


“Thank you so much doctor…I really appreciate”I said and he nodded with a smile


“I’ll escort you sir”Jason said and they both left the room


“Is daddy gonna be fine”Mitch asked worriedly and I nodded


“He is..don’t worry”mum assured and he nodded


“What kind of work did Romeo do that made him this stressed”I asked no one in particular



“He’s done a lot princess”dad said


“A lot of work…just to make us be here,and other stuff”mum added and I sighed before pulling a stool close to the bed Romeo is sleeping on,I sat on the stool and I took his hands in mine


“We’re gonna leave you guys now”mum said and they all left the room,Romeo is like this all because of me,he went extra mile for me,how can I even thank him..i have to find a way to make it up to him I didn’t expect this..he got Jackson arrested,I’m sure he’s behind that Tania’s stuff


He’s the best boyfriend ever,and I don’t think I’ll ever leave him..I really love him,I wiped the tears from my eyes and I sniffed,I’m the cause of all these..I have a lot of problems and I let Romeo suffer for it


“I’m sorry”I whispered rubbing his hands,I touched his forehead and jeez his hot I stood up and went to the water dispenser,I got some cold water in a bowl and I took a towel,I went back to him and sat beside him on the bed,I dipped the towel in the water and I squeezed it out before placing it on his forehead


He shivered and I smiled,he looks adorable…I took the towel again and I repeated the routine,I felt his grip tightened on my hand and I looked up to his face,his eyes slowly opened and I couldn’t stop the grin that was curling up my lips


His eyes roamed around before it finally settled on me He smiled and I chuckled


“Hey”he said in a low sickly voice and I placed my index finger on his lips shushing him


“Don’t talk..the doctor said you needed rest,and you’ll be stressing yourself and your mouth if you talk”I said and he sighed


His eyes were glued on me as I mopped his forehead and you know Rommy,stubborn as anything…he made sure he talked


“But I wanna talk”he whined and I face palmed myself..this guy is so adamant


“I’ll dip this towel in your mouth if you don’t keep shut”I threatened and he smirked,does he think I can’t do it?



“Really?”he smirked and I sighed


“I’m sorry”I said and he arched his brow


“For what?”


“For everything..what am I not to be sorry for Romeo,I made you like this..if I wasn’t full of problems you wouldn’t be like this,you’ve done a lot for me just for me to be happy but I’ve not even done something for you..I made you a dad at this early age,you must have spent a lot in the past few days just because of me,I feel like I’m a burden,I feel like I’m a liability..a..a problem,first your mum sponsored me and now this?All I’ve ever done is to bring burden upon burden upon…


“You’re an idiot”he cut in


“I know”I said biting my lips


“No,you’re an idiot for for thinking you’re a burden to me,Maddy you’re my girlfriend,my responsibility,if I don’t make you happy who will,this isn’t your fault,I chose to do all these just to make you happy,I noticed how sad you always look when you see me interact with my mum,all your midnight cries,Madison do you even know you call you mum in tears while you’re asleep?Will I see all these things and won’t do something about it?The answer to that question is no,look,the very day you became my woman I’ve always vowed to make you happy,that very day,I vowed to get you back your family,I vowed to make that bastard pay,I vowed to always be your pillar so please Madison please stop saying you’re a burden you aren’’re my responsibility and I love you..I love you so much Madison so f**king much”

All I could do was do cry,I’m I so lucky or what


“Come here”he spread his hands and I sniffed before lying on his chest,he wrapped his hands round me and I smiled out tears


“Its okay mama”he said and I laughed,why does he call me that


“I love you Rommy”



“Love you too sweetheart”I smiled and got up from his chest


“Let me go call the others”I said and he nodded





“Let me go call the others”she said and I nodded,I sighed and I took the damp towel from my forehead,I smiled when I remembered the first day she mopped my forehead,its one of the best memories with her,the first day I kissed her,the very day I admitted that I loved her,I laughed to myself when I remembered the amount of sanitaries I bought


The door opened and they all walked in


“See…daddy is awake”Madison said bringing Mitch to me,I tried to sit up but I was


too weak to do so but my brother in law helped me


She placed Mitch on my laps and I smiled as he touched my forehead,you know,I thought Jackson would be one ugly guy but now I see where Mitch got his cuteness from,Mitch is like the exact copy of Jackson..only a little bit cuter


“Hmm..He’s not hot again”he said and I chuckled


“No I’m not”I said


“My baby”I heard someone scream from outside and I had the perfect guess of who it was..


“My baby”she squealed again and I smiled


“Hey mum”


“Gosh I was worried”she whined hugging and kissing me all over..typical mum


“I’m fine now mum”I said and she breathed out


“Its my little baby”she cooed at Mitch



“Grandma”he squealed spreading out his hands for a hug,mum carried him and they did their grandma grandson stuff


The house was a crowded place today because…Ken,Crystal,Bianca,My in laws,mum,Nona and surprisingly Franco…I’m still trying to figure out who invited him


I and Ken with the two crazy girls are in my room together..alongside with Franco and my baby..she’s messaging my feet and I’m enjoying it


“So..what’s up with Tania?”I asked


“Well,I and Ken went to visit her and she’s was still unconscious but the doctor said she is gonna be fine”Bianca said and I nodded


“For some reason I feel incredibly happy and calm”Crystal said


“Yeah,I feel really relieved now..maybe because I have my family with me and Tania is kinda out of the picture”Madison said


“I know right and question…not a question tho,I’m still finding it hard to switch form Abby to Maddy”Crystal said and Madison chuckled


“You can keep calling me Abigail,its my middle name”she said


“Thank God,I kinda like Abby more than Maddy”I said and she smacked my head slightly


“It’s the truth,I also like it more”Bianca said


“Um guys…I have a question”I said


“What?”Bianca asked


“Why is he here”I asked pointing to Franco who was with his headphone on.. Bianca sighed and went to him,yanking off the headphone from his ears


“What was that for?”he asked and she scoffed



“Anyways,I brought him here,reason being that I want you two to get your heads straight and stop acting like guys were best friends for God sake


“Yes,best friends until he started behaving like an asshole”I chipped in


“Romeo”Abby called warningly and I rolled my eyes


“Any interruptions from you or Franco will lead to real spanking and I don’t care if you’re sick”Bianca warned and I hissed


“Now,as I was saying you guys were best of friends you Franco and Ken were really close and then suddenly you guys broke apart..well,Franco broke from your squad and you guys started beefing…it’s bullshit,I don’t know what state your stupid fight and I don’t care because I don’t wanna know..all I want is that,you guys should be friends again..even if you don’t go back to being best buddies just make up and be friends”Bianca said and I twitched my nose with a frown


“I’m not apologizing”I said


“Romeo”Abby yelled


“What?..that’s it..I’m not apo…


“He’s right”Franco chipped in


“He shouldn’t be apologizing,I should be the one doing that,I’m sorry Romeo..and to all of you too,we were one big squad before I started my shit..I’m sorry for that I’m sorry for being an asshole”he said and I opened my mouth in shock…did that guy just apologize?


“Wow..”Ken mouthed


“And I’m sorry to you too Abigail,I shouldn’t have said what I said..”


“Its fine..its nothing”


He came to me and winked





I smiled and nodded




He hugged me and I chuckled


“All those was just a show right?”I whispered


“Yup,did I do great?I wanted to get Bianca back so I had to put up a act” Franco is a real asshole,I knew he wasn’t that sorry…


“You deserve an A+….so,clubbing when I’m back on my feet?”I asked and he


patted my back


“Of your woman won’t kill you then,it works for me”


We pulled out of the hug and he smirked before sitting down on a stool


“Finally,we are all even”Abby screamed and we all laughed


“Let me guess,the competition has been postponed?”I asked


“You know it,I think to next week or something”Crystal said and I nodded


“I wanna sleep”I pouted at Abby and she chuckled





“I told you not to follow me’ve not fully recovered”I whined as we entered the police station


“Shh…you’re going to see your ex and you’re telling me not to follow can do missy”he said giving Mitch a candy bar


Well,I just had the idea of visiting Jackson today,just to see how miserable he has gotten and I also thought,neglecting the fact that he did me evil,he has the right to know he has a son



“Where is he?”Romeo asked a police man and they took us to the waiting room he is


I sighed before I opened the door to the waiting room,I walked in and he raised his head up from the table,he looks more than miserable I walked to the table and I sat on a chair


I rested my elbows on the table and he looked down..he couldn’t meet my eyes


“Madison”he called and I glared at him,the hatred burning in my system right now is beyond comprehension


“Do you like how your life is now?”I asked with an arched brow and he smiled bitterly


“I’m sorry”he said


“For what if I may ask?”


“For everything….for all I’ve done,I took advantage of your trust and love and I


stabbed you in the back,I know you can’t forgive me because all I did isn’t worth my sorry but still I’m really sorry,I know that sorry can’t change the fact that I’m a monster and a betrayer,I was blinded by money and greediness that i just acted like a devil…I’m really sorry,I might probably not get out of here or I might even be put to death so your forgiveness is all I ask for” I scoffed and looked away




“Actually I’m here to thank you”


“Thank me?”


“Yeah,if it wasn’t for you,my mum wouldn’t have chased me out,if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have acquired a job at a small restaurant,it it wasn’t for you,Alexa wouldn’t have gave me a scholarship and if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have met Romeo..the best boyfriend in the world and also I wouldn’t have had my source of baby..your son”I said and he widened his eyes


“So…son?What do you..


“ didn’t know?you got me pregnant”




“Yeah and I gave birth to him,the best son in the world..let me bring him in for you”


I went outside and I brought Mitch in


“Here he is”I said placing Mitch on my laps as I sat down


His eyes welled up in tears as he reached to touch Mitch but he moved back


“You see he resembles you a lot right?”I asked and he just cried like a baby


“Mama..why is he crying?”Mitch asked but I didn’t answer


“Let’s go meet daddy”he whined


“No..I’m..I’m..I’m your dad,its me..I’m your daddy”Jackson said as he sobbed


“How does it feel?Seeing your own son calling another man he’s


father..heartbreaking right?Don’t worry I’ll tell him about who you here to him when he’s 20years”I said and he just bowed his head as he cried


“I’ll be going now”I carried Mitch as i made for the door with his voice echoing my name but I didn’t wait,I collapsed into Romeo’s arms and I sobbed in it


“Its okay…you did the right thing”he said and I nodded


“Let’s go home”






“That’s mama”Mitch squealed pointing to my beautiful girlfriend I her chef’s outfit and her elegant chef ‘s hat ready to show the world what she can do


Tania has been charged to charged in court alongside with Jackson and what happened two days ago is still making me surprised




Mum,Abby,Mitch and I were having family’s time with Abby’s parents when mum(Abby’s mum)had a phone call


“What?…see me?who?…um okay”


She cut the call and she gave a quizzical look


“What’s wrong”I asked


“The DPO jusf called to tell me that Jackson’s parents wants to see my husband and I”


“For what?”Abby asked


“I don’t know”


“Well,tell the DPO to bring them here”my mum said and she nodded


In less than 30mins,the DPO arrived with them,I heard the doorbell ring and I went to open the door for them


“Good afternoon sir”the woman greeted and I smiled letting them in,I made them sit on that couch and I went to call others


They came downstairs and Mr and Mrs Salvador stood up as soon as they saw them


“Good afternoon ma”Abby greeted and Mrs Salvador smiled


“You can seat ma’am”


They both sat down back and I carried Mitch on my laps as I sat down


“Where’s mum?”I asked


“Sorry,I had to use the toilet real quick”mum said rushing to sit down but she paused when she saw our guests


“Benson?”mum called in shock


“Alexa”Mr Salvador called bewildered


“ this the father of Jackson?”mum asked and I nodded and she scoffed unbelievably


“I’m not surprised…like father like son”


I looked at the two of them in confusion


“What’s happening mum?”I asked


“Do you know the bastard that left me when I got pregnant,the unfortunate being that abandoned me just because I got pregnant for him…the motherf**ker that denied his own pregnancy..your stupid he is,standing in front of me,looking as stupid as ever”mum said and I gasped


“What?”I yelled





And there you have it,Jackson is my step brother..weird and funny right?Yeah,I can’t still believe it too


That aside,I dropped out of the team because I wanted my woman to take my place as the leader,I’ve always been the star cook for two years and now I want someone else to be the star beautiful pumpkin


The competition kicked off two days ago and of course,our school won the first and the second round,now its the last and final round


And in the final round,each team will pick a representative as Abby is the one we picked


She’s competing with Franco and a skinny girl like that,I can’t wait for all these to end and I’ll finally be with my family



With no further delay,the competition will kick off…you have just an hour to make the dish worthy yo the called unique…will the winner be as expected of someone else will take the title…and now,the contest will start…NOW!! Screams filled the stadium as the contestants ran here and there in order to make their dishes on time

I smiled before I tapped my ear bud



“Hey pumpkin”I grinned and she looked up trying to find me


“Touch your ear”I said and she did as I told


“An ear pud?really”she said and I laughed


“Just cook dumdum”I said and she hissed





“Just cook dumdum”he said and I hissed,I can’t believe he put an ear bud in my ear and I didn’t know


“Twinkle twinkle little I wander what you are…up above there…


“Romeo shut the hell up”i whisper yelled and he chuckled


“You’re making me lose concentration”i whined and he chuckled


“Fine fine..I’ll disconnect now…I’m sorry”he. said and i nodded like he could see me-who I’m I kidding he can


I sighed and focused on my cooking…I hope this wins,fingers crossed




The sirens blasted signalling the end of countdown and I stopped what I was doing,I was actually using tomatoes to play because I was done 5mins before time




The other girl presented her food to the judges and they inspected it Franco’s,then mine…the inspectors came to our cooking posts and checked everywhere,the inspectors check for cleanness,orderliness and other stuff The inspection was over and I breathed in in fear


“Calm down pumpkin”I heard Romeo’s voice and I nodded with a smile..He’s right,I should calm down



The announcer went to collect the results from the judges and he cleared his throat before he began



After much debating,the results are here…in terms of Cleanness and orderliness,the third place is Kiki’s Cooking school

The supporters of Kiki’s cooking school(the school of the other girl) screamed and clapped and squealed



second goes to Fransisco Cooking school


Franco gave a small smile before turning to face me..I gave him a thumbs up and he winked


“You let that dude wink at you”Romeo said sounding pissed


“Hmm someone is jealous”I teased him and he hissed



And we already know who the first is right?




Our supporters screamed out and I smiled out,I have to say our supporters are much more many than others



now to the main thing…who will go home as the winner of THE ANNUAL CATERING SCHOOL COMPETITION?










Different comments from the audience



Well without further delay,the winner of THE ANNUAL CATERING SCHOOL COMPETITION is…



He paused and my heart was racing…really fast,I had to place my hands on my chest to calm me down





I fell on my knees and I covered my face with my palms..I was already crying-tears of joy


Music and screams of victory blasted at every corner,I’ve never been so fulfilled in my life I looked up from my palm and I saw gold confetti every where I felt someone pull me up and I turned,it was Romeo…my Rommy


“You did it”he said and I smiled out tears


“I did it..I really did it…I DID IT!!!”I squealed jumping on him,capturing his lips on mine not minding the cameras,all that mattered now was I did it,I’m the best cook and student in the whole of all catering schools,I’m now a star,I’ve done it I pulled out of the kiss and he put me down


Ladies and gentlemen the winner of today,Madison Campbell


Every one cheered and I gave Romeo a quizzical look…how did he know my real name


“That’s the work of my hands”Romeo said and I smiled


I climbed on the small stage that has NO 1 written on it and I was worn a sash that says “Champion”


I was given a bouquet of flowers and my very own trophy.


“That’s my sis”I heard Jason squeal behind me and I squealed with him,it finally


happened…I’ve made my parents and family proud,I’ve fulfilled my dreams,I’m so


glad I didn’t succeed in killing myself,I’m so glad above all,I still pressed on


Over all circumstances,I pushed forward with the mind set of “I’m gonna win” and


surely,I won..I made it…I really made it








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